The 6 Best Online Lottery Games in 2022

The exclusivity and advantages of buying lottery tickets online are rapidly attracting more and more players from all around the world. On the other hand, some of the websites where buying tickets to foreign lotteries is possible might have 20, 30, or sometimes even 60 different lotteries. Since the purpose of playing the lottery is to cover many tickets from a few selected games to win, it makes sense to know the best online lottery games in 2022.

As always, our purpose here is to make the life of every lottery player easier. We started that mission by introducing reliable lottery sites to play here at LotteryTexts, and now you will discover the 6 best online lottery games to play this year.

What Are the 6 Best Online Lottery Games in 2022?

Our team gathered to decide on the most important criteria that define what the best online lottery games look like. Our combined experience and over a decade of playing online lottery games resulted in six games that you most probably did not know were good.

If you are resistant to changes, be warned that you will not find the most common picks. In fact, that might be an advantage, since you will not be competing with that many people when it comes to sharing prizes.

1. Lotto 6/49 – Canada

Our first and also #1 choice among the best online lottery games is Lotto 6/49 from Canada. Thanks to online lottery sites like LottoAgent, you can play it from other countries as well and try jackpots starting at C$5,000,000. In addition, you can participate in an add-on game with prizes of up to C$ 1 million, and there is an automatic entry in a prize draw that pays C$ 1,000,000 guaranteed to a random ticket purchased in Lotto 6/49.

Lotto 649 - Canada

Your jackpot odds in 6/49 are 1 in 13,983,816. Aside from those great characteristics, there are 6 other prize tiers with overall odds of 1 in 6.6, and no rollover limit applied. The C$3 entry cost makes up for the extra perks, and the game has provenly safe results generated by RNG (Random Number Generator).

2. France Lotto

Coming second in our selection of the best online lottery games to play in 2022, the French Lotto has odds of 1 in 19,068,840 to win at least €2 million. Its 5/49 + 1/10 format works so well that the maximum jackpot of €36 million has never been reached. Someone always hit the jackpot way before that.

France Lotto

Similar to other great lottery games, your ticket also has a raffle entry for additional prizes. In total, every drawing has ten €20,000 prizes to be randomly paid, and there is a second drawing for an additional cost.

With three weekly drawings, the France Loto (French Lotto) tickets cost €2.20 each, and you may choose to play up to 52 drawings in advance. Thanks to the fact that there are no lottery taxes applied in France, less of your prize will be deducted from you.

3. Eurojackpot

Among the best online lotteries of 2022, Eurojackpot is the one that calls attention to being on this list with such a high starting jackpot at €10 million. Its highest possible jackpot of €90 million already occurred dozens of times, and since it has to stop rolling over, that is an excellent moment to play and have better chances of winning a big prize.

Its odds of 1 in 95,344,200 are better than the well-known Euromillions, and there is nothing less than 12 prize tiers. Amazing, isn’t it?

Eurojackpot lottery ticket


Having to choose 2 Euronumbers in addition to the 5/50 drum is quite a challenge, but I had to include this more difficult and, at the same time, rewarding option. Fortunately, it is perfectly easy to fit it into your weekly plays since there is only one drawing per week. Besides, you might try using our Pick 5 lottery strategies for this game.

4. Irish Lotto

Back to the selection of less pursued national lotteries, the Irish Lotto is an excellent pick with odds of 1 in 10,737,573 with a minimum jackpot of €2 million. Aside from those tempting odds, it is among the lotteries that rarely ever reach the highest possible cap. In other words, the jackpot comes out often, and that is a great sign.

Irish Lotto

Another great feature that makes the Irish Lotto deserve to be among the best online lottery games this year is the two additional drawings it holds. On the website that we recommend below, you can get a ticket for €2.20 – no minimum of 2 entries like at local retailers in Ireland – and you can enter the Irish Lotto Plus drawing!

On top of that opportunity, there are ongoing raffles of €500 for every drawing!

5. BonoLoto

Spain’s BonoLoto lottery is a 6/49 lottery game with a total prize that is considerably lower than the jackpot of other lotteries here. However, the criteria we used include ticket price, and that is when it becomes interesting. There are 6 prize tiers, and each ticket costs only €0.50.


The overall odds of 1 in 8.43 are acceptable, and although the jackpot starts at €400,000, it commonly comes out as a millionaire prize. With six drawings every week and such a low price, BonoLoto is a budget option for those who want something different from what we have listed in this best online lottery games list so far.

6. Austrian Lotto

The Austrian Lotto has a jackpot that is not much further from what the other best online lottery games here provide while having a clear advantage in terms of odds. The jackpot of at least €1.5 million comes out with odds of 1 in 8,415,060. There are seven other prize tiers with overall odds of 1 in 12, and even a Bonus Number is drawn every time to help you conquer some of those prize tiers – except for the jackpot.

Austrian Lotto

Many big jackpot prizes of the Austrian Lotto stop at around €9 million, and that prize comes out often. That is one of the characteristics that helped the Austrian Lotto into this list. Although you will not have trouble claiming prizes playing online, it offers 3 years as the maximum deadline to claim them. 

On top of the features, Austria has no extra lottery taxes on you when you win this game. Do not forget that you may also purchase a LottoPlus entry for a small cost when you purchase a ticket.

Bonus: Instant Scratchcards

Although there are features and characteristics that vary from one lottery game to another, the process of playing the best lottery games online is quite similar. Sometimes, we just feel like we could enjoy something different while still aiming at big prizes. That is when scratch cards come in handy.

It is important to highlight that the offer of those instant lottery games might vary from one country to another. For example, you will find many excellent picks on theLotter:

Instant Scratchcards

When you are feeling tempted to scratch one of those cards, or you simply have around $2 or $3 extra, you might want to add an instant card to your cart. The main advantage, aside from being really fun, is that this type of lottery game will instantly add money to your account.

Where Are Mega Millions and Powerball?

Even though I warned from the beginning of this list of the best online lottery games, I know some people were certain that they would find popular names like Mega Millions and Powerball among them.

Yes, they are excellent games, and it is impressive that Mega Millions has crossed the $1 billion milestone more than once. However, if we were to choose games based on the prize and popularity, we would be adding games that are extremely hard. What is the point of playing a game that you have to be 10x to 30x luckier to win when compared to other millionaire lotteries?

Therefore, just like SuperEnalotto is a really fun game with a huge jackpot but incredibly hard odds, I had to keep Powerball and Mega Millions out. Just compare how you can still get a life-changing prize with the Ireland Lotto or Lotto 6/49 with much better odds, and I know that you will agree with me.

How to Choose the Best Online Lottery Games?

The identification of the features and main characteristics of all the best online lottery games listed here gives you an idea of why they are listed in the first place. Now, our job here went through a deep analysis of some relevant criteria, and that is how we shortened the list down to 6 relevant games. Here are our parameters:

Criteria How to Evaluate Excluded
Odds The odds need to be proportional to the prize, but even huge prizes will not make up for virtually impossible odds. Lotteries with the same prizes as others but tougher odds.
Prize The prize needs to be enough to change someone’s life. Small prizes that would help pay off bills at best. There are many of those, and we want the best ones only.
Access It should be easy to play that lottery online, including fast payment methods available. Lotteries that are only available physically or on websites that we have not tested.
Entertainment It needs to be fun to play, even if players most often choose to randomly choose numbers. Boring lotteries, but we could not find any 🙂
Price Lotteries that have a fair price considering both odds and the prize. Tickets that cost more than other entries for lotteries with the same or better prizes.

You may choose to apply those criteria to all the lotteries that you can find on the websites that we recommend here. If not, at least you know that the work done here was a serious one taking into account only your best experience and nothing else.

4 Steps: How to Play the Best Online Lottery Games in 2022?

One of the best advantages of playing online lottery games on tested and licensed websites is to know that it is extremely easy to play the lottery online. You may follow the simple process below on any of the sites for any of the lotteries, and it will work like a charm.

1. Pick the Online Lottery Games You Want to Play

Did you think that choosing one of the tested websites was the first step? Notice that the offer of games varies greatly, and that is why the games must come first. Once you decide what game to play, you will know what website to choose.

2. Register on a Lottery Site

It is time to decide if you prefer to bet on the lottery results or purchase real tickets. You might even pick a hybrid site with both options: LottoAgent. After making that choice, you need to create an account, which should take less than two minutes of your time.

Register on a Lottery Site

3. Complete Tickets and Fill Your Cart

Now that you have the website with the best online lottery games that you want to play, just fill the tickets or let the system pick them for you. In the example below, see how easy it is to complete the France Loto tickets:

France Loto tickets

4. Buy Your Tickets

Regardless of whether you are purchasing real tickets through the lottery agent website or betting on the results, you will have the digital representation of your participation. All that you need to do is to pay for the tickets, and you may choose to deposit or automatically pay with your favorite payment method.

The Best Online Lottery Games May Be Different for You

Although we did our best job to make a perfect selection that should please at least the vast majority of players, we cannot please everyone. As a result, you may use our criteria, and perhaps even have some of your own, to select some other games that are the best in your opinion.

Still, I’d like to emphasize the importance of at least getting to know and trying some of the games we have listed here. As duly explained, each choice had a reason, and you will most probably want one or two of those in your weekly purchases.


Who Can Play the Best Lottery Games Online?
Anyone who is at least 18 years old can play the best lottery games online, as long as your local law does not apply to another gambling age. When that is the case, you must wait until you are of legal gambling age in your country.
Is It Better to Prioritize Lower Odds or Bigger Prizes?
It depends on the best risk ratio, in your opinion. I prefer to have better odds of winning smaller prizes than taking high risks for better prizes, but you might have the opposite opinion.
How to Win on the Best Online Lottery Games?
In order to win, you just need to play. Each additional ticket means another chance, and that is the only way of improving your odds.
Can Anyone Play Lottery Games Online?
Anyone who is of legal gambling age and not among the restricted countries of the websites that we recommend here can play all of those online lottery games.
Why Is Powerball Not Among the Best Online Lottery Games?
As explained, Powerball has excellent prizes but really difficult odds. It is not the hardest game available, but the best game needs to be more realistic.


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