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Detour Delivers $1 Million Surprise for Missouri Man

A fortunate detour resulted in a Missouri man winning a $1 million lottery jackpot after an unexpected route change led him to a winning ticket. “I had to reroute because the bridge was closed, and that changed everything,” he shared.

While detouring, he stopped at Trex Mart 2 on Highway 92 in Tracy, just outside Platte City, where he decided to purchase a lottery ticket for the June 15 drawing.

The following evening, as he prepared dinner, he checked his numbers. “First I noticed the 35, then the 33, and I realized something big might be happening,” he recounted excitedly.

His ticket matched all six winning numbers. “It felt surreal; I wouldn’t have stopped there if the bridge had been open,” he admitted.

The jackpot of $2 million was divided between him and another winner, who bought their ticket at a Price Chopper in Blue Springs on N. 7 Highway.



$64 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Jul 15, 2024