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WinTrillions Review 2024 – Pros and Cons Uncovered

WinTrillions is possibly a complete gambling site in terms of variety, although it loses to many others in the matter of the pricing and what we really want: lottery games. To prove my point and provide you with as many details as possible about its pros and cons, I decided to experience the website as a real user and write this WinTrillions review.

This review reflects the entire process I underwent as a real user of WinTrillions. I exposed the best and worst aspects of the website from a broad point of view, considering all the possible profiles of users that consider playing on it. Join me in the following paragraphs and discover if you should register on it.

Quick Overview About WinTrillions

Before anything else, it is important to differentiate the different WinTrillions websites. is the one I tested outside of the UK and the most popular, while is only available for players in the United Kingdom and is a lottery agent website for syndicate plays only. Meanwhile, is the Spanish version of WinTrillions and counts with the same lottery betting service.

Back on track, WinTrillions is a website launched in 2006 that changed its owner back in 2017. To be honest, were it still under the ownership of Ledonford Limited, I would not have spent a single minute registering. There were several complaints about unwanted subscriptions, and those problems are no longer found on its records.

As soon as I entered the website, it seemed a bit messy, especially with offers ranging from sports betting to live casino games. While that sounds great to diversify your bets, the website could have a better look. Since our focus is within the lottery category, I checked its page and found out that there are not many more than 20 lotteries available.

There might be cases in which the website might suit the preferences of a user, which makes it worth reading this WinTrillions review. On the other hand, I recommend that players stay clear from the version, a slow website with no verifiable license.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: No Information
License: Yes
Years in Operation: 15
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Social Platforms: Twitter

WinTrillions Restricted Countries

WinTrillions lacks transparency regarding its restrictions. It does not inform what countries cannot play on the website, and its agents do not inform them. In other words, you can only figure out if you can play on WinTrillions by trying to open the website. We can guarantee that people from the United States, Canada, and Australia are a few of the many restricted countries.

Customers Reviews About WinTrillions

“I discovered WinTrillions by playing online casino slots for free in the demo version. Now, whenever I hit a bigger prize, I use part of the winnings to bet on lotteries in the US.”

       – Komar I., India

“I registered on WinTrillions to play Mega-Sena without the minimum amount it obliges us to play here in Brazil, but it is quite more expensive.”

       – Marcelo Silva, Brazil

“There are other betting lottery sites with a better price for the games I like to play, but I got used to WinTrillions and have nothing to complain about it.”

     – Margaret K., Germany

There are not many reviews, either positive or negative, on the internet, and I could not find many current or disappointed players to comment on either, as is clear above. If you decide that this WinTrillions review inspired you to give it a try, do not forget to forward me your opinion.

WinTrillions - General Information

WinTrillions works entirely as a lottery betting site, although it does have a past selling actual lottery tickets. That means you will not receive any ticket scans or claim the prize from the actual lottery headquarters. WinTrillions takes full responsibility for the prize, which can be a satisfactory consequence for anyone not willing to travel. On the other hand, I could not find verifiable evidence of big winners, and it has quite restricting terms.

Who Owns WinTrillions?

WinTrillions belongs to Legacy Eight Curacao N.V., a company that is registered and licensed in Curaçao. It has a verifiable digital license under the number 8048/JAZ2016-007 and is authorized to offer its gambling services online, including the casino.

How Does WinTrillions Make Money?

Since WinTrillions does not charge any commissions, its revenue comes entirely from ticket prices. As a betting website, there is no reason for the tickets to be that high, as it does not have to cover the price of the ticket. Therefore, WinTrillions most probably make a considerable amount of money out of the bets.

Our Rank for WinTrillions

WinTrillions did not make it to the top of our LotteryTexts ranking of the best sites for online lotteries. I experimented with all the resources on the website but decided not to bet due to the lack of transparency and high prices. Since it does have positive feedback from users and fulfills the minimum security parameters, it earned the last place among those available worldwide.

There might be situations in which players will find it a better option than others, such as having an exclusive payment method not available on the other websites. Therefore, I still recommend accompanying my WinTrillions review.

How Does WinTrillions Work?

  1. WinTrillions lets you either register first or already start marking lines of around 20 different lottery games.
    Start with WinTrillions
  2. Aside from choosing the numbers or letting the system do it for you, depending on your lottery strategies, you can opt for the exclusive WinTrillions boost. That is an original offer that ensures a $100 million jackpot for Powerball or Mega Millions if you match everything, even if the real jackpot is much smaller. That is free of cost, but you can enhance the boost up to $400 million for an additional fee:
    WinTrillions Boost
  3. As I mentioned, I did not feel comfortable enough on WinTrillions because of the lack of transparency and payment terms, so I did not give it a try. You can add as many bets as possible to your cart before checking out and get discount deals for signing up for subscriptions.
    Subscription Deals
  4. Next thing, you are taken to a payment page to use a method of your preference. It will always vary depending on your location, including the most favorable local methods, but without e-wallets except for Astropay.Payment Options
  5. After concluding the payment, you can expect to be contacted by WinTrillions if you win any prize. However, I always recommend keeping an eye on our official lottery results.

If you are interested in lottery betting, give it a try:

How to Register on WinTrillions

  1. Supporting my impression that the user experience should be optimized on WinTrillions, the sign-up button is not obvious on either PC or mobile:
  2. You will need to inform your full name and the account details to log in later. I found the process to be quite straightforward, with a second step requiring only your country and a valid mobile number. All those informed details are protected by the website’s SSL certificate:
    Create Account
  3. Up next, new players are required to confirm their email addresses. However, as soon as you try to deposit or proceed to checkout, you will need to provide more information. I particularly recommend filling the entire form first to save time later:
    Form Fill
  4. That is all you will need to set up an account as I did. The next step is to deposit at least $5 to bet on lotteries, although that small value is most possibly only worth a bet in the casino.

Review of the Lottery Games

WinTrillions diversified its range of gambling possibilities but did not invest much in the variety of lotteries. I found around 20 games, which is among the smallest collection on the lotteries I reviewed, including other lottery betting sites. When considering playing on WinTrillions for specific reasons, it might probably be better to stick to Powerball and Mega Millions due to the free-of-cost boost, which might make up for the higher price.

Unlike any of the other reviewed lotteries, WinTrillions offers sports betting on top of slots, live casino tables, and scratchcards. Since that is not our focus, I checked the availability of opportunities to compensate for the high ticket cost. Subscriptions and syndicates – called Lottery Teams – will also result in large discounts.


US PowerballPowerball is by far one of the most popular lottery games to bet on, considering that the millionaire prizes can change the life of anyone around the world. The thing about playing Powerball on WinTrillions is that prizes starting at the minimum jackpot are automatically increased to $100 million due to its boost policy.

Therefore, the $6.50 ticket cost, which would be high, could compensate in those terms, depending on your goals. On the other hand, WinTrillions does not allow subscription deals for Powerball, and that would decrease the cost.

Mega Millions

Mega_MillionsSimilar to Powerball, Mega Millions holds a place of high importance among the lotteries offered on WinTrillions. It also holds a free boost of $100 million to be played one at a time. That boost can be levered up to $150 million, $200 million, and $400 million, regardless of the actual jackpot prize.

Therefore, Mega Millions and Powerball might result in greater jackpots that cannot be found on other websites. Still, I would take a moment to consider their payment policy.

WinTrillions Tickets Pricing Comparison

As a betting site, WinTrillions only has to cover the small prizes and the insurance it holds to pay the jackpot prizes. However, it still charges a price that is similar to what lottery agents like theLotter do. From my point of view, there is no reason for that, and it makes the website have one of the less interesting prices. Other betting sites like LottoAgent have a higher cost for games like Euromillions, but the payment terms in that specific competitor are more appealing to me. You can check the table I elaborated below with a percentage mark-up added by each one of the websites I already reviewed:
Price of a Euromillions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price €2.50 / $2.91 100%
WinTrillions $6.50 222%
theLotter $6.51 223%
Multilotto $3.50 120% €4.00 / $4.60 159%
LottoAgent $6.64 228%
LottoSmile $6.51 223%
On the other hand, we should also compare a game that it offers with that famous free jackpot boost. Mega Millions has the higher cost among all the other lotteries, both agents and betting sites. While it does offer a boost of at least $100 million, even if the jackpot is $20 million, its payment terms could be better. Basically, the website sets a maximum daily withdrawal of €10,000 and reserves the right of limiting it to €4,000 per week. Fortunately, that does not apply to jackpots. In other words, the conditions for non-jackpot winners are absolutely uninteresting when you want to withdraw large amounts.
Price of a Mega Millions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price $2.00 100%
WinTrillions $6.50 325%
theLotter $5.00 250%
Multilotto $3.50 175% $5.20 260%
LottoAgent $5.29 265%
LottoSmile $5.00 250%
It might make sense to have a WinTrillions active account to play casino games with low jackpots mixed with the goal of winning secondary lottery prizes. However, if you by any chance win a millionaire jackpot, it might take you forever to be able to withdraw everything.

Bonuses and Promotions - Best WinTrillions Deals

  • Powerball and Mega Millions boost – Free of cost, get a boost on the actual jackpot of those games. Receive even more if you pay an additional fee.
  • Lottery teams – Team up with anonymous players around the globe by paying less for hundreds of tickets. Increase your odds of winning by accepting to share the prize with other people.
  • VIP – Every $2 gambled results in 1 VIP point. Every 25 points can be used to take $1 off your cart. Unfortunately, WinTrillions eliminated any terms and conditions of being a VIP.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

WinTrillions does not have any specific commission fee, but they are very clear in specifying that they have the right to add fees at their discretion. That is a red light and another problem related to the lack of transparency on the website: Deposit and Withdrawal Another issue connected to the low level of information and attention to the user experience is the absence of enough information on payment methods. You will only know the maximum amount you can deposit and the methods available upon checkout. Without much information, I know that people from different countries will find some of the methods below:
As explained, the website sets a maximum withdrawal at €10,000 per day. If the amount to be withdrawn is more than 5x the total deposited amount, the withdrawals are always restricted to €4,000 per week. Jackpots are free from that demand, but all payments are added to the account in euros.  The user feedback and evidence coming from WinTrillions are low, but it seems that it does pay its prizes. However, the conditions under which they are paid are much less than optimal.

How to Withdraw Money from WinTrillions?

Withdrawals are processed from “My Account”, and then “My Wallet”, where it is necessary to define the details of the payment method. When possible, the lottery site will always transfer via the same method used for playing. It may take up to 72 hours to process the payment request.

Legit WinTrillions Winners

Aside from users reporting small prizes and claims from the side of WinTrillions, there is no verifiable, complete story about legit WinTrillions winners. There is no reason to distrust the website either, but they should inform more details about the number of winners and paid amounts.

Is WinTrillions Legit or a Scam?

WinTrillions has been around for a long while and seems to have eliminated the recurrent complaints on unsolicited subscriptions after its acquisition by the new owner. Since 2018, there have not been many complaints about the website on the internet, and that is a positive aspect.

The website does hold an SSL certificate that ensures the data we insert is encrypted, verified, and secured by GoDaddy, and it has an active Curaçao license:


It is possible to see that WinTrillions is legalized and operated under the regulation of an authority. Although the Curaçao license does not provide much on its own, we would have been alarmed with a large number of complaints if WinTrillions really was a case of scam. 

And is WinTrillions Safe?

As I mentioned, the website has an SSL certificate that protects our personal and financial data. Everything that is sent to them is encrypted, and that is the minimum level of security that every website must have and not an advantage of any type.

In addition, the WinTrillions support works well, except that there is a whole lot of information that they cannot provide. That lack of transparency is one of the reasons that made me prefer to choose LottoAgent and Multilotto rather than betting on WinTrillions.

Where Does the Prize Money Come From When I Win with WinTrillions?

When you win a small prize on WinTrillions, they pay out up to €4,000 per week on their own account. That is, the money comes from the bets placed by other players. On the other hand, jackpots are paid out in full thanks to the insurance they hold for that situation. That is a normal procedure on every lottery betting website.

WinTrillions Mobile App Review

The navigation on the WinTrillions website using a mobile browser is better than when using a computer, with all their betting options distributed in a cleaner way. On the other hand, a browser is the only way to navigate using a mobile device, as it does not offer an Android or iOS app at the moment.

Using a browser, I was able to open all the lottery, casino, and sports betting sections and even logged in to my account to find the same resources.

Customer Support

The customer support deserved the maximum grade in our rating because WinTrillions really did pay attention to that part of the user experience. However, it is a reflection of the website’s lack of efficiency in terms of information, as agents are not able to answer more than we can find in their terms or FAQ. There is a lot of missing information, but you can still contact them like I did and expect fast answers: 
  • Live chat
  • Email via “Contact Us”
  • Phone numbers: +442031399052 / +525547772359
I tested the live chat and received an answer in less than a minute. While the agent informed me that WinTrillions instantly made all smaller payments, he could not reveal the countries that are restricted. While there might be a security reason behind that limitation, I feel that they should be much more transparent. Live Chat

Syndicate Purchases at WinTrillions

Syndicates on WinTrillions are available under the denomination “Lottery Teams”. There are syndicates for the majority of the lotteries on the website, and they range from 4 to over 250 lines at once. That is an opportunity to pay less for way more chances of winning, but with the downside of sharing the prize in case of victory.

SyndicateNot available on every syndicate, discounts might be applied for everyone who subscribed for a month or several months of syndicate drawings. For example, a Powerball ticket that normally costs $6.50 would cost only $3.33 per drawing, counting with a hundred lines.

Bundles Option at WinTrillions

Right at the same “Lottery Teams” page, there are combinations of dozens or hundreds of lines of up to three different games. Along with the syndicates, those bundles are the best option available, considering the high price of individual tickets on WinTrillions. Even so, do not forget to compare them with other reviewed websites.

The Worst Parts of WinTrillions

It should be clear by now that the overall impression WinTrillions left on me is considerably worse than on other websites. It still holds a place among our top lottery sites, but the conditions found on other ranked options were considerably better, in my view. Some of the parts of WinTrillions that discouraged my active participation on it include:

  • Lack of transparency of terms in general, and even the support would not be of much help in that sense.
  • High prices for a betting lottery site.
  • Lack of worthwhile promotions.
  • Few lottery games.
  • Limited withdrawals for smaller prizes.

Without a doubt, the sometimes prohibitive price for a betting site combined with the lack of transparent terms made me think twice before placing a bet. Again, that does not mean it is a scam, and it still offers good payment methods and conditions compared with other websites that did not make it to the ranking of LotteryTexts.

Therefore, if any conditions revealed here combine with your gambling profile, have at least a look at the website.

My Recommendation - To Play or Not on WinTrillions

I do believe that, unless there is something unique on WinTrillions in your opinion, you should stick with other options from our ranked sites. WinTrillions seems to be an honest website, but it does not offer conditions that can be considered appealing enough. At least not with such great options available. Some of the positive aspects of the website include:

  • Low minimum deposit.
  • Bundles with discounts of up to 50%.
  • Subscriptions add discounts from 30% to 40% in some games.
  • Fast chat support.
  • Other types of gambling are available, from casinos to sports.

Aware of both the positive and negative sides of this WinTrillions review, I believe you are ready to compare it with the alternatives available.

The Alternatives of WinTrillions

  1. TheLotter – is a lottery agent, which explains the pricing similar to WinTrillions’. It pays all prizes up to $2,500 and requires you to claim jackpots in person but has three times more lotteries available.
  2. Multilotto – works like a lottery betting site like WinTrillions but offers much more affordable prices. It also has Android and iOS apps that are excellent for quick purchases. 
  3. LottoAgent – functions as both a lottery agent and a betting site, with prices more likely to make sense for real lottery tickets. It often has several payment methods available.

WinTrillions FAQs

Does WinTrillions Charge Commissions on My Winnings?
No, there are no commissions applied on your winnings, and you receive them in full. However, the website reserves its right to add unknown fees to withdrawals, according to its terms.

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?
Your winnings can be withdrawn from the “My Wallet” section under “My Account” once you sign in after winning a prize.

Can I Trust WinTrillions?
The user feedback shows that WinTrillions can be trusted. We recommend reading the terms carefully in this review to understand how it works.

Is There Any App?
No, but you can play on WinTrillions using your favorite mobile browser.

What Are The Requirements to Register?
It is necessary to be at least 18 years old. If you open the website and it says it is unavailable, you are in one of the restricted countries.

Do I Need to Claim My Prize?
WinTrillions claims that you do not have to act when you win. Even so, we recommend checking the results and messaging them if you do not receive an email with instructions.

What Games Can I Play?
There are around 20 lottery games, which is far less than most lottery sites offer.

Can I Get a Refund?
All the refund requests are analyzed separately at the website’s sole discretion.

Is It Worth Paying for Subscriptions?
If you want to play on several subsequent drawings on WinTrillions, it might be worth activating a subscription to get a fair discount.

Is It Possible to Withdraw To My Location?
WinTrillions pays you via bank transfer or the payment method of your preference.

How I Reviewed WinTrillions

I started to experiment with the website and write this WinTrillions review ready for any positive and negative outcomes. The prices and user experience were the most disappointing parameters that I verified, and that was clear to me right at the beginning. Of course, I did not stop and continued to analyze all the pros and cons of WinTrillions.

By now, you probably have your own opinion on WinTrillions and, if you are really winning to increase your odds by playing online, you can either choose it or another one of the lotteries we reviewed.

Click below if you decided for WinTrillions:



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