How Far in Advance Can You Buy Lottery Tickets?

Even when you play the lottery online, you would most probably rather not have to go through the purchase process every single time you want tickets. That is when the Advance Play or Advance Draw features come in handy. But how far in advance can you buy lottery tickets? Let’s figure out together the games that allow the participation with days, weeks, and even months of anticipation.

Is It Worth Buying Lottery Tickets Weeks in Advance?

When you participate in lottery games with the advance drawing option, you are simply using those chosen numbers for the next drawings. There are no other implications, and you are simply making the future version of yours happier and with more free time.

That is partially true when it comes to playing online lotteries. Since websites compete for the same games, they add discounts and promotions for players who make larger purchases, which includes buying lottery tickets in advance.

Discounts and Promotions – The Multi-Draw Feature

The discounts are easily added to your cart when you select the number of drawings that you will participate in. In the example below, you would be picking several Powerball tickets, one for each drawing, and unlocking discounts from 15% to 25%.

Discounts and promotions


That is a lot, and it can allow you to spend that money you saved on even more tickets, multiplying your odds of winning the online lottery.

Multi-Draw is the name given by many lottery agents and betting sites to the Advance Play feature normally found on physical play slips. The main advantage is that only the online lottery gives you discounts.

Advance Drawing Vs. Subscriptions

In the same example image used for the Multi-Draw feature, you have noticed that subscriptions give you a free ticket for every 7 that you purchase. That is almost a 15% discount if you want to automatically purchase tickets every time.

Unlike simple advance drawing play, you do not have to go to the website and make another purchase when the total number of drawings has passed. The subscription remains active until you cancel it, with the application of that free ticket on every 5th, 7th, or 10th ticket, depending on the website.

Advance Drawing Vs. Future Drawing

If you find the Future Drawing option on one of the best online lottery websites or at a local retailer, keep in mind that it is a different concept. You will be purchasing a ticket to play in a drawing that will occur on a specific day and moment in the future. Therefore, no bet of yours is placed in the next drawing, and only one game is purchased.

Where to Buy Lottery Tickets in Advance?

You can buy lottery tickets in advance easily on any of the websites that we recommend for playing all the online lotteries. Each one of them has different offers:

  • theLotter and LottoSmile – Multi-Draw feature with discounts up to 25%.
  • LottoAgent – Up to 10% discounted using the Multi-Draw.
  • Jackpocket – Normal Advance Play feature with no discounts – only U.S.
  • – Up to 8 draws in advance and 10% discount for subscriptions.
  • Lotto247 – Up to 5 draws in advance, no discounts included.
  • WinTrillions – Up to 12 draws in advance, no discounts included.

How Far in Advance Can You Buy Lottery Tickets?

On the best lottery sites to buy tickets in advance, you will have different limits. The best alternative at the moment is theLotter, with up to 52 drawings. However, you might be wondering how far in advance you can buy lottery tickets if you purchase the games directly.

Keep in mind that you can only play all that way ahead if you purchase a ticket for every single drawing in between. Otherwise, you might want to look for a “Future Drawing” option.

If you want to know about some game that is not described below, check out our world lotteries result page.

Lottery How Far in Advance Can You Buy Lottery Tickets?
Powerball Up to 52 drawings (Florida and South Carolina)
Mega Millions Up to 30 drawings (Michigan)
Euromillions Up to a month in advance
Eurojackpot Up to 5 drawings in advance
SuperEnalotto Up to 15 weeks in advance
Spain La Primitiva Up to 48 drawings in advance
Cash4Life Up to 30 drawings in advance
Lucky for Life Up to 10 weeks in advance
Lotto America Up to 24 drawings (West Virginia and Montana)
Vikinglotto Up to 16 drawings in advance

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Advance?

  1. Choose one of the recommended websites. If you are from the U.S., the Jackpocket app is the only legal option at the moment that is available to some locals.
  2. Register an account and verify your identity if necessary.
  3. Pick one of the games available, and you will find the digital play slips. Fill as many as you would like to buy lottery tickets in advance.
  4. Before proceeding to checkout, select how many drawings you want to participate in via the Multi-Draw feature. If you would rather sign up for a subscription, choose it instead.
  5. Complete the payment, and you are all set! Do not forget to check the lottery results here at LotteryTexts to see if one of the advance drawings returned prizes.


Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Weeks in Advance?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old – or the equivalent legal gambling age in their country – can register, deposit, and buy lottery tickets in advance on the websites that we recommend.
What Is Necessary to Purchase the Advance Play Option?
You only need to choose your numbers and make sure to pay. The transaction must appear as completed in your history.
Can I Choose Just One Drawing in Advance?
Yes, some websites will allow you to play the next drawing and one more drawing in advance.
Are There Costs in Playing in Future Drawings?
On the contrary, we recommend those online lottery sites because they offer discounts.
Will I Receive the Same Winnings?
Yes, nothing will change in the rules linked to prizes and claims. You are simply purchasing tickets in advance.


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