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13 Lottery Myths Revealed: Busting Fake Theories

Lotteries are already hard enough to beat without myths that could slow you down or prevent you from choosing the winning numbers. We are here to debunk the worst lottery myths and reveal the truth about those fake theories. Take a moment to read them and understand what is true and what is completely false.

For every lottery myth listed here, keep in mind the solid concept that the lottery is a game of chance. All of its numbers have equal chances of being drawn and are completely independent from one another.

#1 Myth: Lottery Statistics Help You Predict Lottery Numbers

There are countless book authors, internet coaches, and gurus who claim that they have the best method to predict lottery numbers. Surprising a total of zero people, the vast majority of those so-called methods are based on analyzing past lottery winning numbers. The history of lottery results is great for figuring out if you have won anything, but that is about what they are for.

Each drawing is a completely independent and separate event that suffers no influence from past drawings. If a number was drawn in 60% of the drawings in the past few weeks, months, or years, it still has the same odds of being drawn as any other number. The fact that it appeared often is simply a mere coincidence and should not influence your picks.

The truth: Winning numbers in the past cannot help you figure out the next lottery results.

#2 Myth: Lotteries Are Impossible to Win

Lotteries are difficult; we will give you that, but they are certainly not impossible. We have our own collection of proven stories of lottery winners, but official lottery sites, newspapers, and other communication channels are filled with them all the time. There are people winning simple Pick 3 lotteries with odds of 1 in 1,000, and others becoming millionaires or even billionaires now and then, like the examples of Powerball and Mega Millions.

Myth Lotteries Are Impossible to Win

The common phrase “I do not know anyone who has won the lottery” is proudly announced by people who do not play the lottery and believe that it does not pay. However, most of us also do not know anyone who has been struck by lightning, bitten by a shark, or even something easier like traveling to another continent. Lottery winning odds are tougher the higher the prizes get, but someone can always win.

The truth: People are winning the lottery all the time, and you can check the announcements through varied official channels.

#3 Myth: Do Not Play Your Birth Date as Lottery Numbers

It is a common misconception that playing your birth date numbers in the lottery is a mistake. More often than not, that represents one to three numbers tops unless you do a lot of numbers wheeling and there are other numbers involved. As a result, there can be hundreds to thousands, if not millions, of possible combinations that use your birth date.

Therefore, considering the fact that any combination of numbers shares the same odds of happening, there is absolutely no good reason to avoid playing with your birth date. If that is how you feel you should be playing, do it!

The truth: Playing your birth date as a lottery combination offers no risks to your odds.

#4 Myth: Number Sequences Cannot Win

The idea that number sequences like 1 to 6, or repetitions like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 in a single ticket cannot win is a terrible lottery myth. You might think that it would be odd to see an “obvious” sequence winning, but it is a valid possibility and there is no one responsible for preventing that from happening.

As a result, any obvious sequence has the exact same odds of appearing in the last lottery results as a combination completely made of scattered numbers.

The truth: There is no such thing as less probable numbers or sequences in the lottery.

#5 Myth: Choosing Numbers Is Better Than Using Quick Picks

There is no difference between choosing your numbers and using quick picks for lottery tickets. One way or another, you end up having a ticket with a specific number of guesses. If it is you who pick the numbers or if there is an automatic system that generates it for you, like our quick pick tool, that is completely irrelevant.

Myth Choosing Numbers Is Better Than Using Quick Picks

Also, there is no point in checking if there are more lottery winners with quick picks or self-made tickets. There will always be a difference created by nothing else but a coincidence, as some group has to win.

The truth: It does not matter how lottery numbers are chosen.

#6 Myth: Cold and Unlucky Numbers Exist

Cold numbers are a statistical concept that illustrates the existence of numbers that occur less often in winning lottery numbers. However, it is a guaranteed lottery myth that they are “less lucky” or have smaller chances of happening than other numbers. Each drawing offers them the exact same chances as any claimed hot lottery number.


They occurred less often simply because only a few numbers were picked each time, and there were many of them to be picked. As a result of the existing randomness, they can skip being picked several times in a row.

The truth: All numbers share equal chances of being drawn next time, even if they rarely appear.

#7 Myth: Lottery Software Can Predict Winning Numbers

Every single lottery software out there cannot claim guaranteed lottery results. They do not have an algorithm that predicts winning numbers. If their system does anything at all, it is only picking the most common lottery winning numbers and scrambling them like a wheeling system. As we already know from the lottery myths above, that cannot improve your chances of winning.

Following the same concept, AI lottery predictions cannot be interpreted as anything beyond randomly quick-picking numbers for you. Given the fact that the lottery is random, not even a super dynamic and efficient machine-learning intelligence can learn the next winning numbers.

The truth: Lottery numbers are random and cannot be predicted, regardless of the technology.

#8 Myth: Winning the Lottery Will Ruin Your Life

The infamous lottery curse that is supposed to haunt winners and ruin their lives is like hearing a good ghost story. It will be interesting to the ears, but you should not let it interfere with your life. In the same way that you should not leave the lights on because you are afraid of the bogeyman under your bed, there is no reason to think that becoming a millionaire will ruin your life.

Myth Winning the Lottery Will Ruin Your Life

It is true that instantly winning a lot of money may shock your life, but you only need to be responsible and calm down. We have a complete list of things to do if you win the lottery that can help you plan and organize everything. There are some cautions when it comes to possessing lots of money, but that goes for anyone, from a lottery winner to a successful businessman. If you do it all right, there is no ruining to your life.

The truth: Being irresponsible with a lot of money can ruin your life, not winning the lottery.

#9 Myth: You Are More Likely to Be Struck By Lightning

We have all heard or read the affirmation that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than winning the lottery. If we consider pure odds, that can be true for really good lotteries. For example, Euromillions has jackpot odds of 1 in 139,838,160. If we consider the popularly known odds of being struck by lightning of 1 in 1,000,000, there is a big difference.

So why is that a myth? First of all, being struck by lightning requires specific conditions, such as being outside in a storm. That is just like the lottery, which cannot be won without playing. However, you can decrease the winning odds a lot by covering several tickets or even joining lottery syndicates for much easier odds.

Therefore, being struck by lightning, despite alarming odds published by the National Weather Service, is avoidable. The odds of winning the lottery, specifically if we talk about the easiest lotteriesdepend only on how many tickets you are willing to take. It is possible to have much easier odds than those of being struck by lightning, especially if you do not take unnecessary risks.

The truth: Both the odds of being struck by lightning and winning the lottery can be manipulated with the right conditions and attitudes.

#10 Myth: Winning Numbers Can’t Repeat Within a Short Period

Back to the singular and fundamental concept that determines that lottery drawings are completely individual, winning numbers can repeat themselves. In fact, talking in terms of possibilities, the exact same results of all lotteries can be repeated over and over again. It is just that there are so many possibilities that repetitions are unlikely to happen.

Still, it is a lottery myth that winning numbers cannot appear again. Therefore, you can play with the exact same last winning numbers and have the same odds of winning as with any other combination among the thousands or millions of possibilities.

The truth: Any lottery combination can occur, even the very last one.

#11 Myth: You Are Simply Not Lucky

It is true that there are people who have won the lottery in their first try, and some other people have been playing for several years with none or very few small prizes. That is just how games of chance work, as if everyone were winning, there would be something wrong with how the lottery works.

Myth You Are Simply Not Lucky

That has nothing to do with being lucky or unlucky. If that concept is so strong to you, then maybe you could give a try to horoscope lucky numbers and other ideas that are not bound to logic only. In any situation, just like any numbers can be drawn, anyone can win the lottery.

The truth: The odds are equal for everyone and all tickets, so keep trying.

#12 Myth: It Is Only Possible to Win the Lottery Once

Imagine that you have won the lottery, and it either is not enough to stop trying, or you simply like to play it. Your very next ticket can lead to another jackpot, as there is nothing stopping you from having the exact same odds as someone who has never won the lottery. There are many stories of lottery winners who are still rich and won more than once.

The truth: You can win the lottery an unlimited number of times.

#13 Myth: Only the Jackpot Is Worth Winning

The jackpot is obviously the best possible prize you can get from the lottery, but also the hardest. Maybe looking at the easiest US lotteries, you might think that the secondary prizes are not worth it. However, the hard lotteries tend to have at least one, if not more, prizes for matching fewer numbers that can still pay off your debt.

Here is a quick list for you to refer to if you are looking for lotteries that can still be rewarding if you do not match the jackpot. They can be found on the best lottery sites if you cannot find them available in your area:

The truth: There are great secondary prizes in lottery games.

How to Debunk Lottery Myths?

You do not need to rely on lists of lottery myths on the internet, especially because you can never be too alert on scams and fake theories out there. Instead, you should have realized by now the fundamentals of the lottery, which applies to all regulated and safe lotteries out there. As a result, anything that appears to you promising wins, accurate predictions, or improved odds is just another version of the myths debunked here!



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