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Heartfelt Numbers Lead to Million-Dollar Win in Illinois Lotto

In a touching tribute to his late wife, a Lake County resident secured a $1 million victory in the May 20 Lotto Million 1 drawing. This poignant win occurred at a BP gas station in Wadsworth, Illinois, just 45 miles north of Chicago, where the fortunate ticket was purchased.

The numbers 2-8-10-18-22-28, deeply meaningful to the family, matched all six required for the jackpot, claiming the $1 million prize. The local gas station will enjoy a $10,000 reward for selling the lucky ticket.

Choosing to stay anonymous, the winner’s family conveyed that these numbers were a sentimental homage to the matriarch of the family. “Ever since our mother passed, we’ve played numbers that reflect her life and legacy, which are very special to us,” explained the winner’s daughter.

The Illinois Lottery has seen over 2.9 million winning tickets this year alone, distributing more than $35.4 million in prizes to players. The Lotto game, exclusive to Illinois, has draws every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Tickets for the Lotto can be bought at retail locations, online, or via the Illinois Lottery app, with a minimum age requirement of 18 for participants.



$64 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Jul 15, 2024