Estonia Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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EUR 42 Million


Tue, Dec 12, 2023

EUR 49 Million
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EUR 25 Million


Wed, Dec 13, 2023

EUR 25 Million

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All Estonia Lottery Details

All the best Estonia lottery games that count with results on our website are summarized below.

EurojackpotProgressive Jackpot5/50 + 2/1007:00 p.m. EET
VikinglottoProgressive Jackpot6/48 + 1/807:00 p.m. EET

Estonia Lottery Games Schedule

Bookmark this page to know at what type to check the Estonia lottery results according to the schedule below and Estonia local time:

Eurojackpot     09:00 p.m. EET 
Vikinglotto   09:00 p.m. EET   

Buy Estonia Lottery Tickets in Advance

Players are able to purchase lottery tickets for future drawings in advance in Estonia, up to a maximum of 10 consecutive drawings. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the retailer or open their website every week for a new purchase, as you can guarantee your participation in games like Vikinglotto and Eurojackpot for 10 consecutive weeks.

Just make sure to remember that, when playing the lottery in advance, you need to remember to check your tickets. Bookmark this page to come back and check all the Estonia Lottery results for your tickets next time!

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Estonia?

In Estonia, you are able to purchase tickets at authorized retailers, on their official website, or via telephone. All of those alternatives are available to people within the territory of Estonia, and the process of purchasing lottery tickets is quite simple:

  1. Ask or prepare a play slip with numbers for a game of your choice, depending on how you decide to play Estonian lotteries.
  2. Pick the numbers that you want to have in your ticket or let the automatic system quickly pick them for you.
  3. Repeat the process for all the tickets and lotteries that you want until you are satisfied with your purchase.
  4. Pay for the selections so they become valid tickets. If they are paper tickets, you need to store them in safety until you claim your possible prizes.
  5. Bookmark this page, where you are certain to find the Estonia Lottery results every week.

Can You Play Estonia Lotteries in Other Countries?

It is possible for lottery fans from other countries to enjoy lotteries like Vikinglotto and Eurojackpot without leaving the comfort of their houses. All they need is an account on one of the international lottery sites to be able to purchase valid tickets or bet on the possible results.

How to Check Estonia Lottery Results?

As soon as you open this page, you are going to encounter the latest Estonia Lottery results aligned with each game and the exact drawing date. Your tickets and the numbers on them can be compared to figure out if you have won anything. Besides, for any past Estonia Lottery winning numbers, simply open the page of the specific game separately.

How to Claim a Lottery Prize in Estonia?

If you win any lottery prize in Estonia, you have up to three months to prepare yourself and claim the prize. For starters, anyone who wins up to 1,999.99 euros and plays online or has assigned an e-wallet when purchasing at points of sale can receive that amount automatically.

For other cases, follow the instructions below:

Local of ClaimRuleRequirement
Points of saleUp to 650 eurosValid ticket and your identity.
Eesti Post Offices or Lotto OfficesUp to 1,999.99 eurosValid ticket, your identity, and a valid claim form.
Via emailAny valueSubmit a valid digital claim form found on the official website.

For winnings of 2,000 euros or more, you need to fill out the winning claim statement and show up with an identity document at the Loto Office – or do it via email to [email protected].

It is also possible to withdraw winnings to another person’s bank account, but that requires their information and identity document – this person should be at least 18 years old.

Estonia Lottery Taxes

Although there is a “gaming tax” in Estonia, it is paid by operators and not by players. Therefore, you do not have to pay anything to the government if you win a lottery. On the other hand, if you win an Estonian lottery playing from abroad, you must consider the lottery taxes of your own country.

Lottery Rules in Estonia

  • The legal age to play lotteries in Estonia is 18 years old, as well as the age to receive lottery winnings from someone else.
  • Winnings up to almost €2,000 can be automatically received to your registered e-wallet.
  • If you miss the deadline but have registered your e-wallet previously, you may still claim your prize by contacting them. If you lose your ticket, that can also be arranged.
  • While winnings from €2,000 require a bit more bureaucracy to be withdrawn, you do not need to worry about lottery taxes in Estonia.
  • It is possible to play Estonian lotteries via telephone, online, or at licensed retailers.

FAQs About Estonia Lotteries & Drawing Results

The lottery results from the Estonian lotteries are published as soon as the drawings occur. You only need to follow our schedule and come back here after the drawing time, so bookmark this page, and you won’t forget about it.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and within Estonian territory can play its lotteries.

Yes, the Estonia Lottery results you find on this page and on the separate lottery pages is official and the same one you would get watching the live drawings.

In Estonia, you have up to three months after the drawing date to claim your prize. Unlike other countries, registered purchases allow you to claim the prize even after you lose the claiming period.

You can find all the Estonian lottery results on this page, with separate tracking of past winning numbers on each game’s page.

You can play many different lotteries, including Vikinglotto and Eurojackpot, which are also available in other countries.

Yes, there are lotteries available on worldwide lottery sites and also on the official website available for people in Estonia.


USD 477 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Dec 11, 2023