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Virginia Woman’s Unexpected Fortune: Breathless Victory at Maryland Liquor Store

In an unexpected turn of events, a visit to a liquor store in Newburg, Maryland, transformed into a moment of astonishment and disbelief for a Virginia woman. This remarkable incident unfolded at Hardesty’s Liquors, located at 12190 Crain Highway in Newburg, just a stone’s throw away from the Potomac River and the Virginia border. The Maryland Lottery revealed this heart-pounding story in a March 5 announcement.

Frequently crossing into Maryland for medical appointments, the woman, a retired federal government statistician, decided to test her luck with lottery tickets. She purchased three Fast Play Gold Fish tickets with her husband, each priced at $2. The first two tickets did not win, but the third ticket changed their lives, unveiling a $41,780 win from the progressive jackpot.

“I was completely taken aback,” the winner told lottery officials, describing the overwhelming moment of realization. My eyes were fixed on the ticket, and I found myself struggling to breathe.” Although her identity remains confidential, her background as a statistician might hint at a predilection for patterns and numbers, a detail that makes her win even more intriguing.

The windfall comes after 42 years of marriage for the couple, who plan to allocate the funds towards settling medical expenses. The Maryland Lottery outlines that the Fast Play Gold Fish game offers 11 cash prizes, ranging from $2 to the grand jackpot, with winning odds of approximately 1 in 4.

Hardesty’s Liquors, the venue of this fortunate purchase, is also set to receive a slice of the joy, earning 1% of the prize amount, which amounts to $417, as a reward for selling the lucky ticket. This story celebrates a significant win and highlights the serendipitous joy found in the most ordinary moments.



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