How to Buy Vikinglotto Lottery Tickets?

Ten prize tiers and good odds make lottery players from all around the world seeking how to buy Vikinglotto lottery tickets online. After all, it is only possible to play with physical tickets in a few of the European countries that are officially participating in it. The good news is that it is not only possible but quite easy, with several efficient payment methods.

Where to Buy Vikinglotto Tickets?

There are ten official countries participating in Vikinglotto, and players from dozens of others can also take part in the game through intermediary websites. Locals and foreigners can always buy Vikinglotto tickets online. In fact, players from Belgium can only play it if they decide to make an online purchase, despite being a participating country.

Players living in one of the ten participating countries can find the official website here. The Belgium website cannot be found among them.

We recommend that anyone living out of those countries use the licensed lottery sites to buy Vikinglotto tickets from abroad. It is safe and gives you the same right as any local. Physical purchases can only be made in 9 of the 10 participating countries at local retailers.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Lottery Ticket in the Vikinglotto Countries?

Different from Euromillions, in which there is a minimum age for all participating countries, the rules vary in Vikinglotto. Players from Estonia and Lithuania can start to play Vikinglotto and other local lotteries from only 16 years of age. For all the other countries, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old.

Also, when playing online, the rules in your country cannot allow you to play Vikinglotto under the age of 18, but they can demand you to be older, if applicable.

How Much Can You Win by Playing Vikinglotto?

All prize tiers and odds vary in the ten participating countries. When playing online, your minimum prize should average €5. Fortunately, the jackpot starts at €3 million in any jurisdiction, and you can win up to €35 million playing Vikinglotto.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current ticket cost varies as much as the prizes, but the websites that we recommend offer Vikinglotto lottery tickets from €0.80 per line.

How to Buy Vikinglotto Tickets Online?

Those looking for how to buy Vikinglotto lottery tickets the easiest way should consider playing it online. That is the only legal way to play it from abroad, and it is much more efficient than going to local retailers in one of the participating countries. In only five steps, you can guarantee several tickets for the next drawing.

5 Steps to Buy on Recommended Lottery Websites

  1. Check our lottery sites page on the menu and choose the one that seems to suit your preferences better. Compare prices, payment methods, and also the available bonuses.
  2. Register an account on the website of your choice, which takes less than a minute and is totally secured by SSL encryption. Find the Vikinglotto playing page.
  3. You will have a full and legit play slip to complete by choosing six numbers from 1 to 48 and an additional one, called the Viking number, ranging from 1 to 8. Make that choice for every Vikinglotto ticket line you want to purchase.
  4. Now that you are all set consider purchasing a subscription and taking a look at the lottery’s offers before closing the deal. Proceed to checkout when ready.
  5. Pay with your favorite payment method. Your tickets will be available on your account, and you can check them with the Vikinglotto results.

Official Website

Each one of the ten participating countries has an official website to buy Vikinglotto lottery tickets. Of course, they are limited to their respective residents or visitors, and there are no discount packages like on the websites that we recommend.

Mobile App

Although all the recommended websites are entirely responsive to mobile devices, you might also prefer to play via lottery apps. That option is indicated in each review, and there might be apps available for Android and iOS devices. Other than that, the procedure is the exact same described for regular websites.

What Happens to Money Made From the Vikinglotto?

Each country has a different distribution of revenue, but all of them contribute €0.11 to fund the jackpot prize, plus €0.018 for the second prize. In addition, €0.042 goes to the Booster Fund, which guarantees the money to pay the minimum jackpot. The remaining money is used at each country’s discretion, but most of them donate some of the profit to good causes:

  • Belgium – Projects that carry out social or community work, plus sports, culture, and science.
  • Denmark – Non-profit organizations such as the Sports Confederation of Denmark and the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association.
  • Estonia – Projects related to children, education, and science, and also programs to support people with gambling addiction.
  • Finland – Donates €1 billion a year to good causes, including health, social care, arts and culture, and sports and exercise.
  • Latvia – Good Targets program supports the education and wellbeing of children around the country.
  • Lithuania – Allocation to sports teams and federations across the country.
  • Iceland – Supports the community, including the organization Disabled of Iceland, the Icelandic Sports, and the Olympic Federation.
  • Norway – Many projects with good causes, from supporting local sports teams to donating to entities of animal protection.
  • Slovenia – Half of what is left after paying the prizes is donated to humanitarian organizations and sports projects.
  • Sweden – The Swedish Lottery is the main sponsor of the Swedish Football Association and also the ice hockey and handball associations.

What Happens to Unclaimed Lottery Money in the Vikinglotto?

Any prize that goes unclaimed is instead distributed to the participating countries, which, in turn, apply the revenue as stated above.

How are Vikinglotto Winnings Paid Out?

Annuities are not available as a jackpot option in Vikinglotto. All the prizes are paid in a single lump sum. Although jackpots apply to all the participating countries and playing on the internet, the taxes vary from one country to another.

The majority of the participating countries do not withhold taxes from Vikinglotto’s winnings, except for Latvia (23% to 31.4%) and Slovenia (15%).

How to Claim Your Prize?

Each one of the Vikinglotto countries has different rules to claim prizes. If you play at a local retailer, the small prizes might be collected there with the ticket in your hands. On the other hand, bigger prizes require that you claim them in person. That applies to playing online on the official local websites or through the recommended websites.

Norway is an exception, paying prizes directly to your bank account. However, those who played on the websites that we recommend and won less than €2,100 will most probably receive everything on their account without leaving their country.

How Long Do You Have to Claim Your Winnings in Vikinglotto?

The total claim deadline always depends on the country you choose to play. When playing on one of the lottery agent websites, you will be informed of all the details after you win. In most cases, your money will simply be deposited in your account without the need to claim it. As for the locals, pay attention to the following rules:

  • Latvia – 30 days.
  • Lithuania and Sweden – 60 days.
  • Belgium – 20 weeks
  • Denmark (less than 200 kr), Estonia, Slovenia – 90 days.
  • Denmark (above 200 kr), Finland – 1 year.

Do Lottery Winners Need to Reveal Their Identities in the Vikinglotto?

All the participating European countries allow winners to decide if they want to reveal their identity. Therefore, you can either choose to remain anonymous or let your name and location be known to the whole community of lottery players and curious people.

FAQs About How To Buy Vikinglotto Tickets

Are There Any Discounts or Bonuses to Buy Vikinglotto Tickets Online?
Yes. All the lottery games on the websites that we recommend, Vikinglotto included, have discounts to bulk purchases and subscriptions. It is also possible to get bonuses for specific combos.
Can I Purchase Vikinglotto Lottery Tickets from Outside Vikinglotto Countries?
Of course, you can. The five steps on how to buy Vikinglotto lottery tickets online explain how you can use the top lottery sites to get your tickets.
How Many Vikinglotto Tickets Can You Buy at One Time?
No limits are applied to the quantity of Vikinglotto tickets that you can buy at one time.
When Can You Buy Vikinglotto Lottery Tickets?
You can play Vikinglotto at any time throughout the week, except during the cut-off sales time before the drawing. It varies from one country to the other, so make sure to buy your tickets early when you decide to purchase them on a Wednesday.
When Do The Drawings Occur?
Vikinglotto drawings occur at 08:00 p.m. CET every Wednesday.
Are Lottery Winnings Taxable in Vikinglotto Countries?
First off, anyone playing Vikinglotto from abroad should consider the local taxes, as they will apply to your winnings. Latvia and Slovenia are the only countries that tax Vikinglotto winnings and all others are tax-free.
What Is the Biggest Jackpot Ever Won in the Vikinglotto?
The biggest jackpot ever won in the Vikinglotto was €44 million back in 2016. Since 2017, there is a jackpot cap of €35 million that cannot be outgrown.
What Payment Methods are Accepted?
Using the online lottery agents and betting sites that we recommend for playing Vikinglotto from abroad, you will be able to buy its tickets with several payment methods. Among them, e-wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, and even payment systems. On the other hand, playing it at local retailers is very restricted in terms of payment methods.


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