Dominican Republic Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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  • 32
  • 06
Super Mas : 14X
  • 01
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  • 23
DOP 1 Million


Mon, Dec 04, 2023

DOP 1 Million
  • 09
  • 11
  • 13
  • 27
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  • 29
DOP 17.65 Million


Tue, Dec 05, 2023

DOP 17.7 Million
  • 6
  • 6
  • 1
  • 7

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All Dominican Republic Lottery Details

Loto MásProgressive Jackpot6/38 + 1/1008:50 p.m. AST
Loto PoolFixed Prize4/9908:50 p.m. AST
Loto RealProgressive Jackpot6/3812:55 p.m. AST
Pega 4 RealFixed PrizePick 412:50 p.m. AST

Dominican Republic Lottery Games Schedule

Keep up with the dates and times of the Dominican Republic lottery results by memorizing our schedule below. We recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference as well.

Loto Más   08:55 p.m. AST  08:55 p.m. AST
Loto Pool08:55 p.m. AST08:55 p.m. AST08:55 p.m. AST08:55 p.m. AST08:55 p.m. AST08:55 p.m. AST05:55 p.m. AST
Loto Real  01:00 p.m. AST  01:00 p.m. AST 
Pega 4 Real12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST12:55 p.m. AST

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in the Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican Republic, you may decide between playing lottery games online or at local retailers, both official channels to play. If you want to play online, that can be done through the LEIDSA portal. The process is similar to purchasing real paper tickets:

  1. Find the nearest retailer in your region, or simply open the official site if you are playing online.
  2. Pick one of the available Dominican Republic lotteries to start playing with the play slip.
  3. Choose the numbers that you wish to play with, or let the system pick them for you automatically.
  4. Repeat the process to add other tickets to your purchase.
  5. Decide how many drawings you want to repeat those numbers, playing them in advance.
  6. Pay for the tickets and receive them – digital tickets are easily accessed on the website – and bookmark this page to accompany the Dominican Republic Lottery results!

Can You Play Dominican Republic Lotteries in Other Countries?

At the moment, none of the official lotteries available in the Dominican Republic can be played from other countries. Therefore, if you are from abroad, you need to visit the country in order to be able to purchase lottery tickets.

How to Check Dominican Republic Lottery Results?

Checking the Dominican Republic Lottery results is easy when you have this page to assist you. Whenever you have played, get your paper or digital tickets ready and compare the numbers shown with those on them. Make sure to check that the drawing date is the same, as some lotteries occur several times each week.

In order to access previous Dominican Republic lottery winning numbers, simply tap on the page with the name of the lottery you played. Whenever there is an additional or bonus number, it is going to be highlighted as a red ball.

How to Claim a Lottery Prize in the Dominican Republic?

If you win a small prize, it means that you may claim at lottery retailers. If you play via the official website, prizes of up to RD$75,000 are automatically credited to your player account. However, prizes above that threshold require you to inform the official lottery LEIDSA how you want to withdraw it.

Fortunate players who manage to win big prizes like the jackpot need to claim their prizes in person at the office:

Av. Pedro Henríquez Ureña,

Santo Domingo 10108,

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Lottery Taxes

There are lottery taxes applied to winnings in the Dominican Republic that vary according to your total prize in that country:

Total WinningsLottery Tax
Up to RD$ 100,0000%
From RD$ 100,001 to RD$ 500,00010%
From RD$ 500,001 to RD$ 1,000,00015%
More than RD$ 1,000,00120%

Lottery Rules in the Dominican Republic

  • In the Dominican Republic, you need to be at least 18 years old to play the lottery.
  • Taxes are higher depending on how much you win, and small prizes are free from them.
  • It is possible to play the lotteries online through the official LEIDSA website.

FAQs About Dominican Republic Lotteries & Drawing Results

The Dominican Republic Lottery results are published on this page after the drawing occurs. Have your tickets ready and open this page after the time shown on our schedule.

It is possible to play any of the lotteries available in the Dominican Republic if you are at least 18 years old.

Yes, the Dominican Republic Lottery results that you find on this page are no different from the ones found on the official site.

You can find the Dominican Republic Lottery results on this page, meaning that you only need to bookmark us and always come back here to check them.

You can play lotteries like Loto and its add-ons, Loto Real, Loto Pool, and Pega 4.

Yes, the lotteries in the Dominican Republic can be played online through their official website only.


USD 412 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Dec 04, 2023