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Slumber to Fortune: Baltimore Resident Nets $50K with Midday Lottery Win

In a heartwarming twist of fate, George Butcher from Baltimore, Maryland, roused from his nap to a $50,000 windfall on February 15. Butcher’s astute pick of 95636, inspired by a license plate, scored big in the Pick 5 Lottery midday drawing. His winning ticket was secured from Royal Farms #057 in Timonium.

Butcher, a loyal lottery enthusiast, placed a $1 straight bet on both the February 14 evening and February 15 midday draws, setting the stage for his unexpected triumph. Overjoyed by his stroke of luck, Butcher’s jubilant exclamations reverberated through his home as reality sank in.

Eager to put his winnings to good use, Butcher plans to embark on home renovations, treat his wife to a well-deserved vacation, and alleviate some financial burdens. For Butcher, who typically favours Powerball or Mega Millions, this win marks a significant leap beyond his previous record prize of $5,000, amplifying the allure of lottery play as a thrilling risk.

In a testament to shared success, Royal Farms #057, the fortunate retailer behind Butcher’s win, pockets a $500 bonus from the Lottery, cementing a mutually rewarding outcome for both player and seller.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024