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Danville Resident Hits Jackpot with Stunning Lottery Win

Dwight Lindley, a local from Danville, secured a whopping $724,478 jackpot in the Hoosier Lottery’s $10 Extreme Green Fast Play game.

The life-changing prize was revealed on Wednesday when the Hoosier Lottery disclosed that Lindley purchased his ticket at Smoker’s Choice on N. Green St, Ste B in Brownsburg. He is a regular at the store, often picking up Fast Play and Quick Draw tickets.

On this occasion, Lindley handed it to a store clerk to scan instead of checking the ticket himself as usual. The clerk was astounded by the winning amount, prompting an incredulous reaction. “You’re kidding me!” she exclaimed.

The win holds special significance for Lindley, who has faced significant health challenges recently. He expressed his intention to secure his family’s financial future and also to enjoy his winnings during his retirement. “Happiness is the most important thing in life. And if this win allows the people I love to be even happier, I’m all for it,” Lindley remarked.

Lindley’s journey with the Hoosier Lottery stretches back to its inception in 1989. He became enamoured with Fast Play games just a few months ago, attracted by their immediate results and variety. These include jackpots that start at $30,000 and can escalate rapidly, as demonstrated by his recent win, which escalated to $724,478.

The Hoosier Lottery is set to launch new Fast Play games on May 19, promising more excitement and opportunities for lottery enthusiasts.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024