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Unexpected Fortune: Senior Wins $2M at Local Grocery Store

During a routine visit to a Meijer store in Mason, Michigan, 82-year-old Hugh Leach turned a grocery run into a life-changing event by winning a $2 million jackpot from the Michigan Lottery.

Leach, a regular player of the lottery’s Diamonds & Gold instant game, spends $20 every two weeks on tickets. “I had just finished shopping and decided to grab a ticket from the Lottery machine on my way out,” Leach recounted. After returning home and scratching the ticket, he discovered he had matched the number ’02’ to win the grand prize.

In disbelief, Leach said, “I kept thinking it must be a mistake.” But after confirming the ticket multiple times, the reality began to sink in. “I told my wife, and we were both shocked. I called the Lottery the next day to verify the win and arrange to collect my winnings.”

Choosing the lump sum option, Leach received approximately $1.3 million. With the windfall, he plans to invest in a new car, lawn mower, home repairs, and savings.

Reflecting on his extraordinary luck, Leach was astonished: “You never expect it to happen to you. It was absolutely surprising.”

Lottery Commissioner Suzanna Shkreli commented on the win, “It’s remarkable to go from a simple grocery trip to significantly boosting your bank balance.” She also congratulated Leach and noted the Lottery’s contributions of over $28 billion to Michigan schools since 1972.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024