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Lottery Winner Cynthia Stafford Shares Her Secrets

The incredible story of the Mega Millions winner Cynthis Stafford is not kept under lock and key. Instead, the victorious woman actually makes a point in sharing her path to becoming a millionaire. She has shared her secret, which can be of great value to lottery players who are still trying to achieve success through a jackpot.

What Is the Secret of Cynthia Stafford?

Cynthia Stafford, a 53-year-old Californian at the time, won the enormous prize of $112 million in Mega Millions back in 2007. What is different about her story, according to what she told Marie Claire magazine, is that she was not surprised at all. In fact, she is the first person we have ever seen to guarantee that she was expecting the prize already.

The secret, as she shared with all us lottery players full of hope, is to visualize. She is certain that what did the trick was visualizing herself with the prize whenever she bought a lottery ticket. She was no excessive player who spends too much on the lottery, with an average of two to three participations a month. Considering the Mega Millions odds, that is quite impressive.

Her certainty reaches incredible levels, as she stated in that same interview:

“I even chose that exact number: $112 million. I decided that I would win that amount.”

Therefore, Cynthia not only visualized her winning the prize repeatedly but also did so with an exact amount that also happened to be her prize. She could not have checked it, as the jackpot rolls over every drawing.

Even though opting for a lump-sum payment resulted in a major deduction to $45 million net of taxes, that is still a pretty good amount. In fact, with that money, she helped her family and bought a new home and cars for herself and her children. It was even enough to start the film company Queen Nefertari Productions and launch a few movies. That is not to mention all the charity and donations that followed.

If the universe granted her the wish to win the lottery, it did not only help her but also all of those who were assisted or employed by her. For Cynthia, it is all due to the “power of belief”, enough to turn her lottery prediction into the next lottery drawing results.

Cynthia Stafford After Winning the Lottery: Still Successful

Aside from that incredible story, we can add Cynthia to the row of lottery winners who are still rich, and that is not only because she had lottery lawyers and planning. She turned her story into a business too, publishing the book “Seeing: How to Visualize Your Way to Success”, which can be applied to all spheres in life and not only the lottery.

Besides, she also launched a training service called Visualize With Me. The idea is that more people can achieve their dreams through the laws of attraction just like she did. For those who have a hard time putting that into practice, or at least want to learn from the lottery winner herself, that could be an interesting approach.

Can You Win the Lottery Through the Law of Attraction?

Using the law of attraction is one of the many possible methods with which people play the lottery with hopes of winning. Like playing with horoscope lucky numbers, it relies entirely on our beliefs and offers no negative impact on your chances of winning the lottery.

You can win the lottery using that theory, just like you can win at any time with a valid ticket. It is impossible to conclude that it was the law of attraction that helped you win. Still, you can find the best lotteries to play on the top lottery sites and do it your way. Our readers will most probably be divided into two groups: those who believe her and the law of attraction and the others who see it as a strategy to sell a story afterward.



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