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How Many Numbers Are in the Euromillions Lottery?

The Euromillions has two separate drums that are required to match the jackpot of millions of euros. Fortunately, there are many prize tiers that are achievable by matching less of the Euromillions numbers. Let’s dive into the different possibilities depending on the numbers you manage to guess correctly.

How Does Euromillions Work?

Euromillions draws five numbers in an initial drum that can let you win one of the four prizes that do not require any of the so-called “Lucky Stars.” Next, in order for the drawing to be complete, two more Euromillions numbers are drawn, this time from a short selection of numbers from 1 to 12. In order to win the Euromillions lottery and get the jackpot, it is obligatory to match all of them.

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How Many Numbers Are There in Euromillions?

There are two separate drums (rounds) of numbers in Euromillions. Each drum has a different set of numbers, but matching the numbers in the second drum is possibly what players should hope for. After all, most of the prize tiers involve matching 1 or 2 of the Lucky Stars, which are the numbers in the second drum.

First Drum Numbers

Your first drum of Euromillions involves numbers from 1 to 50, and you are entitled to pick exactly five of them for each Euromillions ticket you buy. Matching all five involves odds of 1 in 3,107,515, which is why using the lottery strategy of buying more tickets to cover more possibilities can help you a lot in this game.

Second Drum Numbers

The second drum is made of 12 Lucky Star numbers, and you need to choose two of them. While you cannot win anything by just matching them, it is through the two Lucky Stars that you can have a prize multiplied a lot. Also, without both Lucky Stars matched with the second drum drawing, you cannot win the jackpot – even if you get all regular five numbers right.

How Many Numbers Do You Need to Match in Euromillions?

We should always hope to match all the numbers in the two drums to win the jackpot. However, considering all the 13 prize tiers, far more than most online lotteries, rewards start at matching only two regular numbers. That equals a small prize of €4, but adding one or two Lucky Stars results in €8 and €10, respectively.

For each additional regular number, the prize elevates a bit. It is at four numbers and two Lucky Stars that things get more serious, with an average prize of €3,076. If you miss both Lucky Stars but get all five numbers right, that is already a very decent reward of €31,448.

By adding one Lucky Star, the prize is ten times higher at €303,798. Finally, the jackpot starts at €17 million and can roll over up to €250 Million, which is why matching all Euromillions numbers is the ultimate goal of any lottery player.

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How Many Numbers Are Lucky in the Euromillions Lottery?
There are 50 numbers plus 12 Lucky Stars in the Euromillions lottery. That is plenty of room to apply your horoscope lucky numbers as you prefer. How many of them are going to be in your numerology predictions varies for everyone.
How Many Numbers Can You Miss in the Euromillions Lottery?
You can miss up to four of the regular numbers if you match the two Lucky Stars. If you do not get any of the Lucky Stars numbers in Euromillions, you need at least two regular numbers.
How Many Secondary Numbers Are There in the Euromillions Lottery?
There are 12 Lucky Stars that are randomly drawn in the second drum of Euromillions numbers.
Can All Euromillions Lottery Numbers Be Drawn?
Yes, all Euromillions lottery numbers share the same odds of being drawn, and that applies to both drums. Some people believe in hot and cold numbers, but that is a personal opinion.


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