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Lottery Quick Picks vs Choosing Your Own Numbers: What to Choose?

Whenever you decide to play the lottery, there is always that decision that must be made: quick picks or choosing your own numbers? You may decide to manually pick each number in every drum of that game or simply ask for a randomly generated one. When you play online, that latter option is as simple as pushing a button.

Are there really any differences or advantages in a specific way of playing the lottery? That is what I want to teach you in this summarized but complete guide on quick picks.

What Are Quick Picks?

Quick picks, which may also be called “easy picks” or “lucky dips”, are automatically generated numbers that complete your play slip without any choice of yours. It is truly quick and available on online lotteries on websites as well as at local retailers, where the ticket is printed with random numbers.

Which Is Better: Quick Picks or Choosing Your Own Numbers?

Since we know that the odds of winning the lottery cannot be affected by your choice of numbers, it makes perfect sense to conclude that both alternatives are equivalent. At least, that is the mathematical view of the lottery.

Many people prefer lottery strategies based on statistics, like the hold and cold numbers theory, while others play with their horoscope lucky numbers. Those are more connected to beliefs and are constantly used by players, so we need to consider them when evaluating the pros and cons of quick picks.

The Advantages of Lottery Quick Picks

  • Fast – Either online or at a real cashier, you can generate several entries at once when you decide on a quick pick. There is no waiting or time spent choosing numbers, and you can even repeat those random numbers in future drawings when you buy lottery tickets in advance.
  • Avoid Cognitive Biases – Cognitive biases are more likely to occur when you choose numbers based on what you want. As a result, you may end up using combinations that involve birth dates, supposedly lucky numbers, or any other sequence that could be common. As a result, you are less likely to share the prize with quick picks.
  • Free From Guilt – Almost every lottery player knows the fear of skipping a drawing when you use certain numbers, and they end up being drawn. When you play with lottery quick picks instead of choosing your own numbers, you are free from the guilt, as you will never have specific numbers to play.

The Downside of Choosing Lottery Quick Picks

  • Theories – If there is a part of you that believes in how statistics, your horoscope, or certain special numbers can influence your results, you’d be better off without lottery quick picks. Lotteries should be all about having fun, and you will not enjoy it if you feel like you should be choosing your numbers.
  • Random – One of the advantages of lottery quick picks may also be a negative side of it, depending on your point of view. You will have to go with the random numbers with no voice on how they should be distributed. Alternatively, online lottery quick picks allow you to edit, and you may also use our quick pick tool for inspiration only.
  • Result check – Checking the results of lottery games is much easier when you have chosen your own lottery numbers. In the case of quick picks, you will have to check them one by one, as you might be seeing those numbers for the first time.

Comparison Table: Lottery Quick Picks Vs Choosing Your Own Numbers

Features Lottery Quick Pick Choosing Your Own Numbers
Chances of Winning X X
Efficiency X
Cost X X
Optional Strategies / Control X
Change Mind on a Number X
Available Online X X

Do Lottery Winners Use Quick Picks or Choose Their Own Numbers?

On average, 75% of the lottery winners in US popular lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions have used quick picks. However, that has nothing to do with quick picks being better for winning the lottery. The same statistics reveal that 70% to 80% of lottery players prefer to play with quick picks. Therefore, it is just revealing a preference and not a way toward winning. 

Therefore, the 25% that choose their own numbers are not in any disadvantage when it comes to winning the lottery. If that is how you prefer to play, you are just part of a smaller group in terms of preferences to play but not less likely to win.


With our summarized comparison between lottery quick picks and choosing your own numbers, it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages are solely connected to preferences. If you check the pros of quick lottery picks and decide that you would prefer to play that way, then that is the option you should go for.

Now, do not believe in anything that claims that choosing your own numbers is less likely to result in winning. Instead, go with what you prefer, or simply vary them to feel like you are doing everything you can.


Can Lottery Quick Picks Help You Win the Lottery?
Lottery quick picks are as useful to winning the lottery as choosing your own numbers. If you prefer to quickly have your numbers decided by automatic software, you might win the lottery just like anyone else.
Are There Quick Pick Strategies That You Can Use?
Since quick picks simply define all of your numbers, there is only one way to play them. However, when you play online, you still have the chance to change your numbers, even if only one or two, before purchasing the ticket.
Is Quick Pick Better Than Choosing Your Own Numbers?
No, there is no difference between lottery quick picks and choosing your own numbers when we are talking about odds.
Can Quick Pick Affect Your Odds?
No, quick picks in the lottery cannot benefit or give you any disadvantage when it comes to your odds.



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