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What If You Match One Number on Powerball?

If you match one number on Powerball, that means you have beat the odds of 1 in 3.54. That is relatively easy to obtain, which is why players often get one number match several times when they play with multiple tickets. The order does not matter, as in Pick 3 lotteries, so that is a common scenario. However, you might be wondering if that is worth anything.

Do You Win Anything If You Match One Number on Powerball?

By matching one number on Powerball, considering only the five regular numbers and no match to the Powerball number, you win nothing. The odds of 1 in 3.54 means it is too easy and not worthy of any prize.

On the other hand, if you manage to top up that single number with the Powerball number, which has a better challenge with chances of 1 in 91.98, you get $4. With a $2 ticket, that is a x2 win.

As a plus, if you had paid for Power Play in that situation, totaling a cost of $3, that means you could get anything from $8 to $40 with the Power Play multiplier. That is quite decent, which is why that add-on comes in handy for small prizes. As for the Powerball Double Play, since it is a whole new drawing, there is really no benefit to the fact that you have matched one number on Powerball.

What If You Match Only the Powerball?

If we ignore the five total numbers in Powerball, there is still the Powerball number itself. Even though it is often remembered if you match 1, 2, or 3 numbers on Powerball due to the fact that it opens a new prize tier, that special number also pays on its own.

Mandatory to win the jackpot, the Powerball number alone has odds of 1 in 38.32 and pays out $4. Again, the Power Play can leverage that prize to $8, $12, $16, $20, or even $40. However, the important information here is that it pays just as much as if you match one number on Powerball and the Powerball number together.

The lesson here is that only one number on Powerball, considering the first drum of five numbers, is worthless.

Can You Guarantee to Match One Number on Powerball?

Although you can guarantee a one-number match on Powerball, you do not want to do that. For the same reason that you cannot profit from buying every combination of lottery tickets, the cost surpasses the prize. Let’s see why:

  • Each ticket costs $2.
  • You need to cover all 69 numbers with 14 tickets (14 x 5 = 70).
  • The tickets alone cost you $28.
  • In the drawing, the only guaranteed result is one Powerball match, and that pays nothing.

In order to guarantee a prize, you need to get at least the Powerball number, and there are 26 possibilities with a prize of $4. Since it pays the same if you only match the Powerball number, it would make more sense to guarantee it instead, with 26 different tickets. For a prize of $4, paying out $52 is insane.

Therefore, even though you can guarantee a one-number match, there is no benefit in doing so. You cannot guarantee a Powerball win as well, so just play responsibly and hope for the best results!


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