How to Buy El Gordo Lottery Tickets?

Due to its many prize tiers and relevant payouts with a minimum €5 million jackpot, there are many players from all around the world who want to know how to buy El Gordo lottery tickets. We built this simple and straightforward guide to purchasing unlimited tickets with a discount to cover that demand, with all the information that you will need.

Where to Buy El Gordo Tickets?

Your choices when it comes to buying El Gordo lottery tickets include online and physical purchases. Online purchases are available for Spanish players on the official website of El Gordo, which simply works as a digital retailer. On the other hand, everyone else can purchase tickets on lottery agents or betting sites, with discounts and bonuses.

For the second group, all it takes is to choose at least one of the lottery sites. If you are not willing to play online, everybody in Spain can also buy El Gordo lottery tickets at licensed retailers.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase Lottery Tickets in Spain?

From El Gordo to all others, Spanish lotteries demand that players must be at least 18 years old. From that age, you can play it in Spain or just anywhere else using the websites that we analyzed.

In addition, the legislation of any country from which players wish to buy online El Gordo lottery tickets overlaps with any other. That means that you should consider the limitation in your country if the legal age to gamble is higher than 18 years old.

How Much Can You Win by Playing El Gordo?

Being a pari-mutuel game, the prizes always vary according to ticket sales. On the other hand, the jackpot is never less than €5 million and keeps increasing if nobody matches all the necessary numbers. The biggest jackpot ever paid was €33 million back on July 14, 2011, with no limits to the maximum possible payment.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current ticket cost to play El Gordo is set at only €1, and it is possible to get discount bundles. They are often found on the websites that we recommend.

How to Buy El Gordo Tickets Online?

Not everyone looking for how to buy El Gordo lottery tickets online knows that there are safe and reliable websites available for people outside of Spain as well. While Spanish players have the official website, others can rely on licensed and reviewed lottery agents following the next steps.

5 Steps to Buy on Recommended Lottery Websites

  1. There are several recommended and operating websites where you can buy El Gordo tickets online. Choose one of those we ranked on this website for your next purchase according to the benefits that call your attention.
  2. Within a single minute, you get to register an account under the full protection of an SSL certificate. That is one of the security features that we check on our reviews.
  3. As soon as you have your account prepared, you are all set to buy El Gordo La Primitiva lottery tickets. Start by opening its respective page on the chosen website and choose five numbers from 1 to 54, plus a special number ranging from 0 to 9, for every ticket that you wish to purchase.
  4. You can add as many El Gordo lines as you want to complete the purchase. Take a look at bundles, special offers, and subscription discounts that you can apply. Once you are all set, proceed to checkout.
  5. Pay for the tickets, and you will find your proof on the account. Remember to check the El Gordo results to discover if you have won anything.

Official Website

Spanish players can use the El Gordo website to purchase their tickets directly, although there are no discounts as those found on the websites that we recommend. In any case, it is still a valid option and better than going to a local retailer.

Mobile App

Every single online option mentioned here is mobile responsive, meaning that you can buy El Gordo lottery tickets from the mobile browser. However, some websites will also have Android and iOS apps, making it even easier to buy tickets.

What Happens to Money Made From El Gordo?

The total money collected through revenue sales is distributed at specific rates. The prizes receive 45% of that amount, while another 45% goes to the Spanish Government to cover the costs and fund departments. Around 10% is allocated to pay refund tickets.

What Happens to Unclaimed Lottery Money in El Gordo?

As in other lotteries, unclaimed jackpots are distributed according to Spain’s rules for El Gordo La Primitiva. Instead of going to the winner, that money pays future drawings and supports good causes.

How are El Gordo Winnings Paid Out?

Regardless of the size, all the prizes coming from El Gordo are paid out as a single lump sum. If you win above €2,500, your prize will get discounted at a tax rate of 20%. Taxes apply even when playing from abroad.

How to Claim Your Prize?

When playing in Spain, winnings up to €2,500 can be claimed at local retailers. Players who choose lottery agent websites will also receive the prize on their account, ready to be withdrawn. On the other hand, amounts higher than that require claiming in person in some Spanish banks or from the official lottery headquarters.

The only exception applies to those who bought El Gordo lottery tickets on lottery betting sites. In that case, you do not have to claim anything, and the full prize is paid to your account.

How Long Do You Have to Claim Your Winnings in El Gordo?

The limit for everyone who participated in one of the El Gordo drawings is established at 3 months. Winners of any prize have 90 days to claim what they deserve, or else they lose the chance. Fortunately, anyone who plays using the websites that we recommend receives alerts.

Do Lottery Winners Need to Reveal Their Identities in El Gordo?

El Gordo La Primitiva is among the dozens of online lottery games that allow you to remain anonymous if you win a prize. They are all available on the lottery agent websites that we recommend you to use.

FAQs About How To Buy El Gordo Tickets

Are There Any Discounts or Bonuses to Buy El Gordo Tickets Online?
Sure, if you use a lottery agent to buy your El Gordo lottery tickets. There are exclusive offers for the first deposit, as well as discounts for bundle purchases.
Can I Purchase El Gordo Lottery Tickets from Outside Spain?
Yes, that is what we explain exactly under the 5 steps to buy El Gordo lottery tickets online. You have the same rights as any Spanish player playing it locally.
How Many El Gordo Tickets Can You Buy at One Time?
You can buy as many El Gordo lottery tickets as you want, especially if playing online.
When Can You Buy El Gordo Lottery Tickets?
El Gordo lottery tickets are available throughout the week, but remember that there is a sale cut-off time right before the drawing. You will not be able to purchase tickets on Sundays between 07:30 p.m. and 09:30 p.m. CET.
When Do The Drawings Occur?
El Gordo drawings occur at 09:30 p.m. CET every Sunday.
Are Lottery Winnings Taxable in Spain?
Prizes up to €2,500 are free of taxes in Spain. Anything above that suffers a deduction of 20% in taxes.
What Is the Biggest Jackpot Ever Won in the El Gordo?
The biggest jackpot ever won in El Gordo was €33 million, paid on July 14, 2011.
What Payment Methods are Accepted?
If you want a wide range of payment methods, we recommend buying El Gordo lottery tickets online at the licensed websites that we analyzed. From e-wallets to a bank transfer, you get more options than just a credit card or cash, like at retailers.


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