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Powerball Tax Calculator & Payout

Do you wonder how much of the announced jackpot effectively ends up in the bank account of a lottery winner? Our Powerball payout and tax calculator considers the discounts that not everyone acknowledges and both federal and state taxes. The result is the exact amount that you receive with a lump-sum option or annuity payment.

Powerball Payout and Taxes Calculator

Here is our Powerball payout and taxes calculator, which is a tool that does not demand anything but the intended jackpot and your payment option:

Payout method
Automatic Tax Withholding Rates

Federal rate: 24%
State rate: 0 %

Estimated gross payout Average annuity payout $0
Estimated total taxes withheld $0

Estimated net payout $0

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Powerball Payout and Taxes Calculator Explained

Our Powerball payout and tax calculator has a pre-established formula that deducts the lump-sum option percentage and considers all applicable lottery taxes. If you only want to check taxes, we also have a lottery tax calculator.

It starts with the decision of whether you prefer a lump-sum payment or an annuity payment. Remember that your choice will determine how much will be deducted from your payout. In short, you only need to define the following:

  • Payment – Choose the one-time payment or annuities as your preferred method. If you are uncertain, our Powerball payout and tax calculator can generate the results for both and let you have a clearer vision of what you can do.
  • State – Your state or the state where you will play Powerball impacts your final payout because state taxes can vary from 0% to almost 10%.
  • Prize – The total prize that you will win. It may be the jackpot, but also any other amount that you can possibly win in Powerball.

Before scrolling down to the values listed in our tables with annuity and lump-sum payments, notice that you have all the information to cross-check if you want to:

  • Gross Payout – The total that is considered for the payment of taxes, which is reduced for the cash option.
  • Withheld taxes – The amount that is due in taxes and that will be deducted from the prize before you finally own it.
  • Net Payout – Total amount that the player will receive after deductions and taxes. In the case of annuity prizes, it considers all 30 payments combined.

Also, you may check the exact percentage deducted as federal taxes (24%) and state taxes (if applicable). Notice that income taxes are not considered, so make sure to seek financial advice from lottery lawyers to know how much you will still owe the government.

Powerball Payout and Tax for Foreign Players

Our Powerball payout and tax calculator considers a federal tax of 24% that applies to US residents. However, if you are a foreigner playing in the United States or using online lottery sites to play from abroad, a federal tax of 30% is due.

Therefore, the rules are different, and you must make sure that you are considering your lottery taxes at home. Each country may have different rules as to how other taxes and your local income tax apply to that source of income. If you want, we have a full guide on how to avoid lottery taxes that could be helpful to you.

Why Is the Powerball Payout Different From the Jackpot?

A lot of people wonder why the Powerball payout that people receive after the taxes might be even less than half of the announced jackpot. There is no theft, and nobody is tricked because those are the actual rules of lottery games in the United States.

Basically, when people choose the cash option, also called the lump-sum payment, they are accepting to receive less money for the benefit of receiving it instantly. Otherwise, you could choose annuity payments over the cash option and receive the announced jackpot minus the taxes that we know to be due.

When we choose the lump-sum payment, and that applies to the majority of the lottery winners, that Powerball payout is reduced to about 60% of the announced jackpot. The exact values are given by our Powerball payout and tax calculator, which also deducts the federal and state taxes (if applicable).


How to Know How Much I’ll Receive From Powerball?
You may simply indicate the current jackpot of the drawing you are participating in and try both annuity and lump-sum payments. Our payout and tax calculator will provide you with the exact amount.
Are Powerball Odds Good Enough?
They are better than Mega Millions’s, and the game is known for having paid record jackpots. However, it is quite hard in terms of odds which you can better understand with an odds calculator.
Why Are There So Many Taxes to Pay?
The lottery is often recognized as an alternative for governments to collect taxes. Also, with such a life-changing prize, it is fair to consider that part of it should be reverted to public services.
Is the Payout of Other Lotteries Similar to Powerball?
The only other lottery game in all the world with jackpots as high as Powerball’s after a few rollovers is Mega Millions. They are both from the United States but can be played from elsewhere with the websites that we recommend.
How Accurate Is the Powerball Payout and Tax Calculator?
It is 99.9% accurate, and small differences may only occur because of minor decimal changes in the deduction of lump-sum payments.



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