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Can You Win the Lottery Twice? Has Anyone Ever Done It?

Winning the lottery is both thrilling and incredibly difficult, so winning the lottery twice may sound like an impossible event. It is possible to win the lottery twice or even three or more times. In fact, your chances of winning the lottery are not impacted by if and how many times you won the lottery.


  • It is possible to win the lottery twice and even multiple times.
  • Your odds are the exact same regardless of how many times you won.
  • It may be a better idea to opt for easier lotteries to win more than once.
  • Your lottery taxes apply the same when you win the second time.

How to Win the Lottery Twice?

Winning the lottery twice or even more times requires the same amount of luck necessary to win once. Let’s say that your chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 292,201,338, which are the odds of winning Powerball. If you beat those odds – or easier odds if you buy more tickets – and win once, you would only need to do that again.

After you win your first time, you may simply play again and hope that you match all the numbers once more. That is the only requirement to win the lottery twice, with no differences in how the lottery rules apply to you.

Of course, there are easier lotteries with better odds, so your chances of winning are way better. Just make sure to remember that there is a trade-off between risk and prize. On the other hand, if you beat the odds of Mega Millions, for example, I doubt that you would even think of continuing to play the lottery due to its huge jackpot.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery Twice

In order to win the lottery more than once, you need to be lucky and choose numbers that will be randomly drawn next time. However, we collected some tips that you might find interesting to improve your chances of winning the lottery one, two, three, or more times.

Buy More Tickets

It does not matter which lottery strategy you decide to apply; buying more tickets is the only way to improve your odds safely. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to win the lottery twice, make sure that you are buying enough tickets. Also, there is no use in trying to buy all lottery tickets because it is impossible to complete that task or to preserve profit.

Play in Groups

Lottery syndicates are basically a way to play the lottery with less costs and better chances of winning the lottery. By joining other people, you share the total expenditure with the tickets. Since there are more tickets at play, your chances increase according to the tip above. If you play through the best lottery syndicates with tons of entries, you will share the prize but skyrocket your chances of winning the lottery twice.

Keep Playing

You can only win the lottery if you are really playing. If you win the lottery once and are still interested in winning again but do not want to use a lot of your prize on it, simply stick to a few tickets now and then. Without playing, you cannot win the lottery again.

Has Anyone Ever Won the Lottery Twice?

Aside from the lottery math that makes it clear that anyone can win the lottery an unlimited number of times, we have actual cases of lottery winners who won the lottery twice.

Evelyn Adams – New Jersey

In the 1980s, Evelyn Adams played about $100 in lottery tickets every week and managed to win the lottery twice in New Jersey. Playing the local lotto, she won a total of $5.4 million, summing up two separate wins within four months. Unfortunately, that small amount every week was already an early sign of problem gambling, and she ended up spending her winnings on slot machines by 2012.

Bill Morgan – Australia

The Australian Bill Morgan survived a heart attack that led him to comatose for two weeks, and his next decision was to buy a lottery ticket. His ticket granted him a car, and when the local news asked him to appear on TV to re-enact his act of luck, he won the lottery again, this time a prize of AU$ 250,000.

Duane Ketterman – Delaware

Duane Ketterman of Delaware is a lucky lottery player who not only won the lottery twice but also achieved that incredible feat in two months only. His first prize was $18,000 in Maryland‘s Racetrax, a local lottery game, followed by $30,785 just two months later while on a family trip.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery Twice?

Your odds of winning the lottery twice or any number of times are always equal to the odds of your game of choice. Therefore, if you want to have better chances of winning, you should stick to lotteries in which you believe that your odds are well-balanced. Another possibility is to try to win a really difficult and rewarding lottery like Powerball once and then pick easier lotteries for your second win.


Do I Have Better Chances of Winning the Lottery After My First Win?
No, your odds continue to be the same and proportional to the number of tickets with different combinations that you have.
What Is the Easiest Lottery to Win More Than Once?
Lotteries with low odds, like Pick 3 games, are easier to win more than once. As a result, the prizes are also small.
Are There Strategies to Win the Lottery Twice?
You need to keep playing and purchase as many tickets as it may be responsibly possible. Other than that, no strategy can ensure your odds get better.
How Does Winning the Lottery Twice Impact the Taxes?
Lottery and income taxes on your winnings apply the exact same way when you win the lottery again.
How Many Times Can a Person Win the Lottery?
You can win the lottery an indefinite number of times, as there is no limit to it.
How Frequently Can Someone Win the Lottery?
Technically, it is possible but highly unlikely that someone wins the lottery in every drawing. However, we have seen and listed cases of winnings separated by only a couple of months.
Can I Win the Lottery Twice With the Same Numbers?
Yes, the odds of winning the lottery are the same for every combination, and all numbers can repeat.


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