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Best 11 Lottery Software and Prediction Tools that Work for 2024

There is a good variety of lottery software and tools to help you predict the lottery results, and they differ in the mechanism and theory that promise to enhance your odds. That said, LotteryTexts has selected the best 10 lottery software and prediction tools for 2024. Not surprisingly, many of them have made it to the list of the top lottery software again this year.

How to Use Lottery Software and Prediction Tools?

Each one of the best lottery software and prediction tools works differently. Some will automatically analyze past lottery results and draw history to generate numbers based on the frequency or the hot and cold numbers theory.


  • Lottery prediction tools and software cannot guarantee wins or results of any sort.
  • Each software is different in terms of resources and possibilities.
  • There is free lottery prediction software on the web.
  • As long as you play, there is always a chance of winning.

Editors Pick: 6 Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Since it could be difficult to choose one from the 10 best lottery software and prediction tools available in 2024, I have made a special Editor’s Pick selection. My purpose is to identify the software's top features that deserve to be highlighted for a reason and make it an easier decision for you.

#1 – Best Statistics Analysis for Windows: Lotto Pro

  • Smart Number Wizard
  • Suggests the elimination of unlikely numbers
  • 30+ years in the market
“One payment and a one-time download are all that players need to have a quick generator of possible winning numbers in their Windows computer.”
Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer

#2 – Best Two-in-One Algorithm: WinSlips Ultimate

  • Number reduction system
  • Yearly subscription
  • Web-based platform
“The combination of a number reduction system that provides a small pool of possibilities to play with an optimization to require only a few tickets.”
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner

#3 – Best Lottery Software for Pick 3: Pick3Sniper

  • Only used for Pick 3 games
  • Web-based platform
  • English support
“Without a doubt, the best lottery software and prediction tool for Pick 3 games, especially for players in the United States, where it is more common.”
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown

#4 – Best History: SamLotto

  • Available since 2003
  • Prediction and wheeling tools
  • Compatible with most lotteries
“Operating for around 20 years now, SamLotto charges a high one-time price for countless resources that support all the lotteries we have analyzed so far.”
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner

#5 – Best Reputation: Smart Luck

  • Over 40 years of history
  • $100 Million+ in winnings
  • Varied lottery solutions
“Not the cheapest option among the best lottery software and prediction tools, but one of the few with proven results and personalized solutions.”
Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer

#6 – Best for Lotto Wheeling: ChangeLotteryRules

  • Made for 5 and 6-numbers lottery games
  • Smart choice for lottery syndicates
  • Learn a strategic wheeling system
“A complete book on wheeling systems with a focus on the major lottery games with 5 or 6 numbers to pick from a large pool. It is often used to play in a group.”
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown

List of the Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools that Work

Now that you know some of the most recommended lottery software and prediction tools, it is time to get familiar with their features.

#1 – LottoPro


Lotto Pro is a lottery prediction software for Windows that automatically updates the drawing history and plans your numbers for you with a wheeling system. Its Smart Number Wizard identifies the best lottery numbers based on statistics.

Lotto Pro

Source: LottoPro software

In addition, Lotto Pro users do not need to be computer experts or know lottery numerology to get the best possible use from Lotto Pro.

Aside from identifying the best numbers, it also suggests which numbers you should not play and check the numbers that you provide yourself. It works with the most popular US lottery games, like Powerball and Cash4Life, aside from Pick 3, Pick 4, and similar draw games.

Why pick LottoPro?

  • Resourceful. There are many ways of using the LottoPro software to generate your next numbers through its filters.
  • Alterations. LottoPro does not let you get too comfortable with numbers that can be improved, providing solutions and changes in your combinations.
  • Compatible. You will find the most important worldwide lotteries in it, especially those from the United States.

#2 – WinSlips Ultimate


WinSlips Ultimate was created from the merge of its One-Ticket system, which generates a single line for the player to use and a number reduction system. Now, it generates anything between 1 and 8 tickets with probable numbers to the registered player.

WinSlips Ultimate

As a web-based lottery software and prediction tool, WinSlips Ultimate require no download, but its subscription only lasts for a year. You might not need to renew it, especially considering the variety of worldwide lottery games that you can play. From Mega Millions to lotteries in Jamaica, the variety is really impressive.

Why is WinSlips Ultimate recommended?

  • Fail-safe guarantee. Please do not understand it as a promise that you will win the lottery. It just means that the system does not find errors or bugs.
  • Loyal subscribers. With around 20,000 subscribers, WinSlips proves that people stick to its program.
  • Variety. Instead of being limited to a couple of Pick 3 and Pick 4 games or just to the biggest jackpot games, WinSlips Ultimate is used with dozens of games.
  • Browser-based. No need to install or download anything on your computer or mobile device.
  • Simple. Some of the best lottery software and prediction tools can be complex, but not WinSlips.

#3 – Pick3Sniper


As the name says, Pick3Sniper is for players who want better chances at having a sure shot without having to apply long and boring Pick 3 strategies themselves. Simple to use and with a friendly interface, the Pick3Sniper lottery software and prediction tool analyzes the digits that have occurred the most.

Pick3Sniper lottery prediction tool

The result is a pool of combinations that reduce the 1,000 possibilities to a couple of ones you can play once or more in every drawing. Being a very specific software, Pick3Sniper would be recommendable to players in the United States, where there is always a local Pick 3 game with prizes up to $500 per ticket. If that is your case, do not forget to check the Jackpocket app review to play Pick 3 online.

#4 – SamLotto


SamLotto has been known as a lottery prediction software that is constantly updated and for having countless resources and tools within a single software. Among its features, there are filters, a search with the analysis of numbers, a tool that predicts results, and the know-how from 20 years of existence.

SamLotto software

Source: SamLotto Software

That period of time since its creation has allowed SamLotto to be optimized to a number of lotteries, including popular worldwide ones like Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Oz Lotto, Euromillions, German Lotto, and many others. It is just not the best choice for Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, but the same company has specific software for that.

Why pick SamLotto?

  • Many Tools in One. Quick picks, lottery wheeling, complete filter to eliminate bad lottery tickets, search & analysis, and prediction software all in one.
  • Up-to-date. SamLotto is not updated every two or three years. Instead, players get constant updates with a single purchase.
  • Convert Tickets. Add, import, export, and edit tickets as you please, including running statistics analysis of .txt files of your tickets.

#5 – Smart Luck


Gail Howard, a lottery expert in the US, was the founder of Smart Luck back in the 80s. Decades after its creation, the system accumulates trust in the market and among its public, including proof of having been responsible for more than $100 million in prizes. That is for jackpot winners only.

The products offered by Smart Luck are many, including separate wheeling systems depending on the game format. Since you need to purchase the full price for each, it could be a rather expensive lottery tool.

Smart Luck

Source: Smart Luck software

Smart Luck has the Advantage Gold product that generates strategic charts according to the drawing history to use the correct numbers in those wheeling systems. The interface may look a bit complicated at first, but players usually get used to it after they take their time to learn more about how it works.

#6 – ChangeLotteryRules


ChangeLotteryRules is a book on the use of wheeling systems in major lottery games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions. It uses an original theory that is no secret but that is further explored in the book. Of course, there are no guarantees involved, and you might have to play many combinations to cover what would be a better chance at winning.

ChangeLotteryRules Prediction Tools

That is why ChangeLotteryRules is often used by lottery syndicates, such as those formed in families or at work. Everybody gets a share, making it much cheaper to participate with many tickets.

#7 – Beat Lottery


Lottery statistics, generation of possible combinations, and enhancement of the odds of winning the lottery game of your choice are some characteristics of Beat Lottery.

Beat Lottery

However, the feature that calls players’ attention to this lottery prediction software is its promised machine-learning technology. In other words, every registered user benefits from the system with time as they keep playing and as more drawings occur.

It works online via a browser, and you register to participate in the community.

#8 – The Lottery Picker By Powerfall


The Lottery Picker is a Windows-based lottery software like our #1 LottoPro. It is updated every year, but it remains solely focused on Powerball and Mega Millions. In short, it automatically pulls data from the drawings of those games and identifies the most probable results for you to pick from.

Lottery Software and Prediction Tools


It promises a different algorithm, although there is no way to prove it. Therefore, the price is considerably high when compared to the other listed lottery software and prediction tools.

#9 – Lotto Prediction


Lotto Prediction is a community prediction tool that also uses machine learning to produce possible lottery results without the need for software. It has an algorithm that collects drawing history plus the input of the company and its users. Keeping track and updating according to the matches, Lotto Prediction generates its own predictions:

Lotto Prediction Tool


Therefore, aside from using the data originated by the system, users can contribute with their numbers to improve the prediction tool. It is possible to order recommendations of numbers according to the knowledge generated by real plays only, by the algorithm, by individual users, or a combination of them.

#10 – Lotwin


Lotwin is mentioned here as an honorable mention to older times. Its last update was in 2018, and it still is a lottery software available for computers and mobile.


However, it does nothing else but collects the lottery results on the web. Today, with our LotteryTexts lottery app, you can also get results on your mobile or simply use this browser version to do so.

#11 – Lotto Logic Pro


Lotto Logic Pro divides its products in three, also allowing players to purchase them all together.

Lotto Logic Pro

Your options with this lottery software are:

  • Lottery Looper – Use a given number of drawing results to generate tickets for a specific game that you want from an array of many lotteries.
  • Lotto Effect – Uses an original Forward Trending technology that generates a pool from which you can generate your next picks.
  • Lotto Logic – It runs through a database of past drawings to find ranges that could match a new win. It is probably the one that differs the most from what other lottery prediction software does.

Can You Win With Best Lottery Prediction Software?

Anyone can win anything from $1 in a Pick 3 game to the new record jackpot of Powerball using a lottery software and prediction tool. The fact is that you can win the lottery as long as you play, and there is no combination that can reduce your odds. On the other hand, some software and tools promise to improve them through a proprietary algorithm.

You can choose whether to believe it or not, especially when you can get a pretty good deal on some of the best lottery software and prediction tools. Since they can pick numbers for you and run dozens of other features, it might be worth a try. Depending on your luck, some of them might even be offering a 14-day trial for free.

Our top 3 lottery software:

  1. LottoPro
  2. WinSlips
  3. Pick3Sniper

In any case, you can simply pick one of the online lottery sites that we recommend and start playing from your home right now.


They either randomize the choice or indicate the most common ones based on the latest statistics. There is no complex algorithm behind that picking.

Yes, there is nothing illegal in using lottery software and prediction tools. They cannot “break” the lottery or reveal secrets, they just give you some alternatives for numbers.

No, they cannot guarantee a win because lottery games are completely random. That applies to absolutely every tool and software you find out there.

There are great lottery software and prediction tools for free on the web. The ones that cost you money usually offer more resources and tend to be more intuitive.

Compare prices and decide if you really need a tool to help you predict the next lottery numbers. If you feel it is worth it, even though there are no guarantees, give it a try.



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