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Sailing to Fortune: Couple’s Cruise Inspires Winning Lottery Strategy

In an extraordinary stroke of luck, a vacation aboard a cruise ship paved the way for a District Heights couple to secure a $100,000 victory in the Maryland Lottery. While completing their cruise documents for a voyage in 2023, the wife spotted a unique five-digit sequence, 72799, which she decided to use as her lucky number in the lottery.

Remarkably, almost a year after their cruise journey, this chosen combination triumphed in a Pick 5 drawing on March 31, bestowing upon them a substantial sum. Despite this windfall, the couple remains contemplative about their plans for the newfound wealth. The fortunate winner wanted to manage the prize money judiciously, stating, “I’m just going to sit on it and add to it.”

Plans to commemorate this incredible win with their family are on the horizon, yet the couple is no stranger to lottery success. The wife, an avid lottery player, previously won $10,000 in September, while her husband also has a history of snagging lottery prizes.

Located 11 miles northeast of Washington D.C., District Heights is now known as the home of these lucky lottery winners, proving that inspiration for success can come from the most unexpected places.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024