Is the Lottery Rigged?

The challenging odds that defy our trust makes people wonder if the lottery is rigged. After all, what stops the results from being unfair and known upfront? Well, actually, there is a lot behind those games that ensure that they are not manipulated. In this guide, I’ll let you know how to identify lotteries that are not rigged and what makes them safe options.

How to Know If a Lottery Is Rigged?

Whenever a lottery has no means of proving that the numbers are drawn based on a random and trustworthy mean, it may be considered rigged. Fortunately, every single lottery these days insists on proving that everything is as crystal clear as possible. After all, only through the revenue of ticket sales can lotteries prevail, and players must feel safe.

That is why it is always a better idea to stick with well-known lotteries than choosing one that you have never heard of. Also, when the offer is too good to be true, it often is. Lotteries are not meant to be easy, and even the easiest lotteries offer a good challenge. If you have not been lucky so far with games that everyone plays, it is a matter of luck, not because the lottery is rigged.

Can State Lotteries Be Rigged?

State lotteries are most probably less likely to be rigged, except if we consider countries that are known for corruption and offer no transparency in their lottery process. Besides, state or national lotteries are the most common type of lottery, as there are only a few countries that allow private lotteries.

They can be rigged by an individual, if there is not enough inspection and control, but there have been virtually no cases of that happening so far. It would require getting past all the security measures and processes, plus committing a crime, for someone to rig the lottery. As for the State itself, there is no reason other than conspiracy theories to believe in it being rigged.

Are Online Lotteries Rigged?

When I talk about online lotteries, I must emphasize that I’m referring to licensed lottery sites that offer actual lottery from other countries and games based on them. In other words, assuming that you are playing local, state, and government lotteries that are not rigged on those websites, there is no way for the online lotteries to be rigged. They will use the same result as in the official drawing.

Just keep yourself away from unlicensed websites that were not reviewed by a specialized team like ours, especially if they offer unknown lotteries.

How Are the Lottery Numbers Drawn?

Each lottery has its own determinations and guidelines when it comes to the draw of numbers. Some prefer to use physical machines, while others use audited software responsible for generating random numbers. It is not possible to cover all the existing possibilities, but let’s take a look at how numbers are drawn in the most popular lotteries:

Mega Millions: Drawings occur at a TV studio with physical drawing machines and balls. Both the machine and the balls go through inspection and pre-drawing tests. Together with the draw officials, lottery employees and a member of an independent auditing firm participate in the whole process.

Powerball: The machine and balls used in the Powerball drawing are kept locked under a security protocol, until at least three people open the vault where they are kept. There is an alarm system protecting them, plus unique numbered seals for each ball. For the drawing, employees and independent auditors participate and, if any question arises, more tests are carried out.

Euromillions: The World Lottery Association (WLA) regularly audits the games and all the procedures, which results in their WLA Security Control Standard certificate, internationally recognized. The National Lottery that conducts it was the first lottery in Europe to achieve that high-standard certification.

All the information that you need on the transparency and trustworthiness of the drawn results may be found on the official website of each lottery. That way, you may check that before even purchasing your tickets.

Conspiracy Theories You Should Not Trust

One of the many reasons why people start to question if the lottery is rigged is the big number of conspiracy theories around it. People create the craziest stories about it to justify their lack of luck. I want to go over some of them to make you feel more comfortable about the safety of lotteries.

Nobody Ever Wins the Lottery

This is one of my favorites because it is a clear lie. We can verify that there are winners every day, especially because not every state allows anonymous lottery winners. Even better, we have inspiring lottery winners’ stories that show how ordinary people win, sometimes with a single ticket.

The updated version of that theory says that the government hires fake people to win the lottery, which is also debunked by records of lottery winners who are still rich. If the government is keeping random people rich to support the fact that lotteries work, would it not be better to simply pay lottery prizes?

It might be true that you do not know anyone who has won the lottery, but you cannot truly believe that every winner that appears is faking it. There are a lot of people playing and, if you check the Powerball odds as an example, you will see how difficult it is to hit the jackpot.

Quick Picks Can Never Win

Some people believe that quick picks are always generated to prevent you from winning the jackpot, and that is why they prefer to choose numbers instead of lottery quick picks. The truth is that quick picks are literally just a random pick of all the four, five, six, or any number of figures necessary for that lottery.

We have a lucky numbers quick pick tool ourselves, the lottery sites have theirs, and the one at local retailers is another one. Therefore, there is no single quick pick solution and the lotteries do not even control all of them. Being afraid of quick picks will not change much in your life, but you will certainly spend more time thinking about the numbers.

People Know the Lottery Results Upfront

There are theories that say that people favored for some reason know the numbers that will be drawn upfront. It is funny how we do not see politicians or important businessmen winning jackpots but rather poor large families, a couple who owns an isolated farm in Utah, or a genuinely happy worker who can finally retire.

Who would have chosen those people out of everybody else or how come nobody ever said anything about results leaking? Like other theories, it makes no sense, and a single minute of rational thinking can debunk that nonsense.

Why Is the Lottery Safe?

There are many logical reasons to believe that lotteries are safe, which is the complete opposite of the theories that try to convince others that they are rigged. In order to make it easy for you to remember them, I separated the safety aspects of lotteries these days in the topics below.

Audited Drawings and Results

Every respectful lottery out there, and there are dozens of them available to play online or at local retailers, counts with third-party audits for the draws and the condition of the equipment. In general, several tests are carried out with the software or physical machine to ensure that there are no problems in how they work.

Also, when it comes to physical drawings, the balls are separately certified by labs with procedures that are also inspected for safety. In other words, everything is controlled so that the numbers that come out are a result of the most complete randomness, without the influence of an employee, the lottery owner, or any interested person.

People who are not involved in the lottery and third-party auditors participate in the process, and if any question arises, the whole process is audited. Nothing occurs behind the curtains, and everything can be checked by regular lottery players such as you and me.

Licensors and Regulating Authorities for Online Lotteries

When we opt to play on online lottery sites because of the comfort, the number of lotteries, or simply because we prefer, it is normal to question if the results are rigged. First of all, all online lotteries use the same result as the one officially provided by the lottery, even when you play through one of the lottery betting sites.

Also, exclusive games that can only be found on lottery betting sites usually base their results on existing lotteries. Again, it is easy to verify how the drawing process was and be sure that the lottery is not rigged.

Of course, not all of websites are created equal. They must be licensed by an authority such as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), which identifies them as regulated and monitored. If anything wrong ever occurs, the player has a safe channel to claim for support. That is why you should save time, effort, and stress by only choosing licensed websites, such as the lottery agents that we recommend here.

If you are unaware of the differences, you may check our article on the choice between purchasing real tickets or betting on lotteries. In both cases, the official lottery results are what counts.

Actual Winners

Each lottery with low odds, such as Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, have countless winners every week. If we go for the really difficult ones, such as the Mega Millions odds, or even the incredibly hard SuperEnalotto, people win big secondary prizes often, and now and then someone becomes a multimillionaire. Those cases are widely disclosed and, except in some cases, the information of the winners is entirely verifiable.

Even lottery sites such as theLotter proudly announce winners that won through their platform. It is really impossible to claim that nobody wins the lottery, even the huge prizes, with the access to information that we have got nowadays. The age of misinformation due to lack of data is past behind us.

Were There Cases of Real Rigged Lotteries?

As mentioned before, the lotteries are not rigged, but there is the possibility of someone managing to trick it for its own benefit. Due to the high level of security and the multitude of layers of the verification process of lotteries, it is virtually impossible to occur, but someone already did it.

Cases of Real Rigged Lotteries


Eddie Tipton is a known case of someone who hacked the system of a lottery with fewer security layers than an important game like Powerball or Eurojackpot. He used a code to trick the Iowa’s Hot Lotto system to draw the numbers he wanted to, because they use software instead of a physical machine.

It is not like it is easy for someone to do it, but he managed to get past the security and access the system. However, two important considerations in that case:

  1. He did not prevent other people from winning, as anyone with the same numbers he chose could have won.
  2. It is not only hard but also incredibly risky for someone to do it, and he ended up caught.

In short, that decreases the likelihood of anyone ever attempting that at a smaller state lottery again, while the big ones cannot be tricked that way. Finally, your odds would remain untouched, and that solves your question on whether the lottery could be rigged against you or not.

How to Guarantee That You Are Playing a Real Lottery?

  • Play lotteries that are well known and stay away from anything that is amateur.
  • Feel free to verify the official lottery results here on our page to check that your tickets were read correctly.
  • Stick to online lottery sites that are licensed and tested like the ones we indicate here.
  • Look for the official lottery website and find their transparency and security information before playing.
  • Avoid games that are not based on real lotteries.


Against the beliefs that used to exist among lottery players decades ago, when access to information was pitiful, we can agree that the lottery is not rigged. Anyone can create fake schemes, but that is why you should stick to reliable and well-known lotteries. Also, if you decide to play online, stick to licensed websites that use the official lottery results.

Software or manually operated, the lottery drawings are truly safe these days. The information is widely available online or at the offices, and we can trust that every number is randomly picked. That way, we can spend our time thinking only about how to improve our odds of winning and nothing else.


Can I Trust That the Lottery Results Are Completely Random?
Yes, as long as you pick lotteries that we know to be popular and safe due to the reputation and history.
Why Is the Lottery Not Rigged?
No official lottery nowadays exists without informing how the drawing occurs and the security steps taken to ensure fair results.
How to Stay Away From Scams?
Choose well-known lotteries and only play on websites that are licensed and tested by a specialized team like ours.
Is Powerball or Mega Millions Rigged?
No, if you check the Powerball and Mega Millions odds, you will notice that they are truly difficult games. Still, they are among the safest lotteries to play for real random results.
Is Choosing Your Own Numbers a Safer Option?
Choosing your own numbers or opting for the quick or easy pick will not change anything in regard to the reliability of your odds of winning.


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