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Lottery Odds Calculator

With the lottery odds calculator, it is possible to understand your actual chances of winning a prize in a lottery game, including and most importantly, the jackpot. We have developed a very simple one based on information that we all have. In other words, anyone can calculate the real lottery odds with quite obvious data.

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How to Use the Lottery Odds Calculator?

In order to use the lottery odds calculator, you will just need to know a bit about the game you are planning to play. By knowing the number of balls that you need to choose and the total of numbers in a game, you have everything that you need. Our odds calculator for lotteries will do all the hard math and generate the results in less than a second,

Therefore, set the number of drawn balls and define the total numbers to begin. If you want to know the Mega Millions odds, that would be 5 in 70. However, in the case in which there is a second drum of numbers, you need to tick the “Bonus Ball” option.

Then, you will reveal another row to fill with the number of drawn balls and the total numbers for that second drum. If we take the Powerball odds as an example, we would put 1 drawn Bonus Ball and a pool of 26 possible Bonus Balls.

Notice that you will also be able to determine the number of prize tiers. If you are interested in knowing the odds of the smaller prizes, you may choose to show all prize levels. However, if you only want to use it as a jackpot odds calculator, just put “1” as the number of prize tiers.

Finally, you will see the corresponding odds in line with the prize tiers. Those are your odds of winning the lottery you have chosen.

How Does the Calculator of Lottery Odds Work?

The lottery odds calculator is based on a simple math formula. While we cannot use math to win the lottery, it can help us determine our true chances of winning. It is not difficult to do with a simple calculator, next to you, but it would require more of your time and taking a few notes.

When you launch the jackpot and lottery prizes odds calculator, it uses the provided number in the following manner:

Let’s say you want to compare the Mega Millions and Powerball odds to figure out the best game. Therefore, you start with Powerball and notice it has a 5/69 + 1/26 format. Therefore, the calculation done by the lottery odds calculator divides each drawn ball by the remaining balls in the drum and multiplies all of them:

1/69 * 1/68 * 1/67 * 1/66 * 1/65 = 1/1,348,621,560

As you can see, if there are 5 drawn numbers out of 69, we draw one from 69, then another one from the remaining 68, and so on. However, since the order does not matter, the math says we should divide that by 5!, and that actually improves our lottery odds to 1/11,238,513. Therefore, our odds in Powerball would be 1 in 11,238,513, but there is a second drum of 1/26, and we must multiply it:

1/11,238,513 / 1/26 = 1/292,201,338

Therefore, the jackpot odds in Powerball are 1 in 292,201,338, as you can check in the odds calculator. After all, our lottery odds tool can do that much faster than we do, especially with more than one drum involved.

Can You Always Trust the Estimated Odds?

The formula used by the lottery odds calculator is pure math. If we are completely ignoring any lottery numerology predictions and superstitions like the hot and cold numbers theory, it cannot go wrong.

In short, there is no way the lottery odds could be different from what the calculator gives you. Trust it and use that information to compare and find the lotteries with the best odds.

Why Use the Lottery Odds Calculator?

The obvious purpose of using an online lottery odds calculator is to have a quick answer to your question about your chances of winning. Moreover, our tool can be the right choice for you because:

Why Use the Lottery Odds Calculator

  • Free: You can use our lottery odds calculator an unlimited number of times and forever without having to pay anything for it.
  • Easy: It does not take any effort to make our odds calculator work. Everyone knows the total balls available and drawn in the lottery game.
  • Accurate: Our online odds calculator can never miss the real chances of winnings because it is based on a real formula that anyone can test.
  • Adjustable: It does not matter if it is the simplest lottery or if there is an additional drum with several prize tiers. You can adjust the calculator accordingly.

Does the Lottery Odds Calculator Improve My Chances of Winning?

The only achievement possible with the lottery and jackpot odds calculator is the confirmation of your actual chances of winning a prize in that game. There is no choice of numbers, order, or time that could actually make your chances better at the same game. Therefore, the lottery odds calculator is not among the tools that can improve your odds of winning the lottery.


What Are the Lottery Games With the Best Odds?
If we consider the odds alone, it would be possible to say that games like Pick 3 are the best option. However, there is a prize-risk ratio that determines that such lotteries also have small prizes. Find the right balance for you.
What Makes the Lottery Odds Better?
The fewer numbers are found in the lottery drum, the better your chances of matching them.
How Was the Lottery Odds Calculator Developed?
We simply applied a math formula that is simple to understand to it, and now it automatically does what took us several minutes to calculate.
Do I Need to Know the Odds to Play the Lottery?
Of course not, as you only need to purchase tickets to actually play the lottery. However, knowing your true odds of winning can allow you to have proper expectations..



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