Best Lottery Syndicates – Beat the Odds With Group Play

The best lottery syndicates found for popular games not only make it easier to play with several tickets but increase the odds of winning at a tiny cost. For the majority of cases of people looking for a way to beat the odds, that form of group play is the only way to actually have better chances to win.

This guide aims at introducing you to the best lottery syndicates online because that is the easiest way to anonymously have better odds in the lottery. Also, you will understand how to correctly identify them and if that is the best alternative for you.

What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who play the lottery together. If you play by yourself, imagine covering 500 tickets of Mega Millions for the total price of $1,000. That same deal could cost only around $15 at theLotter, thanks to the syndicates. In summary, the total cost is divided among the players, and the prize is shared.

If you want to know more about that form of group play in full detail, check out our guide on what a lottery syndicate is.

How Do Lottery Syndicates Work?

In order to play the best lottery syndicates, you need to know exactly how they work. With physical tickets, unless the local lottery organizes group plays of its own, it may be hard to decide who will take the responsibility of purchasing the tickets and claiming the prize. When we talk about the best syndicates for lotteries, the automatic online systems work in a much more efficient way.

Lottery Syndicates

You simply make a purchase as if you were playing the lottery online with quick picks, as the syndicates already have the combinations, and you will not choose the numbers. From that moment on, you simply wait for the next lottery results and get the prize without the need to claim on behalf of the syndicate.

What Are the Best Lottery Syndicates Online?

There are plenty of options for syndicates to play online, and each one of them is a good deal when it comes to saving money to participate in lotteries. However, some of them have better conditions or are simply offered by websites with great discounts, bonuses, or payment methods. Check out our selection below:

Syndicate Number of Lines Cost Price per Line Play Now
Mega Millions on theLotter 500 $15.00 $0.03
Power Combo Team (Mega Millions + SuperEnalotto + Powerball) on WinTrillions 3.080 $36.00 $0.01
EuroMillions on LottoAgent 100 $5.50 $0.05
Powerball on theLotter 200 $13.89 $0.07
SuperEnalotto Team on WinTrillions 180 (Week) $5.00 (Week) $0.02
Australian Saturday Lotto on LottoAgent 200 $2.69 $0.01

Notice that you can spend less per ticket when you purchase group plays with more lines. Among the best lottery syndicates, you will find some options with subscriptions, such as the Power Combo Team that united Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, and Powerball into a single option.

To make your purchase more assertive, let’s take a deeper look at the best online lottery syndicates.

1. Mega Millions on theLotter

The Mega Millions syndicate on theLotter has an impressive number of 500 tickets for a very affordable cost of $15. In other words, you pay 1,5% of the actual cost of having that many tickets and combinations of Mega Millions. As in any other of the best online lottery syndicates, you remain anonymous and have a big chance of winning a good prize. theLotter also has many other popular lottery games available through syndicates.

  • Recommended to: Fans of US lotteries
  • Best feature: Low cost
  • Drawing days: Tuesday and Friday
  • 500 tickets for the price of 7
  • Syndicate hosted by a trustworthy company
  • Large jackpots

2. Power Combo Team on WinTrillions

Instead of settling for a single lottery game, you can choose among the best syndicates with more than one game on WinTrillions. In exchange, you only need to subscribe for at least a month of participation for a very affordable price. You would be participating in Mega Millions, Powerball, and SuperEnalotto with at least one drawing per day and real chances of winning hundreds of millions of dollars.

Power Combo Team on WinTrillions

  • Recommended to: Players who love big jackpots
  • Best feature: Long-term subscription
  • Drawing days: Every day
  • Play over 3,000 lines throughout a month
  • Lottery betting site - no need to claim!
  • Really big prizes

3. Euromillions on LottoAgent

The top-selling European lottery is also available through lottery syndicates, and the one on LottoAgent is among the best options you will find these days. You can play a hundred lines of Euromillions with a single click and have the same chances as someone paying for 100 tickets, even if you live outside of Europe. You only need to be registered on LottoAgent and choose it among the many top-level syndicates offered there.

Euromillions on LottoAgent

  • Recommended to: Lottery players who like games with many tiers.
  • Best feature: Low price
  • Drawing days: Tuesday and Friday
  • Big starting jackpot with increasing rollover
  • Possible to choose between betting or real purchase.
  • Many prize tiers

4. Powerball on theLotter

Just like Mega Millions, Powerball is among the best lottery syndicates on theLotter. Although it is also available on other lottery sites because of its popularity, theLotter has a really good deal for less than $14, in which you get 200 lines. It is almost the cost of the Mega Millions deal with a lot more tickets, so always compare their jackpots.

  • Recommended to: Anyone who wants to play Powerball with better chances.
  • Best feature: World’s record jackpot
  • Drawing days: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Worldwide popular lottery
  • Millionaire jackpots every time
  • Available everywhere

5. SuperEnalotto Team on WinTrillions

The best lottery syndicates of WinTrillions are not limited to bundles and subscriptions. You can purchase weekly participation in the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery with 60 chances every time. Also, it is quite an interesting number of tickets compared with the other top lottery syndicates here, and they come at an affordable price. You would get much more expensive pricing on theLotter, with the difference that WinTrillions is a lottery betting site.

  • Recommended to: Players who like lotteries with difficult odds.
  • Best feature: Weekly participation
  • Drawing days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Improve the odds of a challenging lottery
  • One purchase can include one or more weeks
  • Often hundreds of millions of euros in prizes

6. Australian Saturday Lotto on LottoAgent

If the jackpot odds of the other best lottery syndicates are still impressive after considering all the entries you will have, there are simpler options. With a price that equals the ticket price of many lottery games out there, you can get 200 lines on the Australian Saturday Lotto. While the prizes are smaller, they are still quite interesting and come with more reasonable odds.

Australian Saturday Lotto on LottoAgent

  • Recommended to: Players who prefer easier odds
  • Best feature: Really low price
  • Drawing days: Saturday
  • Easier than the most popular lotteries
  • A good number of entries
  • Ideal for that remaining balance on the website

How to Choose the Best Lottery Syndicates?

When you look for the right group play for you, you need to consider the best lottery syndicate websites first. All the ones listed here were tested and approved by our team, but we understand that it is the right thing to do to let you know how you can identify the best lottery syndicates by yourself.

License and Security

Before any other parameter, it is mandatory to verify the license of an existing syndicate website and if it offers security to your data and payments. Regardless of the price or number of lines, the best lottery syndicates can only occur on websites where you cannot get scammed.

As long as the website operates under a valid license and has an SSL certificate, you can go on and check users’ feedback and its reputation. Of course, you can also rely on our recommendations and save a lot of time.

User Experience

Every player wants to get a satisfactory experience when playing the best lottery syndicates. We also consider that aspect when we evaluate what websites to recommend, but everyone can have a different staying on that matter. Therefore, our recommendation is to always test the website and app or the brands that interest you the most. From that perspective, you can choose the best lottery syndicates to play.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the advantages of playing the best lottery syndicates online, aside from the efficiency and being really easy, is the availability of promotions. All of the websites recommended here offer at least one type of promotion on top of the syndicate's low price.

lottery syndicates bonuses

At the moment, the best deal that you can get is available on theLotter, where you can get from 15% to 25% off the syndicate price. That is exactly when playing the lottery syndicates becomes the best lottery deal of your life.

Lottery Variety and Jackpot Prizes

Some of the best sites for lottery syndicates will have more lottery games or exclusive offers that you would not find on other websites. Therefore, consider checking the variety of lotteries included in the syndicates, how much the jackpot prize would be after sharing it with the other players, and other similar considerations. That way, you can filter the ones that would truly be the best lottery syndicates in your case.

How to Play in the Best Lottery Syndicates Online?

  1. Choose one of the lottery sites with syndicates tested and listed here on LotteryTexts. Remember that they are all trustworthy, but their conditions vary.
  2. Register an account to be ready to purchase syndicate entries whenever you want.

Lottery Syndicates Online

  1. Find the “syndicates” or “group play” page. Some websites like theLotter will offer the Syndicate option only after you choose one of the lottery games.

Best Lottery Syndicates

  1. Choose the bundle that you prefer according to the number of tickets and price. Add as many shares as you like - each share has the announced number of tickets and gets a portion of the prize.
  2. Pay for the shares added to your cart with your preferred payment method.
  3. Wait for the drawing results and discover if any of the participating entries resulted in a prize.

Pros & Cons of Lottery Syndicates

  • Drastically improve the odds of winning while reducing the price per ticket up to 100x.
  • Higher chances of getting several lower-tier prizes, even if you do not get the jackpot.
  • It is possible to purchase many shares and get more money if you win.
  • You can make huge purchases of entries with a click.
  • You will remain anonymous.
  • You will need to share the prize with other winners.
  • Scam risk if you do not play on a legit website.

How Can the Best Lottery Syndicates Help You Win?

Let’s consider the best lottery syndicates that we have already listed and compare them with regular tickets. The reduction in odds is what will precisely identify how the best lottery syndicates can help you win.

Lottery Syndicate Regular Odds With One Ticket Odds With Syndicate Cost Play Now
Mega Millions on theLotter 1 in 302,575,350 1 in 605,150 $15.00
EuroMillions on LottoAgent 1 in 139,838,160 1 in 1,398,381 $5.50
Powerball on theLotter 1 in 292,201,338 1 in 1,461,006 $13.89
SuperEnalotto Team on WinTrillions 1 in 622,614,630 1 in 10,376,910 $1.67
Australian Saturday Lotto on LottoAgent 1 in 8,145,060 1 in 40,725 $2.69

Just to give an example, imagine only spending $2.69 to have odds of 1 in 40,000 of winning the Saturday Lotto from Australia instead of 1 in over 8 million. And the best part is that you can play that from anywhere, thanks to the online lotteries.

The Best Lottery Syndicates in History

There are many great stories of lottery winners that include syndicates. Just out of curiosity or to give you a better reason to check out the possibility of playing in online groups, let’s take a look at the best stories.

$1.05 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot in 2021

The syndicate of only 4 members in Michigan named the Wolverine FLL Club won $1.05 billion on Mega Million's drawing from January 22, 2021. It was a physical purchase, and we do not know for sure how many tickets they had, but the lump-sum payment of $557 million after taxes made all four of them a new person.

Wolverine FLL Club


$731.1 Million Powerball Jackpot in 2021

Close to the billionaire prize of Mega Millions, another syndicate won an enormous prize. This time, the chosen game was Powerball, and the syndicate The Power Pack was the lucky winner on January 20, 2021. Again, the syndicate was only formed by four people, which made the $546.8 million lump sum before taxes quite an impressive prize.

$516 Million Mega Millions Jackpot in 2021

The year 2021 might have been the year of syndicates, as another huge Mega Millions prize went to a syndicate on May 21, 2021. One of the quick pick tickets of the Peace of Mind Trust was the lucky one, and the prize of a $349 million cash option before taxes was divided between the five members of the syndicate.

Peace of Mind Trust


$437 Million Jackpot to Co-Workers in New York

Another record jackpot went to a syndicate in New York back in January 2019. The first day of the year was the luckiest one for 23 co-workers of Long Island when they discovered that one of their syndicate entries resulted in a total prize of $437 million. After taxes, they divided $176 million, around $7.5 million per syndicate member. They had been playing Mega Millions every week until they won with a $23 purchase.

€175.4 Million on Euromillions Went to Dublin

It is not only the United States lotteries that go well with syndicates. The Euromillions jackpot of €175.4 million went to a Dublin family who played together back on February 19, 2019. Although you might have pictured around three people, there were actually nine siblings who received €19.4 million each.

Of course, playing that way involves more safety concerns and bureaucracy. That is why the best lottery syndicates are those found online.

Why Do We Recommend the Best Lottery Syndicates?

The best way to try online lotteries is through syndicates for a varied number of reasons. First off, you will have much better odds than through the purchase of tickets unless you purchase hundreds of them and spend a lot of money. Moreover, you can have great odds for such a tiny cost that you will barely feel it.

Since playing them online offers advantages such as comfort and safety - with the right websites - it makes sense to consider them the best options available. Follow our instructions and never again take unnecessary risks.


Can You Really Win With the Best Lottery Syndicates?
Of course, as you will still be playing like anyone else. However, you will have access to many more entries than you could purchase alone.
How Many Shares Can I Buy in a Lottery Syndicate?
You can buy as many shares as you want to increase the total prize that you will receive in case of winning.
How to Claim My Prize From the Best Lottery Syndicates?
When playing online, the website will let you know that you have won. In most cases, the money is automatically added to your account and can be withdrawn.
Are the Online Lottery Syndicates Anonymous?
Yes, your identity will always be safe when you play the best online lottery syndicates.
Are Lottery Syndicate Forms Necessary?
No, you do not have to fill out any lottery syndicate forms when you play online. Simply purchase your shares and wait for the results.
How to Improve My Odds With the Best Lottery Syndicates?
The more entries you buy, the better your chances of winning. However, purchasing more shares has no effect on your odds. Be sure to understand that shares are different from unique syndicate entries.


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