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How to Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets?

Incredibly popular all around the world and not only in the United States, Mega Millions shares some of the characteristics of Powerball, including record jackpots. It also starts at a minimum jackpot of $20 million and turns its winners into millionaires with a single drawing. Both Americans and virtually anyone else in the world can learn how to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets and actually have a chance at it.

Where to Buy Mega Millions Tickets?

There are different places to buy Mega Millions tickets, and it always depends on where you are from and your current preference for how to play the lottery. If you are in the United States, you might purchase them at local retailers or use your state’s lottery website or app. It is possible to check where to play on the Mega Millions official website.

For everyone else, it might actually be much easier to learn how to buy Mega Millions tickets using one of the reviewed lottery websites. They were analyzed for safety, quality, and fast payment methods. That combination, plus the chance of getting discount bundles on Mega Millions tickets and other US lotteries are available on them.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase Lottery Tickets in the US?

US residents or visitors in the country must comply with the local regulation regarding their age. In Nebraska, you must be at least 19 years old, while Arizona, Iowa, and Louisiana only allow players from 21 years old. All other states only require that you are at least 18 years old.

The same goes for anyone playing on the lottery sites from abroad, as you need to consider the legal lottery age in both the lottery country and your country.

How Much Can You Win by Playing Mega Millions?

No limits are applied to how much you can win by playing Mega Millions. If you accompany the jackpot, you will notice that it keeps rolling over and increasing when nobody hits the jackpot, and that is one of the reasons why Mega Millions is so popular. You can get $2 from matching only the Mega Ball, or $4 for getting a regular number on top of that, and there is no maximum limit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current ticket cost to play Mega Millions is set at $2, and you can pay an extra $1 to add the popular Megaplier. It does not interfere in how you buy Mega Millions lottery tickets. If you intend to play from abroad, you will need to pay:

Website Ticket Cost Minimum of Tickets Play Type
theLotter $5.00 3 Lottery Agent
Lotto Agent $5.29 1 Lottery Agent or Betting Site
Lotto247 $3.95 1 Betting Site
WinTrillions $5.00 1 Betting Site

How to Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online?

There are a few options when it comes to buying Mega Millions tickets online, but you are limited to one or two of them, depending on whether you are in the US or not. For players abroad, follow the next steps, and you will be set for the next and possibly as many drawings as you want.

5 Steps to Buy on Recommended Lottery Websites

  1. Register on one of the online lottery websites that we analyzed and recommend, according to your preferences of payment methods, availability of other lotteries, and additional features.
  2. After the creation of your account, you will find Mega Millions among many other lottery games, scratch cards, and more. Open the page with its play slips.
  3. You will be able to play as many lines as you want, always choosing six numbers from 1 to 70 and the Mega Ball from 1 to 25. You can also let the system pick them for you automatically.
  4. Consider if you want to purchase a subscription to keep playing those numbers in additional drawings or if you want to add more lotteries to your cart. Proceed to checkout after making a decision.
  5. Complete the payment with your favorite method. The scanned ticket will be available on your online account.

Official Website

US residents or visitors must buy Mega Millions lottery tickets online through official sources. One of them is the local state lottery website, which will obviously vary according to the state you are in. There you will find a process that is similar to the one given above.

Mobile App

If the mobile app of the state lottery is available, US residents and visitors can also play using it. On the other hand, many of the websites that we recommend for foreigners and people abroad also feature an Android and/or iOS app. It simply mimics the website through an application, which means the process is the same.

What Happens to Money Made From the Mega Millions?

While some Americans and overseas players get rich with the Mega Millions drawings, a lot of money is collected through taxes and ticket sales. In total, half of the money accrued goes to pay the prize pool, while the rest goes to the states. Each state has the authority to determine how all that money is spent, and the amount that they receive is in accordance with their participation in the sales.

Charitable funds, sports, community support, and education are some of the destinations of lottery funds. Therefore, it is not only those who learned how to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets that have a chance of being happy thanks to the game.

When you play on the websites that we recommend, tickets are still being bought, and the money goes through the same process and division.

What Happens to Unclaimed Lottery Money in the Mega Millions?

If winners fail to claim a Mega Millions prize, whether it is a $200 secondary prize or a millionaire claim, all the funds go to the state where the ticket was bought. From that moment, it depends on the jurisdiction’s terms. In some states, those funds are applied to the lottery itself as bonus prizes or second-chance drawings. In others, they follow the path of charity and community support.

How are Mega Millions Winnings Paid Out?

Mega Millions winnings can be paid as a lump sum or over a 30-year period with annuity prizes, according to the player’s choice. The disclosed jackpot prize only applies to the annuity prize, whilst players who choose a lump sum might become instantly rich but lose a good portion of the prize.

In addition, keep in mind that federal taxes of 24% always apply, and each state might apply different tax levels that range from nothing to over 8% in New York.

How to Claim Your Prize?

If you played through one of the websites that we recommend, you will most possibly receive small prizes on your account soon after the results. That is an advantage compared to local players, who have to claim prizes up to $600 at local retailers or else go to lottery offices or claim them by mail.

Jackpot prizes follow a whole different process, including those who chose lottery agents to play Mega Millions online. The only way to claim the huge millionaire prize in a drawing that you played is by going to the lottery headquarters in person with your winning ticket. If you choose a lottery betting site, then your prize will be available on the website regardless of the amount.

How Long Do You Have to Claim Your Winnings in Mega Millions?

Each state of the United States has different rules when it comes to claiming lottery prizes. Most of them will wait up to 6 months for you to claim a prize, while others wait a whole year. New Mexico, on the other hand, is the only state to only allow 90 days. When playing online, you will receive clear instructions as to the next steps if you win too big a prize to receive online.

Do Lottery Winners Need to Reveal Their Identities in the Mega Millions?

Some states will allow winners to remain anonymous. In the following states and also if you play online through the websites that we reviewed, your identity will be preserved:

  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Texas

In any other case, your name and city will probably be disclosed on the official reports issued by the local lotteries.

FAQs About How To Buy Mega Millions Tickets

Are There Any Discounts or Bonuses to Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online?
Yes. There are different discount bundles and promotions available on the websites that we recommend. That does not apply to local retailers or playing in the United States.
Can I Purchase Mega Millions Lottery Tickets from Outside the United States?
Of course. That is the whole point of us teaching you how to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets through varied forms. Choose one of the best lottery sites and hope for the jackpot that you are as entitled to as any American.
How Many Mega Millions Tickets Can You Buy at One Time?
You can buy as many Mega Millions tickets as you want, without limits.
When Can You Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets?
Mega Millions lottery tickets are available any day, but there is a short cut-off time that must be respected. To avoid it, as every state has its own sales stop period, we advise you to purchase your tickets at least a couple of hours before the drawing.
When Do The Drawings Occur?
Mega Millions drawings occur at 11:00 p.m. ET every Tuesday and Friday.
Are Lottery Winnings Taxable in the United States?
Yes, everyone is subject to state and federal taxes. Federal taxes are fixed at around 24% for winning above $5,000. If you are not a resident, you must pay 30%. State taxes obviously vary according to the jurisdictions, and we advise you to look at the lotteries page to figure out how much you would owe.
What Is the Biggest Jackpot Ever Won in the Mega Millions?
The biggest jackpot ever won in the Mega Millions was 1.537 billion, in the drawing on October 23, 2018. A single ticket won that amount.
What Payment Methods are Accepted?
The payment methods accepted on the websites that we recommend range from credit cards to e-wallets and payment systems. On the other hand, your options playing at local retailers or state lotteries in the United States tend to be limited to cards and cash only.



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