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Ultimate Pick 3 Lottery Strategy – Top 7 Successful Systems That Work

You might have encountered Pick 3 games online or at a local retailer, depending on where you are from. They are simple games with low prizes and easy odds, and the name might vary to Daily 3, Play 3, or Cash 3. Still, people want a Pick 3 lottery strategy to improve their odds of winning, and we understand that.

That is why we selected the top 7 systems that you can apply to your play slips. Regardless of whether you are playing the version from one of the United States or in the UK, perhaps even in Canada, those strategies apply.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick 3 strategies can help you make decisions when there are only a few digits to pick.
  • You can use complex or very simple methods, but they all have the same odds.
  • Purchasing more tickets with the same numbers results in bigger prizes if you win.
  • Balance the number of tickets knowing that the jackpot is low.

How Does a Pick 3 Lottery Game Work?

Any Pick 3 game basically needs you to match what three digits will come out in the drawing. Each digit is obligatorily anything from 0 to 9, and you have two main options: play the Straightway that demands matching the order of the numbers or go with a Box play that includes different combinations.

How Does a Pick 3 Lottery Game Work

If you match the numbers according to the type of bet you have chosen, you win a prize based on how much you invested in that ticket. You can also purchase many tickets for the same combination and accumulate prizes, differently from most draw games with big prizes.

What Is a Pick 3 Lottery Strategy?

A Pick 3 lottery strategy is the application of a thesis or system that tries to reduce the pool of possible results. We have selected seven of them that have shown the best results, and you can apply them all in your ultimate Pick 3 lottery strategy. You might as well not use any strategy and settle for the odds of 1 in 1,000.

Why Use a Pick 3 Lottery Strategy?

When playing the lottery, you always have the option of using Quick Picks or choosing the numbers yourself. In any case, your odds are 1 in 1,000, and you might always feel like you could have chosen other numbers.

When you apply a Pick 3 lottery strategy or any of the existing lottery strategies for that matter, you always select numbers from a reduced pool of possibilities. It not only makes you feel as if you are having more control of your choices but might also actually work according to some people that believe in something beyond what math shows.

Therefore, there seem to be only advantages in the application of a Pick 3 lottery strategy.

Glossary and Guide to Understand Any Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

Before jumping onto the most successful Pick 3 systems that seem to have worked to players, you need to understand the actual meaning of some terms that we will use.

  • Backtracking – Comparison between the last drawings and the outcomes of the application of certain strategies to identify which ones would have been successful and might still be.
  • Cold Numbers – Numbers that were not frequent in the past drawings, which is difficult to apply to Pick 3 games.
  • Hot Numbers – The opposite of cold numbers, the hot numbers are numbers frequent in the past drawings.
  • Mirror Numbers – The number that results from summing 5 to any given number. You will only consider the last digit of a two-digit result.

1 3 5 7 9

________  ← Mirroring

6 8 0 2 4

  • Lottery Sum –  Applied to games that only consider one-digit numbers, it disregards any other digits but the last digit of a bigger number. That is what was exactly done above, where the “1” was excluded from 10, 12, and 14 in the last three numbers.
  • Date Sum – Sum of the numbers involved in the date (day and month only) using the Lottery Sum:

E.g., May 24th (05/24):

05 + 24 = 29 → 9

  • Pick 3 Sum – Sum of all the three numbers in the Pick 3 drawing using regular rules of math.

Drawn Numbers:

0 3 7 = 0 + 3 + 7 = 10

  • One-Digit Sum – It is the same as Pick 3 Sum, except that you apply the Lottery Sum instead. In the example above, the number would be “0” and not “10”.
  • Combined Sum – Instead of leaving the resulting number from the Pick 3 Sum as it is, you sum the two digits.

Drawn Numbers:

4 3 9 = 4 + 3 + 9 = 16 = 1+ 6 = 7

  • Pick 3 Software – Software that reduces the pool of possible numbers to help you choose your Pick 3 digits.
  • Pick 3 System – Strategy that applies a certain formula or method to the next Pick 3 results to guess the outcome.
  • Algorithm – Usually secret formula is applied to the Pick 3 game to generate a probable result.

Choose Your Pick 3 Lottery Strategy ➔ 7 Algorithm-Free Methods

Avoid downloading or even purchasing results that are supposed to have a secret algorithm that you can never check. Instead, we recommend staying with solid strategies and software that does things you can verify. In fact, we have seven recommended ways to play Pick 3 if you want a valid lottery strategy for it.

1. Use a Pick 3 Lottery Software

Technology can spare you a lot of time, especially if your goal is to win a Pick 3 game whose maximum prize might be $500 with odds of 1 in 1,000. That is when a Pick 3 software comes in handy, generating and calculating in seconds more patterns than you could in hours.

It is extremely important to highlight that not every Pick 3 software is created equal, and some might only make you spend a lot of money. At the moment, we are satisfied in recommending the one that does what you need:

We have tested it, and it is simply a valuable tool to save the time you would spend using a Pick 3 system on your own. It uses real statistics and analyzes the strategies that could have worked to generate the pool of numbers you should use.

Pick 3 Lottery Software


As we do with our lottery site reviews, we want you to know exactly why we have chosen Pick3Sniper and not any of the other Pick 3 software available;

  • User Experience – You do not have to download anything on your computer or mobile. It is really intuitive and easy to use.
  • Fixed Price – From the many years we started ago when we first checked on Pick3Sniper, it has maintained its price. No exaggerated price that is cut down without reason to $3, proving it is worth nothing. Pick3Sniper has kept its value and price, which is quite reasonable.
  • Informational – Aside from a complete manual you get on the purchase, you have special access to their friendly support in English.

If you are interested, visit Pick3Sniper and learn more about lottery predictions.

2. Top Pick 3 Lottery Strategy – The Tic-Tac-Toe Formula

Using a simple Tic-Tac-Toe template, you get the ideal board where you can generate your next pool of numbers. We will present to you two variations, and both will use the following template:

Tic-Tac-Toe Formula


Tic-Tac-Toe Hot Numbers

You can have more information on strategies connected to the frequency in our guide on hot and cold lottery numbers. Here, we will focus on finding the 6 hottest numbers in a game – which you can find on our online lottery results page. After you collect those six numbers from a small pool between 0 and 9, follow the steps:

  1. Fill the diagonal from the top left with the winning number of the last drawing. Let’s say that is 157.
  2. Use the six numbers to fill the other spaces – they can be duplicates. You might have found 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8.
  3. Generate possible winning numbers from the result, shown below, while disregarding the last winning number:

Tic-Tac-Toe Hot Numbers

  1. As a result, you could play the following combination of three numbers with this Pick 3 strategy:
  • Horizontals: 101, 354, and 587.
  • Verticals: 135, 058, and 147.
  • Diagonal: 551

If you believe that the cold numbers have better odds of happening, you might as well just do the same process for them.

Tic-Tac-Toe Mirror Numbers

  1. Take the last three drawings of the Pick 3 game you are interested in. It does not matter if you are considering more than one daily drawing.
  2. Mirror them according to the Mirror Number concept, in which you sum up 5 to any number. Remember to apply Lottery Sum and eliminate the first digit in the case of a two-digit number.

Example – The winning numbers from Colorado Pick 3 last drawings on February 28 and February 27 were: 031, 850, and 500.

Their mirror numbers are:

  • 0 3 1 → 5 8 6
  • 8 5 0 → 3 0 5
  • 5 0 0 → 0 5 5
  1. Allocate those three combinations on the Tic-Tac-Toe template horizontally.

Tic-Tac-Toe Mirror Numbers

  1. The resulting combinations should be collected in all possible ways:
  • Horizontals: 586, 306, and 055.
  • Verticals: 530, 805, and 655.
  • Diagonal: 505 and 006.
  1. Play those numbers in the next drawings and, if you feel like it, apply any of the following Rundown strategies to them.

3. Rundown Strategy #1: +1 & -1

This Rundown Pick 3 strategy will let you generate some possible combinations and even use the aforementioned Tic-Tac-Toe formula if you want.

  1. Start by picking the last drawn number from a game you would like to play. Let’s say it is Florida Pick 3.
  2. Write down the drawn combination and sum 1 to each number a total of four times. If you get past 9, restart at 0.
  3. Write that winning number again, and this time subtract 1 from each number a total of four times. There is no negative number in this sum.
  4. The winning number and the two numbers that you have found summing and subtracting 1 a total of four times are your numbers for this Pick 3 strategy.
  5. You can just use them as they are, mix them in possible combinations or draw them on the Tic-Tac-Toe Pick 3 chart to generate your new numbers.

For this example, consider that we have chosen Kansas Pick 3 results on February 28, 2022. The number is 521:

5 2 1


6 3 2

7 4 3

8 5 4

9 6 5

5 2 1


4 1 0

3 0 9

2 9 8

1 8 7

In this example, you would use these numbers to generate your next play slips:

5 2 1

9 6 5

1 8 7

4. Rundown Strategy #2: +1 or 111

  1. This Rundown strategy is as simple as it looks. You need to look for the last winning numbers in the drawings of the game you want to play.
  2. For each one of the numbers, add 1. Therefore, if you have got “123”, it becomes “234”.
  3. Continue adding 1 to each number and keeping track of the combinations you generate. Stop when you reach the same number again.
  4. All the numbers except those from the original drawing should be in your playing pool.
  5. Feel free to apply any other strategy to reduce the pool of numbers if you do not want that many tickets.

Example – Imagine that you will use the Delaware Play 3 results from February 26, 2002. The winning number that day was 287. Therefore:

2 8 7


3 9 8

4 0 9

5 1 0

6 2 1

7 3 2   ↔ In bold, numbers that you would play.

8 4 3

9 5 4

0 6 5

1 7 6

2 8 7

5. Rundown Strategy #3: 123 + Date Sum

For the 123 Rundown Pick 3 strategy, we will apply the Date Sum as a criterion to vary the pool of numbers and make it more fun for you to play. You can always just apply the Rundown strategy, but our goal is to present to you more options:

    1. First, take the last result from a Pick 3 game that you want to play.
    2. Calculate the Date Sum as told, summing the day and month of the drawing.
    3. You will sum 123 to that number. In other words, you add 1 to the first digit, 2 to the second, and 3 to the third digit.
    4. Stop when you reach the drawing number again.
    5. Mark all the combinations that have the Date Sum.
    6. Play the numbers adjacent to the marked ones.

For example, consider Arkansas Cash 3 and its result of 659 on February 23, 2022. The Date Sum equals 02 + 23 = 25 = 5 with the rule of Lottery Sum. Now, let’s sum 123 to the drawn number and make bold

6 5 9


7 7 2

8 9 5

9 1 8

0 3 1

1 5 4

2 7 7

3 9 0

4 1 3

5 3 6

6 5 9

Therefore, you could play 654, 653, 356, 456, for example, if you consider the adjacent numbers next to the last 5.

6. Rundown Strategy #4: 238

This Pick 3 strategy is more straightforward than the others above. That does not make it necessarily better, and we recommend backtracking the last results to see if the 238 Rundown Strategy would have been successfully applied in the last drawings.

  1. Start the process by collecting the last Pick 3 drawing result.
  2. Add 238, in the respective order of the three-digit number.
  3. The result is what you should play in the next drawing.

For this example, we have collected the Maine Pick 3 results on February 24, 2022, on both Midday and Evening drawings. They were, respectively, 298 and 215. Remember to use Lottery Sum and only consider the last digit.

            2 9 8

+ 2 3 8


4 2 6

            2 1 5

+ 2 3 8


4 4 3

7. Rundown Strategy #5: 317

You are more than familiar with the concept of all Rundown Pick 3 strategies by now. Therefore, the 317 Rundown should be fairly easy. Apply the same concept of the first Rundowns, summing 317 to the winning number until you get the original again.

Using the Arkansas Cash 3 results from February 26 (2022), with the winning number 012, we applied that strategy as an example:

0 1 2


3 2 9

6 3 6

9 4 3

2 5 0

5 6 7

8 7 4

1 8 1

4 9 8

7 0 5

0 1 2

You may play those numbers or apply any of the other strategies in combination with this one.

Other Pick 3 Lottery Strategies That Work

  • One-Number Guaranteed – Create the 36 possible combinations with a single digit from 0 to 9 and play them all. It simply covers more numbers. You might use it and then filter according to the hot number strategy.
  • Position Tracking – Aside from selecting the most frequent numbers, you also track their position in the Pick 3 results. It is used for Straight bets.
  • 222 Rundown – Another Rundown Pick 3 lottery strategy that works exactly like the others but adds 2 to all the three numbers.

Is There a Guaranteed Pick 3 Lottery System?

You can combine the Pick 3 lottery software with the strategies here provided and yet not win. After all, lotteries are games of chance, and you have the same odds of winning as anyone else with any combination. When you use a Pick 3 lottery strategy or system, it is more of a psychological trick to feel in control.

On the other hand, you might as well believe there are forces or anything else that does exert an influence on results that goes beyond math. In that case, your belief obviously understands that there are more probable results.

How to Win With a Pick 3 Lottery Strategy?

In order to win, you want your Pick 3 lottery strategy to match the numbers according to the type of bet you have chosen. Regardless of the strategy that you are applying, your chances improve greatly in Pick 3 games when you purchase more tickets with different numbers.

How to Win With a Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

It is a well-balanced risk game, as you also could invest in more tickets to multiply your prize on a single combination. That is the real tough decision when playing, not picking the digits.

Tips to Take Advantage of Your Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

  • Unlike the bigger prizes of draw games, all the Pick 3 prizes are paid in full. Therefore, you should not fear playing the same combination as many others.
  • When you are certain of a combination, buy more tickets to multiply your winnings without limits.
  • If you have the time, apply one of the strategies described here. If otherwise, at least play it with an Easy Pick. All that you need is to play.
  • If looking for software, follow our recommendation to avoid downloading unnecessary apps or finding one full of bugs.
  • Do not forget backtracking. Take some minutes to analyze what strategies have been currently working for a game.
  • Update your Pick 3 lottery strategy by doing a backtrack every week or month, as the strategy might stop working at some point.

Conclusion – What Is the Best Pick 3 Lottery Strategy?

If you are asking for the best Pick 3 lottery in terms of having fun while doing it, go for the Tic-Tac-Toe variations. It is almost like playing another game inside of it, and you have as much chance as with any other Pick 3 lottery strategy.

Now, if you want to feel sure, just go with the strategy that really touched you. It might even be to go for Quick Picks, and that is all right. The most important thing is to keep playing to win.


Is There a 100% Successful Pick 3 Strategy?
No, there is no 100% guaranteed strategy for any lottery game. Otherwise, those games would not exist.
How Much Money Can I Win Playing Pick 3?
It depends on your ticket price and your bet. Playing a Straight bet with a $1 ticket usually means prizes up to $500.
Is It Safe to Apply Those Strategies?
Yes, not a single one of those strategies can put you or your odds at risk.
Are Pick 3 Charts Useful to Win?
Pick 3 charts are simply a visual manner of picking your numbers. We prefer the Tic-Tac-Toe method for being simpler and more fun to do.
What Are the Odds of Winning With a Pick 3 Lottery Strategy?
The same odds as playing any other way. You can check our Prizes & Odds table for each game, but it is usually 1 in 1,000 for the best prize.
How Does Much It Cost to Play?
In general, Pick 3 games cost from $0.50 to $f1.00 for each ticket.
Can I Play Pick 3 Online?
Yes! If you are in the United States, go and check the Jackpocket app right now!



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