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Do Lottery Numbers Have to Be in Order to Win?

In most lottery games, the order of the lottery numbers does not matter. That goes both for the numbers you picked and the winning ones that are drawn in any game. However, there are exceptions that are easy to understand if you know a little bit about how the order of lottery numbers work, and we will explain them to you!

When Do Lottery Numbers Have to Be in Order to Win?

Lottery numbers have to be in order to win whenever you purchase a ticket to a lottery game that specifically has order-matching prizes. That is always the case of “exact match” or “straight” bets in Pick 3Pick 4, and Pick 5 lottery games. Here are some examples:

Lottery Order Matters in Prize Odds
Florida Pick 3 Straight bet $500 1 in 1,000
Australia Cash 3 Exact Order bet AUD$ 250 1 in 1,000
India Jaldi 3 Straight bet ₹40,000 1 in 1,000
Florida Pick 4 Straight bet $5,000 1 in 10,000
US Virgin Islands Pick 3 Straight bet $400 1 in 1,000
Canada Pick 2 “Both” bet $99 1 in 100
Switzerland Magic 3 Exact Order bet CHF 550 1 in 1,000
UK Pick 3 Straight bet €500 1 in 1,000
Puerto Rico Pega 4 Straight bet $5,000 1 in 10,000
Ohio Pick 5 Straight bet $50,000 1 in 100,000

Virtually every country has at least one of those games in which the exact order of the numbers matter for your win. Aside from the name, usually “Pick” plus a number, there are other characteristics that can help you identify when lottery numbers have to be in order to win. Most lottery sites have complete instructions on each lottery.

How to Identify Which Lotteries Numbers Have to Be in Order?

We always recommend you check the rules of each lottery by country, even those you can purchase at your local retailer. The bets in which the lottery numbers have to be in order to pay are intuitively written. Other than that, the pool of lottery numbers can help you identify them.

For example, whenever a game has only a pool of single digits, like from 0 to 9, it is probably a game with at least one bet that requires an exact order match. Also, being able to repeat the number in the same panel is another indication that the order is important.

While you might find other forms of betting on those lotteries, any bet that disregards the order will make it easier to win and pay less. Given the fact that lotteries are games of chance, every time they become easier to win, the prizes must also be much lower.

Should I Care About the Order of My Lottery Numbers?

If you are not playing a lottery game with a bet that explicitly demands an exact order match, you may choose your numbers in whichever order you like. The numbers in the ticket will become a combination and not separate numbers. When the draw occurs, smaller numbers may come first or last, and that is irrelevant.

That rule goes for both the jackpot, which demands matching all numbers, and secondary prizes, which may pay for even a single matched number.


How to Predict the Order of Lottery Numbers to Win?
You cannot predict the order of the lottery numbers because lottery drawings are entirely random.
Are Higher Lottery Numbers Drawn First More Often?
The chances of a number being drawn are the exact same regardless of how high it is.
Can I Win With Both Exact and Any Order Bets?
Yes, most lottery games offer both options within the same bet with different payments for each outcome.
What Happens If I Match the Numbers in the Wrong Order?
If your bet is an exact order match, you will not be winning any prize.



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