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What Happens If You Win the Lottery While on Benefits?

If you are on benefits, that means the government believes that you are in need of that money. Therefore, that usually raises the question on what happens if you win the lottery while on benefits. Well, there can be an immediate stop of the benefits, or you might need to inform them that you no longer need it. On the other hand, there are nuances, and the prize size and type of benefit matter. Let’s dive into that with a complete explanation!

I Won the Lottery While on Benefits, What Now?

In order to explain the different scenarios and outcomes for lottery winners who receive benefits, we need to establish a minimum of two types of benefits:

  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income): The type of benefit meant to supplement your income because of its low levels. It may be fixed or proportional according to your financial capacity.
  • SSR (Social Security Retirement): A form of earned benefit by age that cannot be affected by your income.
  • SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance): A group of earned benefits meant for people who are disabled and unable to perform work.

If you receive an SSI benefit, it may cease to be provided or be reduced according to your prize. On the other hand, earned benefits like SSR and SSDI are not affected by lottery prizes. Therefore, in the second scenario, you are safe from any termination of your benefit.

Also, keep in mind that the SSI benefit is based on a monthly accrual of your income. As a result, if you receive a prize that is big enough to cease it this month, you can still claim that award back in the next one. According to the SSA, income is defined as follows:

“(…) anything you receive during a calendar month and can use to meet your needs for food or shelter. It may be in cash or in kind.”

Although the specific names above are set according to the US social benefits, that rule applies in different countries as well. For example, if you are under the Job Seeking benefit in the United Kingdom and you win the lottery or suddenly start spending a lot of money, you lose that award like this case published by TheStar.

Will I Still Receive My Social Benefit If I Win a Small Lottery Prize?

It is not just any amount of money that is able to cease your social benefit. In the United States, as listed by the CBPP, there is a limit of personal assets of $2,000, or $3,000 for a couple. As for the exact income, it changes every year and is individually set as $943 in 2024. On the other hand, in the UK, that limit is £16,000 according to their eligibility rules.

Therefore, if you won $500 on a Pick 3 lottery, that is most probably not going to make any difference in your benefit. Unless, of course, you are already close to that threshold. On the other hand, having 2 winning tickets in the same drawing resulting in a total prize of $1,000 could stop it for that month at least.

Can I Recover My Benefit After Claiming My Lottery Prize?

Even though the monthly income is used to trace the limit for those who are receiving benefits linked to their financial condition, your destination to that money is also important.

All benefits that are ceased due to lottery prizes can resume, but that is not likely to happen. The reason is simple: you are going to invest that money, and that will count as your new income. As a result, the awards meant only for those who are in an unfavorable financial condition will not be applied again.

On the other hand, if it was a small prize that slightly crossed the limit and not enough to change your life, you should have no trouble requiring it again.

What If I Win the Lottery and Continue to Receive My Benefit?

In the exceptional case of earned benefits like those for retirement and disability, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you continue to receive them. You might not need that extra money anymore, but it is not wrong to receive and use it. That also applies if you won your prize from international games found on lottery websites.

On the other hand, if you no longer fulfill the financial conditions to receive a supplemental benefit and continue to receive it, communicate with the responsible agency immediately. That money should not be used, as you are no longer entitled to it. While that may never happen to you, mistakes can occur, and exploring that can cause legal problems in the future.


Why Did I Stop Receiving Benefits After Winning the Lottery?
The total prize combined with any existing income crossed the limit of the maximum possible income for that benefit. If your income goes down that line again, simply require the benefit once more.
How Much Can I Win in the Lottery Before My Benefits Are Canceled?
In 2024, that limit is $943 per individual or $1,415 per couple for a month.
Must I Pay Medicaid Back If I Win the Lottery?
When you win the lottery, you do not need to pay back what Medicaid supplied you in the past. However, depending on the amount, you may be removed from eligibility.
What Happens With My Retirement Benefit If I Win the Lottery?
Nothing, as that is an earned benefit that is not affected by your income.
Does Interest From Lottery Money Count as Income?
Yes, that will count as income and affect your eligibility for SSI benefits.


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