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Oregon Retiree Unveils $8.4 Million Lottery Win a Month After Drawing

A retiree from Milwaukie, Oregon, aged 68, discovered he won an astonishing $8.4 million jackpot a month after the numbers were drawn.

David Schultze, the lucky winner, bought his winning ticket at a Safeway in Gladstone for Oregon’s Game Megabucks drawing on January 24.

Schultze, who rarely buys lottery tickets, only checked his ticket recently, leading to a weekend filled with shock and disbelief upon realizing his win.

After confirming his win, Schultze claimed his prize of $8.4 million on Monday, marking a life-changing moment for the retiree.

Additionally, the Safeway store that sold the winning ticket received a bonus of $84,000.

Schultze intended to invest most of his winnings, highlighting a prudent financial approach amidst lottery windfalls.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024