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Best Lottery Betting Sites in 2024

Did you know that you may participate in the lottery with the same odds and prizes without purchasing actual tickets? That possibility is especially useful when you want to play lottery games from other countries, and there are websites specialized in that format. They are known as lottery betting sites, and I have brought the best ones here.

It is much easier to play through them because you do not rely on tickets, the cost does not need to cover their real price, and you may play from your computer or mobile device. Of course, since you will not have the guarantee of the official tickets, it is extremely important to choose legit lottery betting sites to be safe. Let’s understand how to identify them and which ones are the best to play in 2024.

How Does a Lottery Betting Site Work?

Unlike lottery agent websites, a lottery betting site will hold no connection with real lotteries. It lets you bet on the outcome of real lottery drawings, and if your chosen numbers match the lottery results, you win the exact same prize that the real lottery pays to a winner. However, it is an insurance company hired by the website that covers the prize.

As a result, lottery betting sites do not need staff to purchase tickets, and that makes their entries cheaper. When you win, there is no need to claim prizes, and you are guided through the whole process to receive the money in your account, which may take a while.

It does sound like the perfect solution for those who want to play the lottery online and from home. If you want to know more about the differences between the two possible ways of playing the lottery, check our comparison of lottery betting sites or purchasing real tickets.

List of the Best Lottery Betting Sites in 2024 [Tested & Approved]

  • Lotto Agent – Trustworthy and hybrid lottery agent and betting site.
  • – Exclusive and unique lottery games.
  • WinTrillions – Play the best worldwide lotteries.

How Do We Review Lottery Betting Sites?

Given that choosing safe lottery betting sites is the key to playing and having actual chances of winning the lottery, we are extra careful in selecting the ones that we recommend here. Every one of those websites listed here went through a process that lasts hours so that you do not need to spend your time investigating.

These are the parameters that my colleagues and I evaluate and compare to list only the best lottery betting sites of the year:

  • Licensing – In order to offer any type of bet online, the website must be licensed by a qualified authority. That not only implies legality but also that the chosen betting site will have to answer before a reputable regulator if anything goes wrong.
  • Security – Aside from a valid license, the website or app used to bet on lotteries must be duly secured. An SSL certificate is a must, as well as the guarantee of no malware and the due protection of payments processed online.
  • Payment Methods – Buying your participation in lotteries through betting should be easy and safe. Therefore, we evaluate the variety and usability of the deposit and withdrawal methods. After all, we want to put our hands on the prize and purchase tickets in a minute.
  • Lotteries – The whole purpose of finding a lottery betting site is to be able to play our favorite games. The presence of highly popular games like Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euromillions is important, but having exclusive games is an extra.
  • Terms – One of the most difficult parts of evaluating a lottery betting site is to go through its terms and conditions and make sure there are no adverse rules. The withdrawal time, the right to receive prizes in full, and other important factors must always be positive to the user.
  • Promotions – Deposit bonuses, discounts, and bundles are excellent to boost the odds by allowing the purchase of more entries. Therefore, the more diverse and beneficial the offer of promotions, the better our grade for that website.
  • User Experience – Playing the lottery is not something we do once in a lifetime, which makes it mandatory for the website to have a good interface and user experience.
  • Support – Even with all our knowledge and content teaching how to play on the best lottery betting websites, you might have some specific questions that only they can answer. Therefore, it should be easy to reach them and receive efficient support.

Top 4 Lottery Betting Sites

Through the comparison of the aforementioned parameters, we have reached the list of the best lottery betting sites available for players worldwide. The order matters when it comes to their grade, but you might find the characteristics you need not in the #1 but in the #2, #3, or any other.

They are all tested, as we do not list those that failed in our evaluation. Compare them, know what you are looking for, and register when you are ready to play!

1. LottoAgent

LottoAgent website

Highlights: Both a betting site and a lottery agent; Buy-1-Get-1 Offer; 24/7 Live chat; Discounts; Boosted Jackpot.

Top Lotteries: Mega Millions, Powerball, and Mega-Sena.

Recommended to: Players who want to vary between bets and real tickets.

Why Do We Approve It: Over 10 years of high-quality service in the market.

LottoAgent is one of those lottery sites that first comes to mind when we think about playing online. As a strong brand, it is still a common choice despite having a ticket cost that is more appropriate to lottery agents than simple betting. The fact that it offers both options explains that, although it should change according to the option.

Countless people have already won lottery prizes during that decade of existence, and it is fairly easy to deposit and withdraw. Whenever necessary, its 24/7 support works really well – as long as you are logged in – and their agents are always ready to help.

  • A good number of payment methods.
  • Paid over $100 Million.
  • 10 years of experience.
  • Varied discounts and promotions.
  • Both a betting and lottery agent site.
  • Above-average cost.

2. website

Highlights: Exclusive games; Several Payment Methods; Good number of lotteries.

Top Lotteries: Euromillions, HealthMillions, and Thunderball.

Recommended to: Players who want to diversify their lottery playing.

Why Do We Approve It: Safe website with original lotteries. is a rather simple website that looks more straightforward than the other lottery betting brands. With over 30 different games, including exclusive lotteries and unique lotteries based on existing ones, it has one of the best availability of lotteries, close to lottery agent websites.

One of its most important highlights is the presence of many payment methods. While it may not sound like a big deal for those who have a common payment method as a reference, it is important to have access to good e-wallets, for example, in some countries. After all, the point of betting on lottery results is the possibility of receiving the money in an easy way.

  • Best offer of payment methods.
  • Exclusive lottery games.
  • Not many promotions.
  • Unknown total in winnings.

3. WinTrillions

WinTrillions website

Highlights: Separate website for different languages; Small and big syndicates; Jackpot boost; Annual lotteries.

Top Lotteries: SuperEnalotto, California SuperLotto, and El Gordo.

Recommended to: Players who want to play with millionaire boosts.

Why Do We Approve It: WinTrillions has been around since 2007 as an honest website.

WinTrillions is not the first option when looking for a lottery betting site because of the higher cost per entry compared to the others. While it does offer a jackpot boost that improves the prize if you win it, that does not come without an extra cost as well. The choice for it is really a matter of user preference only, but you may also want to check and compare the participation in some special drawings, such as the El Gordo de Navidad.

  • Lottery prize boost.
  • Special annual drawings.
  • High cost.
  • Not the best user experience.

Is Online Betting on Lottery Legal?

The legal aspect of lottery betting depends on where you are and the game that you want to play. In most countries, it is legal to play the lottery online, and that is regardless of whether you purchase real tickets or bet on the results. However, the majority of them allow it because the legislation is too outdated to consider playing lotteries from abroad using an online service.

It is highly recommended to acknowledge the legal situation in your country, but there is a shortcut. The websites that we recommend tend to restrict registration from countries where they are not allowed to perform. Therefore, you will know upfront if you should be purchasing entries for the lottery. As an example, you could check the LottoAgent review and see if your country is restricted somehow.

Other than that, lottery betting holds no connection with real lotteries except for copying the drawing results. Therefore, since the original lottery has no responsibility for the prizes, there are no legal implications.

How to Choose the Best Lottery Betting Site for You?

  • Decide what lottery you want to bet on. All other characteristics of a lottery betting site are secondary to offering the game that you want to play.
  • Look out for your payment method. If you have a preference for PayPal or can only make payments via credit cards, you will need to choose a lottery betting site that has them.
  • Only sign up to recommended sites. We have a list of the best lottery betting sites that have been tested and approved, so take no risk at unknown websites.
  • The first purchase is the most important. Some websites have a first-deposit bonus, while others give your second ticket for free. Make good use of that opportunity in the first purchase whenever possible.
  • Think about how you will be playing. Based on how you plan to play, whether using the phone while on the streets or a desktop at home, the best site might be different.

Which Lottery Betting Site Has the Best Pricing?

The price of each ticket should be important to you, although other characteristics might make you accept paying a few cents or even dollars extra for a better service. Here is a summarized table with the best games that you will find to bet on online:

Price per line
Lotteries Original Price LottoAgent WinTrillions
Powerball $ 2 $ 5.29 € 4.50 € 5.25
Mega Millions $ 2 $ 5.29 € 4.50 € 5.25
Cash4Life $ 2 $ 5 € 3.00 *
Lotto America $ 1 $ 3.29 € 3.50 *
El Gordo € 1.50 $ 4.45 * € 6
Eurojackpot € 2 $ 5.31 € 3.50 € 8
EuroMillions € 2.50 $ 5.71 € 3.50 € 12
SuperEnalotto € 1 $ 2.80 € 3.50 € 6
Lotto 6/49 CA$  3 $ 6.02 € 4 *

Therefore, it is clear that has the best pricing for most lottery games, while LottoAgent covers the majority of the existing lotteries. It is useful to remember that some of these websites, like, have other exclusive games.

How to Play on Online Lottery Betting Sites?

  1. Choose one of the best online lottery betting sites to avoid risking your money on unknown sources.
  2. Push the button to register an account if the form does not already appear as soon as you open the link. Here is the example from

register an account on lottery site

  1. You will need to fill in some personal details to help verify your identity. In the example below, is the form that does not take more than a minute to complete:

form of Lotto247

  1. Now that your account is ready, you may add funds with a payment method of your preference. The image below is from the LottoAgent website:

adding funds at LottoAgent website

  1. Go over the lottery options and choose the first game that you want to add to your cart:

lottery options

  1. Play by adding tickets to your cart. You may pick the numbers yourself or use quick pick:

adding tickets to the cart

  1. Once you are satisfied with your picks, proceed to the checkout with the deposited amount, or go to the payment if you have not yet added funds.
  2. You are officially betting on the lottery games you chose. Now, wait for the drawing, and you will be informed if you win!

Rules of Lotto Betting

  • One account - Only one account is allowed per user, and sometimes the website may even restrict it per household.
  • Minimum age - The minimum legal age to play lotteries online is 18, but you will always follow the requirement in your country if it is higher. For example, 21.
  • Prizes - Except for the jackpot, some big prizes might be paid in monthly installments due to limits. Some websites set a higher threshold, while others are as low as $4,000.
  • Bonuses - The bonuses and discounts are for the benefit of the users, but only according to the rules. If the brand suspects of bad faith in the use, the account may be terminated.
  • Betting - It is common knowledge that lottery betting gives no right to claim prizes in the actual lotteries.

Payment Methods of Lotto Bookmakers

One of the pillars of lottery betting is being able to both deposit and withdraw money easily. The offer of payment methods may be as varied as the availability of lottery games, and that is why it is important to consider it when deciding where to play:

Website LottoAgent WinTrillions
Payment Methods VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, WebMoney, SticPay, and bank transfer. VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, EPS, Euteller, Fast Bank Transfer, MuchBetter, NeoSurf, Net Banking, Paypal, Paysafecard, Safetypay, Sofort, Trustly, UPI, Webmoney. Not informed, appears only according to each country.

How to Identify Scam Lottery Betting Sites?

Finally, now that you know the best lottery betting sites and how they work, I believe it is my duty here to guarantee that you are alert to avoid fake lottery betting sites. Staying away from scams is easy when you only stick to our recommendations, but still, that is relevant knowledge to have in your hands:

  • Really cheap tickets - Regardless of the fact that betting sites do not actually purchase tickets, they need to profit. Therefore, be suspicious of lotteries that are too cheap.
  • Complaints - Scam websites do not exist long without bad reviews or the feedback of angry users across the internet. Be aware of those!
  • License - Every website offering lottery betting must be licensed, regardless of where it is headquartered. If you cannot see the license anywhere, beware!
  • History - With so many great lottery betting sites out there, you have no reason to be a pioneer. If a tempting website is too new to have a history, give it months or years before trying.
  • Poor design - Whenever too little is invested in how a website looks, that is enough reason to suspect. If there are grammar and spelling mistakes, run away!

Are There Real Online Lottery Betting Winners?

Unlike when playing local official lotteries or even using lottery agents like theLotter that announce their winners, it is difficult to know the story of lottery winners from betting. Their identity is preserved, which may be considered an advantage because almost everyone wants to remain anonymous when winning the lottery.

Therefore, we can still keep track of prizes that are paid on some websites but no information on the winners. As someone who has won smaller prizes and according to verified user feedback, I can testify the recommended betting sites here have big and small winners from time to time.

Is Betting on Lotteries the Best Choice?

There is no correct answer when someone wonders whether to bet on the lotteries or stick to the real purchase of lottery tickets. Knowing the characteristics and advantages of lottery betting, you are ready to decide if that is how you should be playing. At least now you know that it is not something from another world and that there are websites that you can trust.


What Is the Difference Between Lottery Betting and Lottery Agent Sites?
Lottery agent sites purchase tickets on your behalf through their staff. On the other hand, lottery betting sites pay you if you guess the results correctly with tickets that are similar to the real ones.
Who Can Play on Lottery Betting Sites?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old – or according to your local law – and not in one of the restricted countries in accordance with each website may play on them.
Are the Prizes the Same As in the Real Lotteries?
Yes, even the taxes are discounted to make sure you receive the same amount as if you were playing with real tickets.
What Is the Best Lottery Betting Site?
It depends on what you believe to be the most important feature. LottoAgent has the best combination of positive characteristics, while has the best pricing.
Is It Legal to Play on Lotto Betting Sites?
It may be, depending on your local legislation. As long as there is no local restriction and you choose websites that are licensed and headquartered in countries where that service is legal, you are fine.
How Can I Know That I Will Be Paid?
You will be informed when you win the lottery, regardless of the amount, when you play on lottery betting sites. If you have chosen one of the websites that we recommend, you will certainly be paid.
Must I Pay Taxes On Lottery Betting Prizes?
You will have to pay local taxes, if applicable. Also, we have a complete guide on how to avoid lottery taxes.
Which Lottery Betting Site Has the Best Games? has over 30 lottery games to bet on the results and even exclusive ones.



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