How to Buy Oz Lotto Lottery Tickets?

With a starting jackpot of AU$2 million, many people from all around the world want to figure out how to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets. It is possible to not only purchase as many tickets as wanted from virtually any region but also to collect the huge jackpot. There are a few possibilities depending on whether you are in Australia or not, and we will explain them.

Where to Buy Oz Lotto Tickets?

Australians, just like the locals of any lottery game, have a few more options available to buy Oz Lotto tickets. They can decide how to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets and claim prizes close to home, and those options include online lottery, local retailers, and even an official app.

Fortunately for everyone else who does not live or is not currently visiting Australia, it is possible and easy to purchase the same valid tickets from anywhere. All it takes is choosing one of the best lottery sites to begin. While the lottery agent websites buy real tickets for you, betting sites pay you the jackpot if you bet correctly.

Those websites are equally available to Australians, who might find them more interesting than the official Oz Lotto website. After all, the lottery agents that we recommend have discounts and special offers that only a lottery portal can have.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase Lottery Tickets in Australia?

There are two different rules applied in Australia. Players from Western Australia are usually allowed to play lotteries from 16 years old. However, according to the Oz Lotto official website, the rule used in the rest of Australia applies to the whole country for playing that game, that is, a minimum age of 18 years.

If you are playing from abroad, consider the legislation in your country instead if the minimum age is higher than in Australia.

How Much Can You Win by Playing Oz Lotto?

There is a minimum jackpot prize of A$2,000,000 and no maximum limit, with the biggest jackpot ever paid by it being A$111.97 million. Since all prizes are pari-mutuel, the expected prize for the lowest possible tier would be around A$16.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current ticket cost to play Oz Lotto is set at only A$1.45, but there are discounts applied to subscriptions and multi-draw purchases on the recommended websites.

How to Buy Oz Lotto Tickets Online?

Finally, we described and listed the process on how to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets online in a few straightforward steps. In addition, local players can also try using the official TheLott website instead of with a similar process, but they will not have the same bonuses and offers available there.

5 Steps to Buy on Recommended Lottery Websites

  1. Consider registering on any of the reviewed websites with Oz Lotto lottery tickets. Compare their opportunities and offers and find the one that you identify with the most.
  2. Although it is possible to start marking the play slip right away, we recommend that you start by creating an account. It takes only a couple of minutes and is a process completely secured by the SSL certificate.
  3. Now that you have logged in, open the Oz Lotto page on the website of your choice and decide how many lines you will play.
  4. For each line that you will play, choose seven numbers ranging from 1 to 45. You can also let the system add quick entries by choosing the numbers for you.
  5. Conclude your purchase by paying for the tickets with your favorite payment method. Keep in mind that you can always check the Oz Lotto results on this same website.

Official Australian Website

Available for Australians and people currently in Australia, the official website TheLott is where the Oz Lotto tickets can be purchased. It does not count with the same offers and payment methods as the lottery agents that we recommend, but it is still a valid option.

Mobile App

Both the lottery’s official website and the websites that we recommend are totally responsive. Apart from using the browser to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets, it is possible to install an Android or iOS app and have access to the same features. It is all a matter of preferences.

What Happens to Money Made From the Oz Lotto?

There is not much information in terms of statistics, but the money that does not go to pay the prizes is directed to good causes. Some of the money is invested in the development of medical research and hospitals and also towards disaster relief.

What Happens to Unclaimed Lottery Money in Oz Lotto?

Prizes that go unclaimed are directed to cover the administration fees and to support good causes, just like the regular revenue. Avoid being one of the winners who forget about the prize by keeping an eye on the official lottery results.

How is Oz Lotto Winnings Paid Out?

All the prizes are paid out in a lump sum. The jackpots are paid within 2 weeks of the claiming date, while all others are processed immediately or within a business day.

If you decide to use one of the websites that we recommend, the rules vary. Lottery agent websites will pay up to $2,500 in prizes, and bigger prizes must be claimed in person in Australia. On the other hand, betting sites will pay you the jackpot in full on your account, ready for withdrawals.

How to Claim Your Prize?

Claiming prizes when playing while being in Australia involves either claiming prizes at local retailers (up to A$ 1,500) or by post/in person. You will need your ticket and proof of ID and residence if that is the case. Also available for them and anyone else, the lottery agent websites that we recommend usually deposit your prizes up to $2,500 into your account without even claiming them.

On the other hand, jackpot prizes, except for those who used the lottery betting sites, must be claimed in person. In that case, you would need to print your ticket from playing online and visit Australia to get your millionaire jackpot. Fortunately, all the instructions are forwarded to your email when you are a lucky winner.

How Long Do You Have to Claim Your Winnings in Oz Lotto?

Those who do not want to have their money forfeited should claim the prize within a year. Despite that long period, it might not even be necessary to worry about it if you play using one of the websites that we recommend. You either receive small prizes immediately or get an email alerting you of the prize.

Do Lottery Winners Need to Reveal Their Identities in Oz Lotto?

No, you are not obliged to reveal your identity if you do not want to. As an anonymous winner, you get to keep your name and city hidden.

FAQs About How To Buy Oz Lotto Tickets

Are There Any Discounts or Bonuses to Buy Oz Lotto Tickets Online?
Yes, the most popular international lottery games like Oz Lotto are often part of discount packages and other offers available online. However, you will only find those on the websites that we recommend here.
Can I Purchase Oz Lotto Lottery Tickets from Outside Australia?
That is the whole reason why we created the 5-step guide on how to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets so that everyone could participate in that amazing Australian lottery game.
How Many Oz Lotto Tickets Can You Buy at One Time?
You can buy as many Oz Lotto tickets as you want.
When Can You Buy Oz Lotto Lottery Tickets?
You have the opportunity to buy Oz Lotto lottery tickets any day of the week, except during an entire hour before the drawing at 08:30 p.m. AEST. That means the sales cut-off period starts at 07:30 p.m. AEST on Tuesdays only.
When Do The Drawings Occur?
Oz Lotto drawings occur at 08:30 p.m. AEST every Tuesday.
Are Lottery Winnings Taxable in Australia?
Players do not have to pay any taxes on their lottery winnings in Australia. However, if you are playing from any other country, the local regulation shall apply.
What Is the Biggest Jackpot Ever Won in the Oz Lotto?
The biggest jackpot ever won in the Oz Lotto was A$111.97 million, claimed after the drawing on November 6, 2012.
What Payment Methods are Accepted?
The availability of payment methods on the official Oz Lotto website and local retailers is quite limited. On the other hand, depending on the country you live in, there might be many other forms to pay, including e-wallets, on the websites that we recommend.


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