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Burger Night Bonanza: Michigan Diner Wins $200,000 During Weekly Tradition

In a remarkable stroke of luck, a routine stop for a burger transformed into a life-changing event for a Berrien County, Michigan, man. Preferring to stay out of the spotlight, the 57-year-old shared his weekly ritual of enjoying burgers and playing the lottery with the Michigan Lottery officials.

His destination? The Chatterbox Bar & Grill in Benton Harbor is located in the southwestern region of Michigan, near Kalamazoo. It was here, during his regular burger night, that fortune smiled upon him.

On the evening of February 28, what seemed like an ordinary night with minimal winnings of only $4 suddenly escalated. The Michigan Lottery conducts Club Keno drawings every few minutes, making the anticipation all the more thrilling.

Just as he was about to give up hope, his luck dramatically turned. “As the draws concluded, I matched numbers consecutively – four, five, and so on. I dared to dream of a significant win, and when the tenth number aligned, it was beyond belief,” he recounted.

The excitement was due to him successfully matching 10 out of 20 numbers in Club Keno, securing him a base prize of $100,000. However, adding a “Kicker” bonus option effectively doubled his winnings to $200,000.

With this unexpected windfall, the man has ambitious plans: clearing debts, purchasing a new home, and bolstering his retirement savings. His extraordinary luck at the Chatterbox Bar & Grill ensures many more burger nights are on the horizon, now with a considerably larger budget.


USD 98 Million!

Next draw: Saturday, Apr 20, 2024