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How to Stay Grounded After a Lottery Jackpot Win?

Many lottery players plan about what to do with the money and what they will spend it on after they win the lottery. Nevertheless, we should be asking ourselves how to stay grounded after a lottery jackpot win that can transform our lives. Winning millions of dollars can be disruptive, and we can make that process smoother if we know how to not let ourselves be influenced.


  • You need to prepare yourself emotionally before you win the prize.
  • Having a plan and specialized people to help you with it is a must for big prizes.
  • Stick to whatever was planned, even if you feel like you can dominate the world.
  • Money ends if you are not cautious, regardless of how much you win.

Staying Down to Earth After Winning the Lottery

There are a few tips that can be essential in your way to being a more centered lottery winner. It can be difficult but not impossible. Even if you have not yet won any prize, learning those upfront, especially the first tip, can be extraordinary in avoiding losing your mind with so much lottery money in the bank.

1. Anticipated Planning

With proper planning even before you claim your well-deserved lottery prize, you have much better chances of becoming a dazzled winner. For example, if you follow our guide on what to do if you win the lottery, you are already halfway to staying sane with millions in the bank. That involves hiring lottery specialists and having a plan that you can follow. Here is a quick look at what we already cover in that guide:

  1. Securing the Ticket
  2. Remaining Anonymous
  3. Legal Advisors
  4. Business and Financial Plan
  5. Claiming and Banking the Money
  6. Paying Off Debts
  7. Making Life-Changing Decisions
  8. Investments
  9. Charity and Support
  10. Staying Healthy

Therefore, our first and best tip to stay grounded after becoming a lottery winner is to be informed of the steps that you must stick to before, during, and after claiming the prize. A lottery jackpot prize changes your life, but you can be in control of it if you know where the money should go.

2. Understand Your Costs

Winning a lottery jackpot means a lot of money, but there are also costs that come with it. First of all, you can figure out through our lottery tax calculator that a lot of the announced prize is withheld as tax. There is also the lump-sum payment deduction if you decide to take the prize at once.

That said, you will probably stay with a pretty decent amount, maybe too much to stay grounded without proper preparation. Before you go on buying the most expensive house in the best neighborhood and a luxurious car, consider the costs linked to your purchases. Here are some examples that could reduce a prize of millions to ashes in a couple of years:

  • Property tax: Owning a large property and luxury items like expensive cars can also mean higher taxes. You can easily amount to $50,000 for a mansion of a couple million bucks.
  • Maintenance: Even if you build property from the ground, there will be costs linked to maintenance after the first year.
  • Personnel: If you own a big land, a mansion, or even start a fresh business, you will need to pay for the people who work for you. Employees and service providers can also take a fair share of your money annually.

3. Easy Come, Easy Go

Even if you are a frequent lottery player who has purchased lots of tickets on lottery sites for years, you have got to admit that it is still an easy path to being rich. Despite the odds of the lottery, most jackpots represent more money than an average person can accrue in life. Therefore, not being used to having that much money usually makes people lose control and spend it all.

Just having the concept that what comes easily goes easily well worked in your mind while you are playing can be of great help. By the time you win the lottery, which we all hope occurs soon, the fear of losing can be enough to stop impulsive actions.



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