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Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Arkansas?

Since September 2020, you can buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas, saving your precious time and purchasing authentic tickets in a matter of seconds. We know that this piece of information can be somewhat new to many lottery fans in Arkansas and that there can be doubts about the legality and how everything works. The good news is that you do not have to worry, as LotteryTexts explains everything.

Is It Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Arkansas?

It is legal to buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas because the local government has established partnerships to allow it. As a result, all the local games that could be otherwise played at a local retailer are now accessible from the palm of our hand. Since it demands authorization according to the following law, that is not available in every online lottery that we recommend, only Jackpocket.

Law Purpose Prohibition
23-115-101, et seq. – Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act To fund scholarships within the state through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and supplement educational resources not related to the lottery. Sale to minors or the incarcerated; selling for anything other than cash; sale by a non-certified retailer.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Arkansas

Therefore, the only certified and legal way to play the online lottery in Arkansas is to choose Jackpocket. Users can purchase tickets with ease through the app, which is not the case at local retailers.

Best Lottery Tickets To Buy in Arkansas: What Games Are Available?

The Arkansas State Lottery does not have the largest array of lottery games in the United States. Still, we can find many daily games and popular multi-state games that everyone loves. They can be found within the Jackpocket app, as shown below.

Arkansas Cash 3 & Cash 4

Cash 3 and Cash 4 are popular and simple Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. They occur twice a day and grant low prizes with accessible odds for lottery players not aiming at millions. Still, every winning ticket can ensure the prize, leaving room for speculation and a big prize with many tickets for the same combination.

Arkansas Cash 3 & Cash 4

Natural State Jackpot

The Natural State Jackpot Cash 5 is a local game with jackpots starting at $50,000 and odds of 1 in over 575,000 of matching that prize. Without any cap, it is common for that jackpot to reach amounts as big as $400,000. The game has not suffered many alterations except for its jackpot prize since its 2012. You need to pick 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 39 and wait.

Lucky for Life

If draw games that ensure regular payments for the rest of your life sound better than a single payment, you might want to stick with Lucky for Life. You can get $1,000 a day or $25,000 a year for life with the first and second prize, respectively. Fortunately, there are 10 prize tiers that can allow you to keep playing until you score big time. Most players choose annuities over the lump sum of $7 million, and it is easy to understand why.

Powerball & Mega Millions

It is impossible to deny that Powerball and Mega Millions are alike, and both these challenging lotteries are available on the Jackpocket app with granted millionaire jackpots. Either by choosing the numbers yourself or generating easy-pick tickets, your participation is granted playing them that way.

How to Play the Arkansas Lottery Games Online?

As explained, the only legal way to buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas is to use the Jackpocket app, which is partnered with several US states. The whole process is quite easy and much shorter after you register and make your first purchase:

  1. Download the Jackpocket app, which is available for Android and iOS. Make sure you are using an official link to download the real app, so click here to download Jackpocket.
  2. Register an account with your real details. Make sure to verify any information that you type to avoid any confirmation problems. It will be necessary to confirm your ID by scanning a valid document of yours. You must be from Arkansas to play its local games.
  3. Make your first deposit to use that money in order to buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas.
  4. Choose any of the available games and either pick the numbers yourself or let the system automatically generate the tickets that you wish to purchase. You can do that from anywhere, at any time, with an internet connection!
  5. Buy the tickets and make sure to keep checking the latest lottery results here at LotteryTexts!

How to Claim Prizes From Arkansas Lottery Online Purchase?

Jackpocket is an intermediate that allows you to buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas. As such, you will be under the same local rules to claim your online lottery winnings. The exception is that small prizes, which you would be able to pick from licensed retailers otherwise, are automatically added to your account.

As for the bigger prizes, you will have to follow the rules of Arkansas and claim them, taking your printed ticket with you to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center. From Monday to Friday, it is open between 8:00 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. local time, at 124 W. Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72201.

How to Check the Results When You Buy Arkansas Lottery Tickets Online?

Everybody wants to check the lottery results as soon as possible to figure out if they have won anything. That is why, in this specific case, we recommend that you bookmark and check the Arkansas lottery results page every time you play it online. That is the easiest way to verify the drawing history, not to mention all the data that can be used for your lottery strategies.


How Can I Buy Lottery Tickets in Arkansas?
Local licensed retailers sell the lottery tickets physically, which can be risky if you lose them and demand your time whenever you want to play it. Fortunately, you can buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas with the Jackpocket app, as explained above.
How Old I Have to Be to Buy Lottery Tickets in Arkansas?
You must be at least 18 years old to buy lottery tickets in Arkansas.
What Happens to Money Made From the Arkansas Lottery?
66% of the lottery income pays out the lottery prizes, 20% is directed to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education for the funding of scholarships, and 14% covers costs, commissions, sales, and administration fees.
How Long Do I Have to Claim My Winnings in Arkansas?
You have 180 days to claim your winnings from lottery tickets in Arkansas.
What Time Can You Buy Lottery Tickets in Arkansas?
You can purchase lottery tickets in Arkansas at any time, especially with the app in the palm of your hand. However, there is a sales-stop period before each drawing, and it will also show on your app.
Where to Buy Lottery Tickets in Arkansas?
Any licensed retailer in Arkansas will be selling tickets for the aforementioned lottery games. You do not need to leave the comfort of your house or change your routine, as you can play those same games from the Jackpocket app since September 2020.
Can I Buy Lottery Tickets With a Debit or Credit Card in Arkansas?
Yes, credit and debit cards are some of the many payment methods available.



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