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Best Pick 4 Strategy to Help You Win the Lottery in 2024

Pick 4 games may look repetitive at the same time that players may feel that they are each time closer to the jackpot. That is when having a Pick 4 lottery strategy can prove useful, giving you a sense of control over the results. Since there can be a lot of confusing information out there, I have personally selected the best Pick 4 strategies and reunited them in this successful guide.

What Is a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy?

As the name makes it clear, just like in Pick 3 games, any lottery game that requires you to choose four numbers is a Pick 4. You will pick four numbers, and that is about it. In general, you will find local Numbers games with that characteristic, particularly made of four digits that go from 0 to 9 each. Therefore, your range of choice is usually between 0000 and 9999.

Pick 4 Game


Therefore, a Pick 4 lottery strategy is a method or formula that intends to shorten the number of combinations that you intend to play. As a result, you will no longer have to decide between thousands of alternatives, and most players will consider it fun to have a way to figure out their possible Pick winning numbers rather than choosing them randomly.

What Is a Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

In addition, and that is something useful to have in mind before you decide on a Pick 4 lottery strategy, make sure to check for add-ons. Some lotteries like Florida Pick 4 have what is called an add-on, in its specific case a Fireball, and that can give you extra chances of winning the lottery.

Why Use Pick 4 Lottery Strategies?

  • Make it precise. Having thousands of alternatives and repetitive numbers is not fun, especially when you play Pick 4 regularly. Having a strategy will make your decisions easier.
  • Sense of control. Easy picks on online lottery sites or even at your local retailer can save some of your time. However, in the long run, you might feel the urge to choose your own lottery numbers.
  • Have fun. Some methods, depending on your choice of Pick 4 lottery strategies, can become a really fun weekly activity.
  • Hold on to your belief. You might believe there is something more than simple and random math in the lottery, like the existence of patterns. With strategies, you can reduce your range of possibilities to cover the possibly most likely numbers to be drawn.
  • No disadvantages. Except for taking a bit more of your time, you cannot influence your odds negatively by using Pick 4 lottery strategies.
  • The best ones. Every single Pick 4 strategy found in this guide was tested and approved as one of the best ones available.

The 3 Best Pick 4 Lottery Strategies

You will find out that, despite differences in how those games are played, the strategies for Pick 4 lotteries are similar to those of Pick 5, for example. Therefore, instead of being an issue, we may consider that proof that they work really well. Let’s get to know them better!

Note that there are Pick 4 games that are not limited to 0-9 digits, like Texas Two-Step. Since the “Pick 4” term is more common in 0-9 games, I used that range of numbers for the example. Still, the strategies here apply to Pick 4 games of any format, and you simply need to enlarge the pool of numbers when you apply them.

1. The Rundown Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

The Rundown strategy is a very literal one but also one of the most versatile, and that is the beauty of using the best Pick 4 lottery strategies. You will not play exactly like someone else, and that is how different results come out. The step-by-step is really simple:

  1. Define a starting point. For example, I took the hottest lottery numbers from the last 100 drawings of Florida Pick 4 and will get this strategy working from there:

Florida Pick 4

  1. Choose a rundown. With the starting set of 0671, we need a rundown to apply to those numbers. You are free to set the rule, and I’ll use the cold number 8523 as my rundown.
  2. Add the value. You will run down the chosen numbers, restarting as 0 whenever you reach 10. Like this:
Starting Point 0671
First Phase (0 + 8 || 6 + 5 || 7 + 2 || 1 + 3) 8194
Second Phase 6617
Third Phase 4130
Fourth Phase 2653
Fifth Phase 0174
  1. Methodology. Those results can all be played, and we would have 5 perfectly possible Pick 4 combinations. Instead, you could run it dozens of times and only play those that appear the most or whatever you decide.

Understand that no Pick 4 lottery strategy will give you a winning formula, and it is up to you to establish the rules that would work in your opinion. The only sure way to win, but also to guarantee a loss, would be to buy every possible lottery combination.

Now, let’s get to know two of the other best and most successful Pick 4 lottery strategies that you might even use in combination with the Rundown.

2. Pick 4 Tic-Tac-Toe

The Tic-Tac-Toe is my favorite Pick 4 strategy because of how we built the possible combinations with it. With a 4×4 grid that will also require a starting point of 4 digits, you will start to complete the grid. Now, the rule is again to be decided, but you may choose to do like I did:

  1. Pick the last drawing result. In this case, I took only Midday drawings, and the last one was 9110. I’ll draw the grid with it:

Pick 4 Tic-Tac-Toe

  1. Checking the Pick 4 Midday drawings before that one, I found some to perfectly match the existing spaces. That is how I completed the Tic-Tac-Toe:

Pick 4 Midday drawings

  1. Forgetting about the 9110 combination that just came out, we could sort horizontal, vertical, and diagonal combinations. Thinking horizontally, we would play 9627, 0133, 2413, and 6420 – the other way around is also acceptable.

The idea is that the last successful Pick 4 results would have something to do with the results that would come next. That requires some level of magic thought, but the Tic-Tac-Toe is a very popular Pick 4 strategy and, considering your odds cannot get lower, it is an interesting approach.

3. Lottery Wheeling

The strength of lottery wheeling systems is so big that they are the most applied method when it comes to lottery winning books. It can be applied from scratch, generating a couple or dozens of possibilities with just one or a few combinations. However, Pick 4 lottery wheeling is also useful when another strategy has generated more possibilities than you can pay.

There are some useful tools that can help you wheel numbers automatically, but you may do it manually as well. Since Pick 4 numbers are rather limited in possibilities, both options will not take much of your time.

Before anything else, you need a few starting combinations. In our case, I took the last winning digits from Canada Pick 4 this week:

Canada Pick 4

Notice how 3 and 0 are recurrent, even appearing in the same position more than once. In order to make this wheeling system not become a mess in terms of the number of combinations, I have set the following key digits and positions:

x 3 0 x

Therefore, all the combinations I’ll purchase will have 3 and 0 in the middle digits. Of course, I do not want to purchase 100 tickets, so I’ll put 6 in the first position because it appeared twice in the last 5 drawings and wheel the numbers that appeared in the last position. The result is:

6 3 0 0

6 3 0 4

6 3 0 3

6 3 0 8

6 3 0 9

By doing a similar process, you will wheel five possible tickets and, if you truly believe in your choice and luck, purchase more than one ticket for each. That is a perk of playing Pick 4 lotteries, as you can multiply your winnings with equal tickets.

Pick 4 Lottery Software

Did one or more of those Pick 4 lotteries sound tiresome to you? As someone who has been playing the lottery for decades, and at least a decade on online lottery sites, I get you. There are dozens of lottery software out there that are compatible with Pick 4 lotteries. In short, they carry out the strategies and methods listed here for you.

1. Win Slips

WinSlips is a paid software that works by reducing your options of numbers, just like the Pick 4 strategies listed here. It is adequate to Pick 4 games that are not limited to 0-9 digits, allowing you to determine the range of numbers allowed. It wheels and sorts some combinations for you.

It uses a reduction algorithm of its own, so you might decide to go to what WinSlips prepares for you or apply a Tic-Tac-Toe of your own, or even wheel them to reduce the options even further.

WinSlips software

2. Lotto Pro

When it comes to lottery prediction, we can agree that it has many faces and possibilities according to what the player believes. Some people build their own lottery prediction algorithm, while others rely on numerology predictions.

Specifically talking about the case of software like Lotto Pro, you would be trusting its algorithm that wheels your possibilities and automatically removes what it considers to be unlikely combinations. At the moment, it is already compatible with all Pick 4 lotteries available.

Lotto Pro software

3. Lotto Wheels Pro

The Lotto Wheels Pro software works with the concept of “guarantees” in a wheeling system. We already know that, aside from playing on the best lottery syndicates or purchasing more tickets, no combination can improve your odds of winning the lottery. Still, it does the job of random wheeling combinations for a Pick 4 game and has that “guarantee” method for those willing to try.

Lotto Wheels Pro software

Apply Immediately: The Simplest Pick 4 Lottery Strategy

There is a good chance that this massive input of information on Pick 4 lottery strategies has made you a bit confused. To give the first step, how about a very simple process that you can follow by using all the knowledge gathered so far in a couple of minutes? You will leave this page with your first possible-win combinations for a Pick 4 game.

1. Find Your Pattern

Every Pick 4 lottery strategy brought here requires a starting point. It could be the hottest numbers in the last drawings, the exact result of the very last drawings or your lucky numbers according to the horoscope. It is up to you, and let’s decide that we will begin with 1457 for this example.

2. Build a Grid

Regardless of how you will decide to continue, preparing a Tic-Tac-Toe grid for Pick 4 is a great way to start. With our 1457 example and applying a 1234 Rundown – see what we are doing here? – this is what we get:

Build a Grid

I did a 1234 Rundown downwards but mirrored the other numbers to complete the grid. From that simple method, I could play the following combinations: 1661, 2492, 3663, 4897, 1234, 6468, 6969, and 1237.

We already used the Tic-Tac-Toe and the Rundown strategies, and it did not take us much time. Now, you could just play those 8 combinations and see how it goes, but I want to be certain that I will win a great prize. Therefore, I’ll go one step further and apply a quick lottery wheel to reduce it to just three combinations and buy 5 tickets for each one.

3. Apply the Pick 4 Lottery Wheel

For a Pick 4 lottery wheel to reduce the possible combinations and not just leave me with even more numbers to deal with, I need to set some key numbers. In our case, “1” appears the most in the first position, I choose “6” for the third, and “7” is our last:

1 x 6 7

Since I want only three tickets and there are 10 possibilities, I will only play the numbers that appear the most among our left-to-right combinations from the grid: 2, 4, and 6.

1 2 6 7

1 4 6 7

1 6 6 7

If the budget allows, it is also possible to wheel those numbers among them and generate many possibilities with only those three sets.

4. Play Pick 4!

With your combinations ready to be played, you just need to define whether you want to play Pick 4 with those strategies on a lottery betting site or a lottery agent site. Being Pick 4 really popular in the United States, you might want to check out our Jackpocket review if you are a resident because that is simply the best and most comfortable way to play Pick 4.

Tips & Hints to Play Pick 4

  • Budget first. You can only define how many tickets you intend to play with if you know how much money you can spend. Remember that you can have many winning tickets and multiply Pick-4 prizes for the 0-9 games.
  • Your truth. Lottery math says that you can play whatever you like to win, and that would make these Pick 4 strategies just a fun way to play with the same odds of a quick pick. However, you may believe something else, and your starting point for those strategies must follow what you believe in.

Tips & Hints to Play Pick 4

  • Common sense. It is not just because your software or manual wheel resulted in a common sequence that you should play it. In the specific case of Pick 4 games that involve the share of prizes, avoid common combinations to have more chances of a bigger prize.
  • Check add-ons. Sometimes, your lucky guess might be in a second drawing that follows the first one, and it may cost just $0.50 or $1 to add it to your game.

Should You Use Pick 4 Lottery Strategies?

The Tic-Tac-Toe and the lottery wheel are among the best lottery strategies in the world, and they are applied to a large number of lotteries. There is no proof that any method can help you be closer to winning a lottery, but they are most definitely fun to use.

If you can make good use of them, I’d say give them a try. We already know that no choice of yours can lower your odds, so you’d be playing in a neutral zone in the worst possible case. The lottery is also about fun, so let’s make it more interesting!


Can I Win Pick 4 Lottery Guaranteed with Pick 4 Strategies?
You can win a Pick 4 lottery with your eyes closed and picking numbers with your nose. The method should not matter much. Simply play the way you feel the most comfortable.
What Is the Best Pick 4 Lottery Strategy?
The best Pick 4 lottery strategy, in my honest opinion, is the combination of all the three main ones brought in this guide. You can generate combinations with the Tic-Tac-Toe, change them with a Rundown, and wheel to your finest choices in the end.
Do I Need to Play Many Pick 4 Tickets to Win?
You can win a Pick 4 lottery with one lucky ticket. That’s a fact. Since you cannot foresee when that will happen, simply balance your budget enough to keep playing until Ms. Luck visits you.
Are the Pick 4 Lottery Strategies Useful in Online Lotteries?
The lotteries found online on the websites that we recommend are exactly like or at least based on the results of the ones found at physical stores. Therefore, all methods work exactly the same.



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