Mexico Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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MXN 64.3 Million


Sun, Dec 10, 2023

MXN 71 Million
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MXN 5.2 Million


Tue, Dec 12, 2023

MXN 5.7 Million
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All Mexico Lottery Details

All the best Mexico lottery games that count with results on our website are summarized below.

Chispazo ClásicoPari-Mutuel Prize5/2808:15 p.m. CT
Chispazo De las TresPari-Mutuel Prize5/282:00 p.m. CT
MelateProgressive Jackpot6/5608:15 p.m. CT
Melate RetroProgressive Jackpot6/5608:15 p.m. CT
Melate RevanchaProgressive Jackpot6/5608:15 p.m. CT
Melate RevanchitaProgressive Jackpot6/5608:15 p.m. CT

Mexico Lottery Games Schedule

Bookmark this page to know at what type to check the Mexico lottery results according to the schedule below and Mexico local time:

Chispazo Clásico09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT09:15 p.m. CT
Chispazo De las Tres3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT3:00 p.m. CT
Melate09:15 p.m. CT  09:15 p.m. CT   
Melate Retro  09:15 p.m. CT   09:15 p.m. CT
Melate Revancha09:15 p.m. CT  09:15 p.m. CT   
Melate Revanchita09:15 p.m. CT  09:15 p.m. CT   

Buy Mexico Lottery Tickets in Advance

If you want to purchase more lottery tickets to Mexican lotteries and save time and effort in the next drawings, you might want to place an advanced play. When you are playing locally, either online or at retailers, you may choose to play up to 10 drawings in advance with the same numbers.

On the other hand, up to 52 drawings in advance and subscriptions are available on lottery agent sites. Therefore, compare the pros and cons of each alternative and, if you want to make sure you will participate in future drawings, purchase tickets in advance. Just do not forget to come back here to check the Mexico Lottery results and winning numbers!

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Mexico?

Your options to buy lottery tickets in Mexico are quite varied. You may pay a visit to licensed retailers near you and purchase paper tickets. If you are more of a fan of online purchases from the comfort of your home, the alternatives are licensed local sites and foreign lottery sites.

Regardless of your choice, the procedure to guarantee your lottery tickets online or physically is similar. Let’s have a look at the simple steps:

  1. Go to the nearest Mexican retailer if you want physical paper tickets, or else open an official distributor website (residents) or an international lottery site (foreigners).
  2. Choosing your first game of choice, complete each panel with the necessary numbers and repeat the process until you have enough tickets.
  3. Repeat the step above for other games that you might be interested in, or let the system pick the lottery numbers automatically.
  4. If you are playing a local alternative, consider add-ons such as Melate Revancha and decide if you want to purchase tickets in advance.
  5. Pay for the tickets, and if you are playing with physical ones, make sure to store them somewhere safe until the Mexico Lottery results.
  6. Bookmark this page to have immediate access to the latest Mexico Lottery winning numbers and compare your tickets!

Can You Play Mexico Lotteries in Other Countries?

The best Mexican lotteries can be played from abroad if you use reliable websites. Fortunately, games like Melate, Melate Retro, and Chispazo are all available to play on websites like theLotter. All that you need is to purchase the tickets with your favorite payment method and wait for the Mexico Lottery results.

How to Check Mexico Lottery Results?

After every drawing in which you participated or if you remember you had to check a specific Mexico lottery result, open this page. You just need to tap on the game name that you want to check, and a page with all the past Mexican lottery results appears. Take all of your unclaimed lottery tickets that are yet valid, compare the numbers with those of the same drawing date, and hope for the best!

How to Claim a Lottery Prize in Mexico?

The process to claim a lottery prize in Mexico is at the same time simple and different from other countries. Even though the licensed retailers are allowed to pay you the lottery prizes you earned, they are not obliged to do so and only do it as a service. Therefore, your prizes must be claimed at:

CityWhere to Claim Your Prize
Ciudad de México

Cajas de Pagos de Premios y Reintegros, Plaza de la República No.117, Primer Piso, Col. Tabacalera, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06037, Ciudad de México

Monday to Friday

09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Other CityAt an indicated bank branch after taking your winning ticket and a valid ID to your local “Expendio Oficial”.

Regardless of how or where you are claiming your prize, you need proof of ID and residence together with your winning ticket. Also, in the exclusive case of Ciudad de México, prizes of up to MXN$10,000 (ten thousand Pesos) can be claimed immediately in cash or cheque.

You have up to 60 days to claim your Mexico Lottery prizes. Also, outside of Ciudad de México, your prize is always paid in a cheque, regardless of the amount, if you cannot claim it at a local retailer.

Mexico Lottery Taxes

In Mexico, you pay the government 1% of your total prize as a form of tax, plus any state tax that your region might have. Just as an example, you cannot avoid lottery taxes in Ciudad de México, where you pay a total of 7%: 1% (government tax) + 6% (state tax).

There is no need to seek counsel on how to proceed with those taxes. While a lottery lawyer can be useful in many situations, your prize is already paid net of taxes.

Lottery Rules in Mexico

  • You may play official lotteries from Mexico online, even if you live abroad. However, the locally licensed websites are limited to residents, so you need to use international lottery sites.
  • Lottery taxes are levied from your winnings before you are paid.
  • While local retailers are allowed to pay your lottery prizes, they do not need to do it.
  • You have up to 60 days to claim any lottery prizes you are owed.
  • Even low prizes are subject to both government and state taxes.
  • The minimum legal age to play lotteries in Mexico is 18 years old.

FAQs About Mexico Lotteries & Drawing Results

The lottery results from Mexico are published right after the drawings, so you just need to pay attention to our schedule and come back to this page to check them out.

The lottery is allowed for players who are at least 18 years old. Anyone can go to a local retailer there and play the available games, while only residents are allowed to play through the officially licensed websites from Mexico.

Yes, the Mexico lottery results on this page are the exact copy of the official results and are published together with them.

You have a total of two months to claim your prizes in Mexico.

You can always find the Mexico Lottery results here on LotteryTexts, so bookmark this page and come back whenever you need them.

You can play all the available games, including Melate and its add-ons.

Yes, the most popular lotteries in Mexico are offered on international lottery sites for foreigners. Also, locals can play on officially licensed websites in Mexico.


USD 477 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Dec 11, 2023