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Nightstand Surprise: Virginia Woman Finds $3 Million Lottery Win

In an extraordinary stroke of luck, a Virginia woman’s life changed dramatically when she discovered her Mega Millions lottery ticket, worth a staggering $3 million, had been overlooked on her nightstand for several weeks.

Melena Hill, the fortunate ticket holder, had purchased her golden ticket for the January 9th drawing. Opting for the Easy Pick method, the computer randomly selected her numbers, a choice that would soon prove to be life-altering.

Hill’s ticket miraculously matched the first five numbers on the night of the draw, barely missing the elusive Mega Ball that would have clinched the jackpot. However, her fortunes were massively amplified thanks to her decision to invest an additional dollar in the Megaplier option, tripling her winnings to $3 million.

Reflecting on the moment of discovery, Hill shared the overwhelming joy and surprise she experienced. “I screamed a little bit. My stomach had butterflies,” she recounted, encapsulating the excitement of realizing she had won big.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Murphy USA, a well-known gas station at 6261 College Drive in the Suffolk region. This unassuming location would become the backdrop for a life-changing event.

Mega Millions draws occur every Tuesday and Friday night, allowing participants to win enormous prizes. The odds of matching the first five numbers, as Hill did, stand at an astonishing 1 in 12,607,306, highlighting the rarity of her win and the incredible luck involved in her windfall.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024