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Lucky Number Calculator By Birth Date

Use your date of birth and first name to figure out which lucky numbers you could be playing in the lottery. You can generate real playable numbers according to your favorite game.

A lucky number calculator is a tool specially designed to designate numbers for players who do not know how to pick numbers themselves or do not wish to do so themselves. It offers no guarantees of winning the lottery, being simply a way to know which numbers are connected to both your name and date of birth

How to Use the Lucky Number Calculator By Birth Date?

The lucky number calculator is one of the easiest free lottery tools you can use to help you pick lottery numbers. All the data necessary you already know by heart, so follow the next steps:

  1. Open this page and possibly an online lottery site.
  2. Type your first name and your full date of birth in the corresponding fields.
  3. Select the lottery game on which you want to use those numbers in our list.
  4. Press “Generate Your Lucky Number”.
  5. Use the numbers to play on your favorite lottery site or retailer.

How Does Our Lucky Numbers Calculator Work?

The lucky numbers calculator on this page has an exclusive algorithm produced by our team in alignment with lottery experts when it comes to luck. Following the same principle applied to the horoscope lucky numbers, the results are truly based on the information provided by the tool:

  • The player types his name and date of birth.
  • Player’s data gets through our algorithm to find the most suitable numbers.
  • The numbers are given with limits and drums based on the lottery of choice.

How Does Our Lucky Numbers Calculator Work

Therefore, if Jon and Maria were born on the same day, they still get different lucky numbers from the calculator because of the different names. At the same time, the lottery information is just for the tool to know the boundaries to which the numbers are subject. 

Your first name has a strong influence on your luck because of how lottery numerology works, with each letter having a different weight. That is why our algorithm combines it with the day you were born, which is impacted by the position of the stars through astrology. That was only possible with our expertise based on previous tools and algorithms produced here.


No, you can never guarantee lottery winnings, regardless of the method or tool you use.

You can choose to generate lucky numbers only once and keep playing them until you win, or else you may choose to check if they changed now and then. It is entirely up to you as there is no fixed rule to follow.

If you generate new numbers and they are different from the ones you had the first time, it possibly means that the lucky numbers connected to your date of birth changed with time. That happens just like with horoscope numbers.

There is no limit as to how many times you should play the lucky lottery numbers from the calculator. You may choose to play them daily or just once. Remember that you need to play to have a real chance at winning.

Yes, you can use the lucky number calculator to play any of the lotteries listed here, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

Yes, using our lucky number calculator will not affect your chances of winning the lottery in any way.



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