The Best Lottery Mobile Apps for Android & iOS in 2023

The main reason why online lotteries have grown increasingly popular over the past years is the flexibility of purchasing lottery tickets without having to go to a retailer. It is normal to want to do everything from our mobile devices, spending less time and making less effort. Naturally, several applications were developed to make that possible, including the best lottery apps for mobile in 2023, duly described here.

It does not matter if you are an Android or iOS user. There are valid options for every device, and that includes buying online lottery tickets, checking the latest lottery results, scanning tickets, and even lottery predictions.

Why Play the Lottery on Your Mobile?

Without a doubt, the most popular type of lottery app for mobile in 2023 is the one that lets you play the lottery online. Among the reasons that make that a much more interesting approach than playing with physical play slips, we can highlight:

  • Convenience and flexibility – You log in to a website like theLotter, push a couple of buttons and purchase tickets to lotteries in your country and abroad in less than five minutes. That can be done from your home, while at work, or even on the train or bus. Aside from saving time, you do not have to modify anything in your routine to play the lottery.
  • Bonuses and discounts – What was the last time the local retailer gave you a 25% discount on your lottery tickets? That never happens at stores, but it is a common feature when you play on online lotteries, including from your mobile. Tap to enjoy a bonus, purchase a bundle of lotteries, or sign up for discounted subscriptions via the lottery app.
  • Variety of great lotteries – Instead of being limited by the half a dozen local games, you can get access to anything from 30 to 60+ games on lottery apps.

Types of Lottery Apps for Android & iOS

You can find lottery apps for mobile that assist you in almost everything connected to lotteries. It is important to understand their differences to avoid downloading an app that will not fulfill your intentions. The main types you should pay attention to when looking for the best lottery apps are:

  • Buy online tickets – Reliable when you download from an official link of the top online lottery sites. They come with excellent support, fast payment methods, and countless lotteries. Unlike the other apps, this one requires your money to purchase tickets. That is why you should be extra careful and follow our guidance.
  • Check lottery results – Applications developed by each lottery to provide the results of its games. Remember that you can check all of them on this website using any mobile device, which will save room in your phone.
  • Ticket scanning – It reads your ticket and shows the prize that you have won, if applicable. It is essential to trust the app to avoid losing a great prize due to a mistake. Once again, it makes more sense to check the results yourself here on LotteryTexts.
  • Lottery predictions – This type of lottery app for mobile devices divides opinions. Unknown formulas are used by the software to generate lottery numbers that should be luckier than others.
  • Number generators – Unlike lottery prediction apps, online quick pick systems generate numbers so that you do not spend time thinking about them.

After getting familiarized with the genres of the best lottery apps for mobile, it is time to know the apps that deserve your attention.

The Best Lottery Apps to Buy Online Tickets

The online ticket lottery apps are our favorite and the only type of app that we consider essential in the mobile device of a regular player. Each app follows the rules of the lottery agent or betting site behind it, and your account will work on both the website and the app.

1. theLotter


The most complete and reliable lottery agent app offers a complete service that purchases tickets on your behalf. It takes only a few seconds to install and opens a world of more than 60 games, plus scratchcards and raffles on your phone. You can get the theLotter app for both Android – via APK on the website – and iOS on the App Store.

2. LottoAgent

Play with LottoAgent!

Our LottoAgent review establishes the best reasons to understand why it is our #2 website to purchase lottery tickets. Therefore, its app is only an extension of the same advantages, including more than 100 ways of making and receiving payments. Unfortunately for users of iPhones, it only has an Android version available at the moment.

3. Jackpocket


Jackpocket is one of the best lottery apps for US players because it allows the online purchase of tickets in the states where it is allowed. Download it for your Android or iOS system, define your state, and start to play from the device on your hands. It is an excellent alternative when you cannot play using your favorite lottery site in the United States.

Best Lottery Results Apps

Before telling you about the best lottery apps for mobile to check results, let us remind you that our website offers the result history for countless lotteries for free. If you still want a specific app for one or just a couple of lotteries, the selection below is for you.

LotteryText – Instant Results

Aside from offering the lottery results to hundreds of games on our website, we decided to create an application solution. It is currently available for Android users and, unlike all the other best lottery results apps, it does not only focus on just a couple of games. Aside from the results from all continents, you will be able to navigate and access:

  • Essential information on all lottery games.
  • Access to the best lottery sites to play with discounts.
  • Quick picks for the most popular games.
  • Hints and tips for playing the lottery.

The light app is completely safe, just like our website, and is already available on the official Play Store.

Lottery Results - LotteryTexts

US Lotto Results

Lotto Results is possibly the most complete lottery app for mobile if you are looking for the drawn numbers in US lotteries. It includes not only multi-state lotteries like Mega Millions, Powerball, or Cash4Life, but also the state lotteries like California, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, and all others.

US lotteries

Completely free, the app has ads to support the work developed by My Lottos LLC. We compared its results with ours, and it does count with accurate information. You can check the latest results, the history of past drawings, and other valuable data like prize tiers and total payout.

Available for Android and iOS.

US Lotto Results

UK National Lottery Results

The only official app by the National Lottery is the right choice for the players from the United Kingdom. Regardless if you use another website or app to play the games, it can still provide the results from the local games like Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball, and Set for Life.

At the moment, the application is only available for iOS devices on the App Store. Alternatively, there is a safe option that is not from Camelot UK Lotteries Limited but works on Android devices. You can download the National Lottery results app by The Lottery Company Limited on the Play Store. It has a 4/5 score.

UK National Lottery Results

Euromillions Results App

The same company responsible for the Android alternative above offers Euromillions results on a separate and dedicated free app. If you are a regular player of Euromillions, that is the only lottery app for results that you might need.

The Lottery Company made it available for Android and iOS users. In addition, it also activates notifications for drawings, lets you scan the tickets, and generate quick picks.

Euromillions Results App

Best Lottery Apps for Quick Picks

If you are looking for a safe quick pick system for the most popular lotteries, such as EuroJackpot, we recommend that you use our fast quick picks. Otherwise, if you insist on downloading an app, these are our recommendations of the best lottery app for mobile:

Lottery Quick Pick

Simple to the point that you could think that no one put much effort into it, the Lottery Quick Pick app is available for Android users. In fact, there is no reason for the best lottery quick pick apps to be complex, and they complete their purpose. Define how many numbers your game will require, and it will give you options.

If you are interested, get it now on the Play Store.

Lottery Quick Pick

Random Picks

Think Code Release Ltd has a simple and colorful quick pick app available for iOS users. It lists the options that it generates automatically, and the app can be used for other activities, too, like flipping a coin or making a draw with friends.

colorful quick pick app

Random Picks can be yours for free on the App Store.

Random Picks

Best Lottery Ticket Scanning Apps

When you have got many lottery tickets, you might miss one number or two when verifying them using our results page or a specific app. That is when the best lottery ticket scanning apps come in handy, as they not only verify 100% of the numbers but also indicate if you are a winner.

Check Lottery Tickets

Check Lottery Tickets is a rather simple app created by the developers “Lottery Experts” that does not use a QR Code to check the numbers yet. It is in its 8th version already and lets you say the numbers in the microphone – a useful resource for people with visual impairment – or to type them.

Its range of available games includes Pick 3, Pick 4, Powerball, Cash for Life, Mega Millions, Pick 5, and other multi-state and state games.

At the moment, you can only get it for Android.

Check Lottery Tickets

LotteryHub – Lottery Ticket Scanning for iOS

LotteryHub is the only lottery app for mobile developed by Shoutz Inc. It is used to check Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, as well as local state lotteries. Not very much diverse, it still fulfills its purpose.

In our opinion, LotteryHub could implement some automatic verification of the numbers on the tickets. It is currently necessary to enter your tickets yourself, which is also open to mistakes. Still, if you have got the patience, it does its job. You can get it for iOS on the App Store.

LotteryHub - Lottery Ticket Scanning for iOS

LottoMonkey – Powerball and Mega Millions

LottoMonkey offers the type of automatic ticket scanning that most players are looking for. If you are a Powerball and Mega Millions player, it could be the perfect iOS app for you. Of course, that type of service and technology has a price, and the app is paid. 

It takes a picture of your ticket and instantly checks the numbers to reveal if you are a winner or not, eliminating human error. You can get it with either 50 or unlimited lottery scans on the App Store.


Best Lottery Prediction Apps

After the applications for purchasing online lottery tickets, the lottery prediction apps are the most popular in the United States and across the world. After all, the main purpose of playing the lottery is trying to win, and those Android and iOS apps promise things like lottery numerology predictions.

Lottery Generator Based on Statistics of Results

The app name itself is a perfect description of what one of the best lottery prediction apps proposes. This Android app has a 4.5/5 score in the Play Store and comes in both free and Pro versions, not to mention the dozens of features that come with it. The most important, of course, is its prediction of lottery drawings through statistics.

prediction of lottery drawings

Other quite useful applications include testing number combinations for past winnings, notifications on the biggest jackpots, lottery results, and statistics that could be used with the hot and cold numbers theory.

You can get it from the Play Store.

Lottery Generator Based on Statistics of Results

Lottery App – Lotto Winning Numbers & Predictions

Lotto Winning Numbers and Predictions is an Android app by QuartLotto that covers all the lotteries in the United States.

It searches for the past results and winners, but the prediction works separately. It uses statistics of the past drawings for patterns and analyzes what numbers you could play to win. You can only play it with an Android device, downloading from the Play Store.

Lottery App

How to Purchase Online Tickets From the Best Lottery Apps?

  1. Download one of the best lottery apps for mobile that allow you to purchase online lottery tickets. On this page, you will find the link for them: theLotter, LottoAgent, and Jackpocket.
  2. If you are still not registered on the website to which the app belongs, create an account. It takes less than two minutes, and your personal information is protected by the SSL certificate.
  3. You can start by filling your cart with the tickets that you want to buy. Open the games, pick the numbers, and add them to your cart. Consider the subscriptions and discount bundles, too.
  4. Once you are satisfied, proceed to the checkout, where you will find the available payment methods. You can always deposit in advance if you prefer, especially to get any available welcome bonus.
  5. After the payment has been approved, you only need to wait for the lottery results! Remember that there are lottery apps for that, too!

Get your tickets with discount now on theLotter!

How to Recognize Scam Lottery Apps?

Checking how a lottery app looks is not enough to be sure that it is trustworthy. When it comes to the best lottery apps for playing on mobile, you can always trust our reviews, where we explain how we evaluated them.

As for any other type of lottery app, there are a few hints to avoid fake or scam lottery apps:

  • In the case of a ticket purchase lottery app, always check if we have already reviewed it.
  • Never download any type of app from any source other than the official lottery website or the official app stores.
  • Check the person or company responsible for developing the app.
  • Never provide your digital ticket.
  • Suspect of any lottery app that promises that you can win the lottery.
  • Always check the feedback of real users in the Play Store or App Store.


Should I Pay for a Lottery Prediction App?
That is a personal decision. If you feel that the app can actually help you in some way and it is worth the price, that could be reasonable. Only understand that no one can guarantee your win.
What Is the Best Lottery App in 2023?
The best lottery app in 2023 at the moment is theLotter, because of its safety, bonuses, and the range of games that it makes available online.
What Are the Risks of Downloading Lottery Apps for Mobile?
There are virtually no limits to what a malicious app can have access to on your mobile. Therefore, do not risk your data, pictures, and the device itself and only download reliable apps.
Can I Trust the Lottery Results Apps?
You can trust those that are offered by the official sources and do not ask for permission to do anything that is not necessary for performing their activities. Remember that you can also check the results here, without downloading anything.
Do I Need to Download the Best Lottery Apps to Use Them?
Yes, applications are necessarily downloaded to your mobile devices to be used.
How Do Free Lottery Apps Work?
You only need to install them and use them as you will. Each app will have different features.
Can You Win Real Money Playing on Online Lottery Apps?
Yes, you can win the lottery and the respective prizes if you play on an official online lottery app from one of the sources that we indicate.
Can I Play the Lottery With Both iOS and Android Devices?
Some lottery apps to play for real are only available to one of those systems, while others are available for both of them. Simply check our recommendations for more information.
Is It Safe to Play with Lottery Apps?
Yes, it is safe to play the online lottery using the apps that we recommend here: theLotter, Jackpocket, and LottoAgent.


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