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How to Convert Dreams Into Lottery Numbers?

You are probably wondering whether that dream last night could be hiding the next lottery winning numbers. Was there any sign that you could use? What lottery numbers do animals and objects represent? Those are really good questions that brought you here to convert supposedly random dreams into lottery numbers.

You will not only learn how to transform everything you dream about into numbers that can be used in the lottery but also understand how that is possible. Through a conversion formula or our quick-check table, you will finally find your lottery dream numbers.

Is It Possible to Convert Dreams to Lucky Lottery Numbers?

Yes, you have more than one way of converting dreams into lottery numbers, regardless of the game that you choose to play. That is simply because the art of numerology prediction can be applied in many ways, and that includes dreams.

Is It Possible to Convert Dreams to Lucky Lottery Numbers

You may try and interpret your dreams through the conversion of letters into numbers or find the corresponding number according to the general idea of your dream. Both can be used to play the lottery with your dream numbers, and you might even apply the best lottery strategies on top of them. If you are in a rush, our lottery dream numbers tool may be useful.

How to Convert Dreams to Lottery Numbers?

I’m about to teach you three manners to reach your lottery dream numbers. I have introduced them already, and you know that one will convert words into numbers based on the belief that the words represent the dream concept. Then, the numerology would lead to the correct numbers.

In the other approach, you will have a table ready to find your dream – it may also be more than one – to create your lottery sequence. My suggestion would be to learn the two of them and, when you wake up next time with a dream in your mind, identify which one feels right. Never doubt the power of our unconscious minds.

Easy Dream Conversion Formula

Our conversion formula to find lottery dream numbers can be applied by anyone. It is truly easy and requires no advanced math, just simple conversions of letters into numbers. I have divided it into three quick steps:

1. Determine the Dream Theme or Focus

Dreams can be quite confusing sometimes, but a bit of effort will help you identify what it was about, or at least what stood out. A good hint is to try remembering the dream as soon as you wake up, as they tend to dwindle rapidly in a matter of minutes.

As an example, I can mention the time when I dreamt that the Incredible Hulk was fighting zombies to protect my house. As a result, I could say that the words that defined that dream were “Hulk”, “hero”, and “zombie”, for example. There is room for plenty more, like “fight”, but let’s keep those three.

2. Convert the Letters Into Lottery Numbers

The formula we are going to use to convert the letters into lottery dream numbers is to simply count from 1 to 9, starting at the letter A. Therefore, “D” would be a 4, while “L” would be a 3 because it restarts at 1 after “I,” which represents the number 9. In summary, our key words would result in:

  • H (8) + U (3) + L (3) + K (2) = 16
  • H (8) + E (5) + R (9) + O (6) = 28
  • Z (8) + O (6) + M (4) + B (2) + I (9) + E (5) = 34

Therefore, out of that crazy dream, I already figured 16, 28, and 34, which can be used in most lottery games. Here is a quick template for you to use as a reference:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3. Figuring Out Your Winning Numbers

When applying the formula, you will be able to figure out many words, while in others, you might struggle to find other good words to summarize your dream theme. In most cases, that simple conversion will not be enough to have the lottery dream numbers ready to play.

That is when additional lottery strategies come in handy, such as lottery wheeling. By doing it, you will be able to have at least a few sequences to play and try your luck.

Most Common Dreams and Their Respective Numbers

The final method I want to introduce on how to convert dreams into lottery numbers is even more straightforward than using the letter-numbers template above. I took it down to 60 numbers, enough to play the vast majority of lottery games today, and the most common dreams:

What You Have Dreamt of Corresponding Lottery Number
A king, God, Superman 1
A queen, crying child, bathroom urge 2
Woods, forest, harvesting 3
A feast, ever-pouring water or drink, a raven 4
Athletes, strenuous effort, running without being able to escape 5
Being naked or ashamed, finding gold but being unable to carry it 6
Falling down from the sky, being unable to stop a bike from crashing 7
Teeth falling out, trying to speak without success 8
Flying and feeling free, playing cards at a table 9
Success, being richer, having everything at your disposal 10
Sexual dreams, fighting animals 11
Running for a very long time, eating a large hamburger 12
Falling from anywhere else than from the sky, spilling milk or water 13
Trying to answer the phone but cannot find it, looking for someone at a party 14
Laughing out loud with friends or family, a pleasant vacation in a calm place 15
Fighting someone without knowing why, feeling confused about anything 16
Spirits or ghosts, horses, a carriage 17
Vampires, blood, sauna, or intense heat 18
Pumpkins, Halloween, alone on a beach 19
Big cats (lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.), scratches, fur 20
Feeling thirsty, puppies, palm trees 21
Falling hair, car crash, sunny day 22
Incredible strength, teddy bears, weed 23
Deserts, magnifier, small cats 24
Listening to music, hiding from someone, classroom 25
Playing the lottery, breaking a glass, taking pictures 26
Failing in exams, bites, skiing 27
Invisibility, dogs (except puppies), singing in the shower 28
Snakes, venom, birds, kissing an unknown person 29
Getting older fast, Dreaming that you are dreaming, movie scenes 30
Gunshots, guitar, paintings, trying to reach something 31
Ladders/stairs, walking on the streets, calling someone 32
Father, climbing a tree, breathing difficulties 33
Wild west, circus, traveling abroad 34
Jumping, cheating, dark room 35
The moon, writing a letter, lizards, the color green 36
Albino animals, bookstore, wooden floor, computers 37
Flowers, a purse, playing at casinos 38
Running while looking back, a deer, bleeding tongue 39
River, the sun, seagulls, losing money 40
Naked women, empty book, playing an instrument 41
Falling on your knees, freezing cold, mountains 42
Faceless people, being sick, blinding lights 43
Naked men, pigeons, pigs, being at a hospital 44
Your national flag, hitting the jackpot, legs that won’t move 45
Finding money, chickens, open mouth, bats 46
Prince or princess, crown, plush toys, empty shelves 47
Seeing yourself as a kid, people laughing at you, war 48
Feeling weak, closed mouth, a theater 49
Castle, carnivals, an important meeting, windows 50
Dancing, a farm, locked doors, a flamingo 51
Big numbers, big head, running shoes, tornados 52
Rainbow, monkey, chocolate, sweating 53
Brushing your hair, playing video games, drums 54
Soccer games, beautiful gardens, a storm 55
Playing sports, winning a medal or trophy, a bear, zombies 56
Candy, funeral, fishing, losing an eye 57
Balloons, meditation, killing someone, escaping from the police 58
Superpowers, a gate, bread, tribes 59
Fruits, racing or watching a race, transforming into an animal 60

With all that information, you may now play those numbers as they are, apply a lottery strategy, or accumulate them to play several sequences with time. There is no guaranteed formula, and it is up to you to find out what works best in your case.

5 Books to Interpret Dreams Into Lottery Numbers

The more knowledge you gather on lottery numbers, the better, right? I have chosen five books that promise to help you in different ways to turn your dreams into winning lottery numbers. Some of them will offer ways to convert your dreams into numbers, while others teach you how to attract them to your nights.

1. Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book carries the title “The Only Lottery Book You’ll Ever Need”, claiming that it has everything that you need for not only Pick 3, Pick 4, and popular drawing games like Powerball and Mega Millions, but also races and slots. It is considered a dream book, combining numerology with information on how to interpret your dreams towards numbers.

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book

2. The 2022 Lottery Numbers Dream Book

For the third consecutive year, the Lottery Numbers Dream Book was launched and adapted to the current year. It considers over 10,000 different things that may happen or appear in a dream, far more than our table here could present to you. As a bonus, it offers tips to remember dreams and create sets ready to play, including the most popular US lotteries.

The 2022 Lottery Numbers Dream Book

3. Gigi’s Lottery Dream Book

Gigi’s Lottery Dream Book: Pick 3 and Pick 4 Numbers is specially made for players of Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. In other words, it will go well with games that use 3 to 4 digits from 0 to 9 each. If that is your type of game, usually with prizes of $500 and $5,000, respectively, you may use this book. It has 5,800 different dream items and also works for patterns outside of your dreams as well.

Gigi’s Lottery Dream Book

4. Dream a Lottery Win Tonight

Although the summary of the book does not mention it, Dream a Lottery Win Tonight focuses on Pick 3 and Pick 4 games as well. Still, the book is not about interpreting dreams but rather about attracting the lottery winning numbers to them. It teaches techniques that involve meditation and using a specific mantra to dream about your lottery numbers.

Dream a Lottery Win Tonight

5. Prophetic Dreams: How to Dream the Winning Lottery Numbers

This book follows the same line of our number 4, teaching how to attract lottery dream numbers instead of interpreting them from what we dream. The only review on the book, about a Euromillions prize, does not seem to be real. Still, it is worth giving a try, especially because you can have an affordable ebook version.

Prophetic Dreams

So, Can You Win the Lottery Converting Dreams to Lotto Numbers?

You can win the lottery with the numbers that you dream of or that you infer from the dreams you have. However, that is because you may win the lottery with any sequence, as that is the nature of lotteries. With certainty, it is impossible to know if you will dream with the winning numbers, and that is something you have got to believe in.

At least, no sequence produced with your lottery dream numbers could impact your odds negatively, according to the math behind the lottery.

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How to Know When Dreams Can Be Converted Into Lottery Numbers?
Any dream of yours may be converted into lottery numbers using the templates and books described here.
Can Nightmares Be Used for Lottery Numbers Too?
Yes, as both good dreams and nightmares are a product of your unconscious mind. According to the belief, you may connect with the universe and attract the lottery numbers.
How to Play Lottery Numbers If I Have More Than One Dream?
Play the dreams you feel that have a connection with your future or luck. There is no exact rule on how it should work, but understand that dreams are most probably connected with the next drawings.
Can I Guarantee My Win With a Specific Type of Dream?
No, that is one of the beliefs around winning the lottery, so you need to have faith in it. There is no logical explanation that could determine that it would be a win guarantee.
How Long Should I Use My Lottery Dream Numbers?
In general, since it should be a connection with the universe and, therefore, with the future, use the dream numbers within the next drawings only.
How to Know Which Lottery Games to Play With Those Numbers?
The answer might be clear in your dreams, or perhaps you might have to meditate and ask for the numbers for a specific game before that. Again, try to understand the feelings behind it, and when you open online lottery sites to play, notice if any game calls your attention.
What to Do If I Do Not Remember My Dreams?
Once a dream is gone for good, it is hard to remember anything. Have paper and pencil close to your bed so that you take notes of your dreams, even if you wake up in the middle of the night.



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