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Twice the Luck: Maryland Duo Secures $2M with Powerball Duplicates

In an astonishing twist of fate, a couple from Annapolis, Maryland, found themselves $2 million richer after accidentally buying two of the same Powerball tickets. Their journey to fortune began in an unassuming 7-Eleven, where the husband opted to use the lottery’s replay feature, unknowingly duplicating his ticket numbers.

“I only get in the game for the big stakes,” he admitted, referring to his preference for over $1 billion jackpots.

The realization of their win came when it was announced that their local 7-Eleven had sold not one but two tickets worth $1 million each. Amid their collection, they unearthed a ticket that matched the first five numbers of the Powerball draw, netting them $1 million.

The husband said, in disbelief, “I had to double-check against the official Powerball numbers. My reaction was just disbelief.”

Their euphoria was palpable, marked by tears of joy. Yet, the story took another unbelievable turn.

Recalling their emotional celebration, the husband shared, “Just twenty minutes later, I found the second million-dollar ticket in the pile.” His wife, recalling her earlier jest about finding another winner, was met with the astounding reality of their second million.

The couple, opting for anonymity, plan to invest their unexpected windfall wisely.

This remarkable event comes as the Powerball jackpot continues to elude winners, having not been claimed since a $842.4 million prize was awarded on January 1. With Maryland boasting six $1 million winners in 2024 alone, five of which occurred during the ongoing jackpot series beginning January 2, the anticipation for the next big win grows. The jackpot for the upcoming draw on Saturday, April 6, is poised at an estimated $1.23 billion, with a cash option of $595.1 million pre-taxes.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024