Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Colorado?

Playing the lottery in Colorado is both diverse due to the good number of lottery games available and patriotic – since billions from sales have been invested in the state. Are you interested in discovering how to buy lottery tickets online in Colorado? We certainly understand the eagerness to purchase slips from the comfort of your home, and the good news is that we have selected a safe and legit way of doing so.

Is It Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Colorado?

At the moment, the law connected to the lotteries in Colorado only has provisions connected to the distribution of revenue. As a result of the lack of prohibition, there are legal and official ways to buy lottery tickets online in Colorado, unlike when you try to buy lottery tickets online in California.

Law Purpose Prohibition
24-35-201 et seq. The lottery revenue goes to investments in wildlife restoration, outdoor activities, preservation of open spaces, and parks. Ticket sale for higher prices; sale to minors; unauthorized sales.

To be safe and benefit from that legality, you need to choose official partners of the Colorado Lottery. We have the best recommendations available, but first, let’s get to know the games that you can play.

Best Lottery Tickets To Buy in Colorado: What Games Are Available?

The same games you would find by visiting a licensed retailer are found online if you use the right app. We will highlight them and connect them to our specific lottery results page so that you do not miss your prize once you start playing them.

Colorado Pick 3

Both Midday and Evening Colorado Pick 3 are available to play online. With much smaller prizes when compared to multi-state games, it is the perfect choice for players who want easy odds – the biggest prize requires only 1 in 1,000, and the game’s overall odds are 1 in 100 only. Drawings only do not occur on Sundays, and you can play it twice a day if you want.

Colorado Cash 5

Cash 5 is a fixed-price lottery just like Pick 3, but prizes are as high as $20,000, and players have the chance to win instant prizes up to $500. The overall odds are only 1 in 6.2, and there is a Cash 5 drawing every day if you are more of a regular player. Now that you know that you can buy lottery tickets online in Colorado remember that it is also possible to purchase tickets for several games at once.

Colorado Lotto+

Colorado Lotto, now named Lotto+, is the ideal choice of lottery game for anyone who wants prizes starting from $1 million but with odds that are easier than on multi-state games. Your overall odds of 1 in 30 are a bit higher than in the lower-prize lotteries, but it is worth it. Players can also add the Lotto Plus option for $1 and win up to $250,000 in a second drawing.

Lucky for Life

Playing Lucky for Life can result in small prizes up to $5,000 or receiving $25,000 a year or $1,000 a day for life. It is the only game in Colorado that can result in lifetime prizes, but players can still opt for a lump sum if they want to. The odds of getting the best prize are 1 in 30 million, 2x better than in Cash4Life, not available in Colorado.

Mega Millions

As seen in our Mega Millions history, this is a good option for anyone looking for huge prizes. Often reaching close to half a billion dollars in jackpot prizes, Mega Millions has odds of 1 in 302 million for its best price. You will need regular numbers and a Mega Ball for better prizes, but the Megaplier add-on can be your “trump card” to multiply secondary prizes up to 5x.


With odds better than Mega Millions and the current record among the US lotteries, Powerball is a common choice when buying online lottery tickets in Colorado. The Powerplay feature can improve the secondary prizes up to 10x, and you now have three chances every week of becoming a millionaire or at least granting a big prize.

How to Play the Colorado Lottery Games Online?

There is currently one way of playing the Colorado lottery games online: using the Jackpocket app. Jackpocket has an agreement with the Colorado Lottery to offer its games as an agent that started in 2020. The service can be accessed by anyone in the state.

Jackpocket app

  1. Open an account by first downloading the Jackpocket app to your Android or iOS device. Get it now by clicking here!
  2. Provide your details to generate a valid account and verify your identity to prove you are a Coloradoan by scanning your driver’s license or ID.
  3. Add funds to the account that you will use to buy lottery tickets online in Colorado.
  4. Fill the play slips that you want to add to your cart from anywhere, as long as you have the app and an internet connection. Check the best lottery tickets to buy in California above before you make a decision!
  5. Complete the purchase and wait for the results that you can always check on LotteryTexts!

How to Claim Prizes From Colorado Lottery Online Purchase?

By playing via Jackpocket, the only legal way to buy lottery tickets online in Colorado, you are subject to the same rules of players who play at local retailers. However, small prizes that would be collected at stores are automatically added to the online account from which you can withdraw. You will be notified by the Jackpocket app with the instructions to claim bigger prizes, but keep in mind you will need documents and the printed ticket they send you.

How to Check the Results When You Buy Colorado Lottery Tickets Online?

You do not have to wait for an email letting you know that you have become a winner. Either if you buy lottery tickets online in Colorado or at a local retailer, you can always check our Colorado results page. Aside from the latest drawings, you can have access to the complete history and compare it with all your existing tickets.


How Can I Buy Lottery Tickets in Colorado?
You can buy lottery tickets in Colorado’s licensed retailers, but the most comfortable way of doing so is using the Jackpocket app.
How Old I Have to Be to Buy Lottery Tickets in Colorado?
You must be at least 18 years old to buy lottery tickets in Colorado.
What Happens to Money Made From the Colorado Lottery?
According to Colorado state law, 40% of the proceeds go to a trust fund that benefits conservation activities, and 10% goes to the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to cover acquisition and development costs. The rest of the revenue goes to the lottery prizes.
How Long Do I Have to Claim My Winnings in Colorado?
You have 180 days to claim your winnings from lottery tickets in Colorado.
What Time Can You Buy Lottery Tickets in Colorado?
You can purchase lottery tickets in Colorado at any time. However, check out the sales-close moment before the drawings, which is available in the app.
Where to Buy Lottery Tickets in Colorado?
You could go to a local retailer and spend time and effort to purchase physical tickets. However, we recommend purchasing via the Jackpocket app with a digital ticket that you cannot lose and that you can play from anywhere.
Can I Buy Lottery Tickets with Debit or Credit Card in Colorado?
Yes, credit and debit cards are some of the many payment methods available.


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