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How Does the Lottery Profit?

The lottery usually pays prizes of millions of dollars or euros, sometimes even more than a billion if we look at Powerball and Mega Millions. So, how does it actually profit if the prizes are that huge? In order to answer that question, we need to look at how it works and how the system ensures that the lottery makes money out of the drawings.


  • The lottery makes money from the excess in ticket sales.
  • There are specific rules for the destination of lottery profit.
  • Lotteries that sell more tickets tend to profit more.
  • Lotteries are always backed up to pay prizes in full.

What You Need to Know About How the Lottery Money Works

Before anything else, let’s take a look at a simplified version of how the lottery works to ensure that it makes money regardless of how big the prize is.

In terms of its financial structure, the lottery collects money from the sale of tickets. You may want to check our complete guide on where the lottery money comes from if you are interested in details. Their prize tiers are made of pari-mutuel prizes, fixed prizes, or a combination of both:

  • Pari-mutuel prizes: Calculated from a predefined rate based on the portion of ticket sales that is directed to prizes.
  • Fixed prizes: Values that never change, regardless of how much money is collected from selling tickets.

If the prize is defined on a pari-mutuel basis, it will always be at a specific percentage of sales, and the lottery will never have trouble paying it. On the other hand, fixed prizes are already planned in a way that ticket sales and the funds created for the lottery can afford them.

It is common to wonder how some jackpots get so big, and they pay without a problem. In that case, we are talking about a jackpot that rolls over, and we cannot forget that the jackpot rolls over across several drawings, sometimes whole months, which is also enough to collect that amount.

How Does the Lottery Make Money?

When we consider the gross amount of the lottery earnings, it needs to be split to pay prizes, administration fees, and other possible costs. Everything that is left is pure profit, usually directed to a good cause, governmental funds, or straight to investment in education or health, for example.

Therefore, the lottery makes money through what is left after it pays its costs and prizes. Considering that those games are very well planned and structured to ensure the purpose is fulfilled, there is never a lack of profit.

Where Does Lottery Profit Go To?

The lottery profit after prizes and expenses tends to be directed to specific funds as designated by the local law of each country or state. In general, it is common for a portion to be separated into a fund that also helps ensure lottery prizes, while the rest goes to an important sector, like healthcare, security, or education.

Although there can be millions involved, the total contribution of lottery profit to causes such as the transfer of resources to schools is usually minimal compared to the total that is directed to the same causes. The prizes usually get the biggest fraction of all the revenue generated by the lottery.


Can the Lottery Not Have Enough Money to Pay the Prizes?
That is highly unlikely when considering official government lotteries. Even the ones licensed to private companies follow rules so strict that they can usually top up any need for more money.
Does Anyone Keep the Lottery Profit?
There is not one person or group that keeps lottery profit to themselves. The lottery games are usually run by governments or non-profit organizations, directing profit to specific causes.
Does the Lottery Profit From Lottery Taxes?
Lottery taxes are another form of collecting money from contributors to fund governmental actions. Therefore, it is not considered part of the lottery profit, which comes from ticket sales.
Do Our Taxes Fund Lottery Prizes?
No, none of our taxes as contributors, like the income tax, help fund lottery prizes. The money for them comes right from the sales of tickets and specific funds.
Is the Money From Unclaimed Lottery Prizes Kept By the Government?
There are different rules as to where the money from unclaimed lottery prizes may go, but it is never arbitrary. Some examples are the funding of the next prizes and government actions.
Does the Lottery Profit More From Annuity Prizes?
Annuity prizes allow the funds that control the lottery money to invest the amount that will be paid later. However, as the total payment is larger than the one for a lump-sum choice, it is about the same.
Which Lottery Makes More Money?
Lotteries that manage to sell more tickets are the ones that profit more.



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