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Louisiana (LA) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

  • 1
  • 4
  • 10
  • 11
  • 27
USD 240,000


Sat, Apr 20, 2024

USD 50,000 Change: Jackpot Decreased -USD 190,000
  • 1
  • 9
  • 15
  • 19
  • 21
  • 26
USD 675,000


Sat, Apr 20, 2024

USD 700,000 Change: Jackpot Increased +USD 25,000
  • 1
  • 7
  • 9
USD 500


Thu, Apr 18, 2024

USD 500
  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 0
USD 5,000


Thu, Apr 18, 2024

USD 5,000
  • 0
  • 9
  • 2
  • 1
  • 5
USD 50,000


Thu, Apr 18, 2024

USD 50,000
  • 24
  • 29
  • 44
  • 47
  • 54
  • 2
Power Play: 2X
USD 78 Million


Sat, Apr 20, 2024

USD 98 Million Change: Jackpot Increased +USD 20 Million
  • 21
  • 26
  • 36
  • 44
  • 59
  • 2
Megaplier: 4X
USD 148 Million


Fri, Apr 19, 2024

USD 178 Million Change: Jackpot Increased +USD 30 Million

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All Louisiana Games Details

All the best Louisiana lottery games that count with results on our website are summarized below.

Pick 3Fixed Prize3 from 0-99:30 p.m.
Pick 4Fixed Prize4 from 0-99:30 p.m.
Easy 5Jackpot5 from 1-379:30 p.m.
LottoJackpot6 from 1-429:30 p.m.
PowerballJackpot5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-269:00 p.m.
Mega MillionsJackpot5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-259:00 p.m.

Louisiana Lottery Games Schedule

Bookmark this page to know at what type to check the Louisiana lottery results according to the schedule below and Louisiana local time:

Pick 39:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.
Pick 49:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.
Easy 5   9:59 p.m.  9:59 p.m.
Lotto   9:59 p.m.  9:59 p.m.
Powerball 9:59 p.m. 9:59 p.m.  9:59 p.m.
Mega Millions  10:00 p.m.  10:00 p.m. 

Louisiana Advanced Draws

The Louisiana Lottery allows players to participate in up to 2-10 weeks of draws with a single purchase, depending on the game and the players’ preferences. The so-called advanced draws leave you with enough time to do something else and only return here to check the latest Louisiana Lottery results.

Pick 3up to 14
Pick 4up to 14
Easy 5up to 20
Lottoup to 20
Powerballup to 20
Mega Millionsup to 20

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Louisiana?

It is necessary to purchase tickets at local Louisiana retailers or else sign up to the recommended online lottery websites. The second case is possible for multi-state games like Mega Millions, but not for local games like Easy 5. Either way, all Louisiana Lottery results are shown here.

How to Claim a Prize in Louisiana?

Checking this page on Louisiana Lottery results might reveal that you won a prize at some points. In that case, it is important to know how to claim your lottery prize in Louisiana, according to the value you will receive.

Prizes up to $600 or Free Plays

Small prizes this size and free plays can be collected at any local retailer with the original ticket. Do not forget to sign it.

Prizes over $600 and up to $5,000 – Except Mega Millions & Powerball

It is possible to schedule an appointment at one of the lottery offices via the email [email protected] or one of the phone numbers according to the location.

Otherwise, it is also possible to claim via mail with a photocopy of a photo ID and of the front and back of the signed winning ticket, plus the claim form.

Prizes above $5,000 and Mega Millions & Powerball Prizes

The major difference between this category and prizes up to $5,000 is that players must send or present the original winning ticket and not a copy. Other than that, both scheduling an appointment and mailing for the prize work the same way.

Prize Claim Form and Mail Address

It is necessary to fill the Louisiana Lottery Prize Claim Form and post it to the following address, in case you want to do it by mail:

Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Attn: Prize Validations

P.O. Box 90010

Baton Rouge, LA 70879-0010

Prizes from Playing Online Lottery

In case you decide to play using one of the recommended online lotteries, it is important to know their policy regarding payments. Some of them work as betting lottery websites and add the full withdrawable prize to the account, while others require traveling to the U.S. to claim the prizes.

Louisiana Lottery Headquarters and Offices

Prizes above $600 can be claimed in the lottery offices by scheduling an appointment via email or calling one of the phone numbers below. Be ready to inform relevant data and details about the winning ticket.

Louisiana Lottery Corporation Headquarters
AKA Baton Rouge Regional Office555 Laurel St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Phone: +1 (225) 297-2000
Alexandria Regional Office
Emerald Square Shopping Center
1325 MacArthur Drive
Alexandria, LA 71301
Phone: +1 (318) 487-5005
New Orleans Regional Office
Clearview Palms Shopping Center
2222 Clearview Parkway
Suite B-3
Metairie, LA 70001
Phone: +1 (504) 889-0031
Monroe Regional Office
1128 Pecanland Mall Drive
Monroe, LA 71203
Phone: +1 (318) 362-5460
Lafayette Regional Office
Centerpiece Shopping Center
5520-L Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: +1 (337) 262-5413
Shreveport Regional Office
Old River Marketplace
Shopping Center
767 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway
Shreveport, LA  71105
Phone: +1 (318) 869-6550

Lottery Tax Information in Louisiana

Prizes over $600 are reported to the Internal Revenue Service and the Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation, but state and federal taxes only apply to taxes from and above $5,000, respectively. Every winner of prizes above $600 receives a W-2G income statement for tax filing.

Tax Withholdings on Louisiana Lottery – U.S. Citizens and Residents

$5,000+ State Tax 5%
Federal Tax 24%
Total 29%

Tax Withholdings on Louisiana Lottery – Non-U.S. Citizens

$5,000+ State Tax 5%
Federal Tax 30%
Total 35%

Lottery Rules in Louisiana

  • Except for Powerball and Mega Millions, the lottery games do not occur on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.
  • Winners have 180 days after the draw to claim their prizes.
  • It is necessary to be 21 years old or older to play any of the Louisiana games.
  • Winnings from and above $5,000 are subject to state and federal taxes, respectively.
  • Only U.S. residents and citizens can play the Louisiana Lottery games.
  • It is not possible to win and remain anonymous in Louisiana.

Top 5 Interesting Louisiana Winners Stories

  1. $2 Million – Tammi and James Miller won $2 million by playing on the October 26, 2019, Powerball drawing. They could not believe it at first, and each one of them made sure to check the ticket separately. They purchased it at Superior Discount in Metairie, and the store owner received $20,000 as a bonus. In total, their ticket with a Power Play option earned them $1,420,000 after taxes for a comfortable retirement.
  2. $1,248,209 – The millionaire Louisiana Lotto prize came to Darryl Jordan, a long-time lottery player who got lucky on the drawing on December 4, 2019. Even though he took home $886,230.52 after taxes, he plans to continue playing the lottery and to use the money to build himself a new home.
  3. $1,041,156 – Fred Clark is another lucky jackpot winner of the Louisiana Lotto game. He played for the drawing on August 10, 2019, and took home $739k after taxes. He is a 76 years-old veteran player without specific plans for the prize, but he knows that a portion of it would become a donation to charity.
  4. $625,853 – Kirklin Leboeuf told his son to check his Easy 5 ticket for the drawing on November 2, 2019, while he was on a cruise to Cozumel. He had this unexplainable feeling that he had won it, and he was right. He won the $625k jackpot, reduced to $444,361 after taxes, but did not have any specific plans for it, just to have a celebrating lunch.
  5. $150,000 – Michael Doran is another Powerball winner from Louisiana who played on the drawing on March 20, 2021. He could not believe his $150k prize would come from the ticket he purchased at the local store where he has worked for 15 years. Also, he would have received only $50,000 were it not for the 3x Power Play he added. He plans to contribute to the education of his children and save for retirement.

FAQs About Louisiana Lotteries

Players from Louisiana cannot purchase tickets from the official lottery online. However, the multi-state games are available on the online lottery websites we recommend.

It is necessary to be at least 21 years old to purchase tickets or claim the prizes.

No, as noticeable by the stories of winners mentioned above, your identity cannot remain anonymous.

Yes, you have the option to purchase tickets for up to 14 or 20 consecutive draws, depending on the game. The online lotteries we recommend also have the option of signing a subscription.

Winners can claim their prizes within up to 180 days from the draw. However, if you purchase scratch-off tickets at local retailers, their expiration occurs in 90 days.

For every dollar collected with ticket sales, at least 35% goes to the State Treasure to support education.

On this same page, we automatically update Louisiana Lottery results after every draw.

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