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theLotter Review 2024 – Pros and Cons Uncovered

I decided to give theLotter a chance as my first website to play online lotteries a couple of years ago, and it has remained a stable parameter for reviewing other lottery agents since then. As an agent website, it purchases real and official tickets on our behalf which means true chances of being the winner of popular games like Powerball.

It has been a while since my last purchase, so I decided to guide you all through the complete process, including registration and ticket purchase. Along the way, I’ll make sure to highlight the pros and cons of this website so that you can compare its security, quality, and trustworthiness with the other ones I reviewed.

Quick Overview About theLotter

There were a couple of reasons for theLotter to be chosen for my very first online lottery purchase. First off, it was launched back in 2002 and never ceased to provide attention to the user experience, offering a high-quality website and app. Second but not less important, they have already paid over US$100 million to more than 6 million winners using their website.

I started playing a while before they reached that mark, but it was already considered one of the best online agents out there. Its extensive offer of lottery websites is remarkable, matching the top lottery sites out there.

According to your location, there can be several or few payment methods, and that is expected. Also, I really liked the array of discounts and promotions they have for loyal users. In general, it has everything to at least attract the attention of users, and that is why I decided to write this complete theLotter review.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: $117 Million+
License: Yes
Operating Since: 2002
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Thai
Social Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

theLotter Restricted Countries

According to the terms and conditions provided by theLotter itself, virtually anyone in the world would be capable of playing as I did:

Restricted-Countries - thelotter

However, not every jurisdiction in the world is allowed into theLotter for different reasons. Some countries forbid lottery gambling in all forms or only allow it within their borders, and other regions are simply under sanctions. If you want to figure it out by yourself by trying to register, click the button below: In order to bring accurate information to you, I requested a list of restricted countries directly with their customer support:

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Mongolia
  • North Korea
  • Slovenia
  • Somalia
  • Spain
  • Sudan
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United States and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands)
  • Yemen
  • Venezuela

If you want to figure out by yourself by trying to register, click the button below:

Customers Reviews About theLotter

“I am completely satisfied with the services offered by theLotter to users of Ethiopia. I can play excellent games that I cannot find in my country.”

       – Addisalem Fassilidas, Ethiopia

“One year of use of theLotter without complaints, it is super easy to use the website, and I am always trying new lotteries to get a jackpot.”

       – Máximo L., Philippines

“Withdrawn €200 last week, which is far more than I ever played on theLotter, and I am really looking forward to hitting the jackpot.”

     – Mandy D., Germany

“Just saw that another Polish guy won big on theLotter, and now I’m hoping to be the next one with the Powerball tickets I’ve got.”

      – Gaweł A, Poland

“Honestly could not decide between it and LottoAgent, so I decided to try both, and theLotter definitely works better for me. Super support to its customers!”

   – Sabine Fenstermacher, Germany

“At first, I was suspicious of the ticket shown on the website, but I checked and agreed with their security measures. It truly is real.”

       – Katherine J, UK

“My friend showed theLotter to me, and I kept skeptical for 2 months until he won the third prize of Mega Millions from here. I decided to play with him since then.”
       – Mark G., No location provided

“I do not care what haters are saying. It is clear that theLotter is the best, and I had the opportunity to withdraw two raffle prizes… I am sure the lotteries are just as real.”

       – Momen Kadash, Jordan

“Finally found a reliable website where I can play US lottery games from Mexico. I use the computer website version and can buy tickets weekly in five seconds.”

– Juan H., Mexico

Aside from my own experience guiding you through this theLotter review, I hope that those reviews will give you an idea of what people around the world are talking about it. After you try it yourself, let me know of your own experience and review! theLotter winners

theLotter - General Information

TheLotter is a lottery agent, which means it purchases lottery tickets on our behalf. The biggest difference between it and the local retailer or official lottery website in your country is that worldwide lotteries are easily available with a click. The website has been offering its services since 2002, and it continuously updates information about its latest winners.

Who Owns theLotter?

The service is owned by Lotto Direct Limited, which is registered and licensed in Malta, where the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) is responsible for regulating it. Therefore, it holds no connection with the official issuers of the lottery tickets.

How Does theLotter Make Money?

Since theLotter actually purchases the tickets on our behalf, you might have asked yourself that same thing I did. Fortunately, it is completely open about how it makes money, and it is basically through a fee added to the ticket price. That practice is common in lottery agents and is detailed here:

How Does theLotter Make Money

Our Rank for theLotter

Our ranking for the best lottery sites has theLotter as my personal editor’s choice for having the best service offered at the moment. Licensed by the honorable MGA, it has the best lotteries in the world and even fairly unknown ones, with great jackpots and odds.

My only two reservations about it would be its minimum of 3 lines and the relevant list of restricted countries, but there is nothing that the website can do about the last one.

As such, it deserves the first place when compared to the other lottery sites I tested. Of course, I always recommend checking out my highlights for all the best lottery sites to truly find the one that matches your preferences.

How Does theLotter Work?

  1. After I created my account, I gained access to dozens of lottery games and raffles to pick from. They even provide a list with the biggest jackpots:Biggest Jackpots
  2. Then, all that I needed to do to place my tickets was to choose the numbers that I wanted to play. Unfortunately, theLotter has the disadvantage of demanding that I pick at least three lines:Choose the Numbers
  3. The purchase is concluded with all the features that I could have added, including subscriptions, as soon as I finalize the payment. The options vary according to your region, and mine was limited to credit cards:Payment Details
  4. Once paid, the theLotter’s staff purchased my tickets. TheLotter’s policy lets me have any winnings under $2,500 directly added to my account, while larger amounts must be claimed in person. So far, I was not lucky enough to travel to get a jackpot.

You can follow all those steps by registering now below.

How to Register on theLotter

  1. As soon as you click on one of the buttons that lead you to the official theLotter website, you will see an intuitive platform with a very clear “Sign-up” button:Register on theLotter
  2. It took me less than a minute to create an account by selecting the new free account link and simply typing in my favorite email, the password to use to access the service from now on, and my country:Sign Up
  3. From this step on, it is possible to start adding tickets to your online cart. However, it is necessary to add a few more details to complete your account before depositing. I personally believe it would be better if they had it all together and at once:Personal Details
  4. The next step will be the ‘depositing’, which I also covered in this theLotter review. Your account is fully ready!

Review of the Games

I have found 60 different lottery games from all across the globe on theLotter, a bit more than the first time I used it. Considering it covers the best lotteries in the world and many more, I can say all users will be satisfied with its current offer. In addition, depending on where you are from, scratch cards of all sizes and types are equally available at a click distance. Now, I’d like to highlight some of the best lottery games I found there.

US Powerball

US PowerballPowerball is by far the most popular lottery game in the world, together with Mega Millions. With drawings occurring three times per week, there are a lot of chances of getting the five numbers and the Powerball right and winning the jackpot.

It also comes with a multiplier that can leverage any secondary prize by up to 10 times for a small cost. Responsible for the record jackpot of $1.586 billion and with a special 10% discount on theLotter, it is my number one choice.

Mega Millions

Mega_MillionsMega Millions is another lottery from the United States to the world that is worth playing online. Its setup is similar to Powerball’s, and they frequently share the top jackpot rankings, including the records. It also comes with a special multiplier, called the Megaplier.

Knowing that, and that I can subscribe or play multi-draw for discounts on top of the 10% discount found on theLotter, that is another great pick.


it superenalottoSwitching the focus to Italy, SuperEnalotto is an excellent European game for anyone that is willing to become a millionaire. All it takes is six numbers, plus the exclusive theLotter discount of 10%, to have a proper cart when first playing online.

It has three weekly draws, and I personally prefer to play in at least two of them. As always, I tend to let the system “quick pick” the six numbers for me and would be happy even with the secondary prize helped by the bonus Jolly number.

theLotter Tickets Pricings

I mentioned that theLotter makes money from the fees it adds to the tickets, making it important to compare it with other lottery agents and betting sites. For example, the US Powerball costs $3 per play in the United States. On the other hand, each line for the same game on theLotter costs approximately $5. Even with the discount, that is more than you would pay being in the United States. Since that is not the case of its players, I believe it is reasonable to have a fee to sustain the website and its excellent service. On the other hand, we should also compare with other services using a popular lottery game:
Brand Price of a Mega Millions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price $2.00 100%
theLotter $5.00 250%
Multilotto(*) $3.50 175%
LottoAgent $5.29 265% $3.72 186%
WinTrillions $6.50 325%
LottoSmile $5.00 250%
(*) Lottery betting sites do not buy the official ticket but rather pay the prizes using insurance. That is why they are less expensive. Therefore, comparing the price of one of the best lottery games available with other websites made me realize how its fees are the best in its industry. LottoSmile, which matches its fee, is simply the Indian version of theLotter. Also, theLotter takes no commission from your winnings. If that sounds as interesting to you as it did to me, I invite you to check the official website.

Bonuses and Promotions - What Deals Can You Grab?

  • Immediate cashback – Specific games like EuroMillions get 15% of immediate cashback when participating in this promotion.
  • Specific discounts – Some lotteries might have temporary and exclusive discounts on theLotter varying from 5% to 20%.
  • Multi-draw – Pay for the next drawings in advance using the same numbers and get up to a 25% discount from the final price.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

I have found that theLotter does not have the broadest offer of payment methods in the world, but it surely has at least one efficient option available in every country. Your case might be finding only credit cards, while others will have most of the methods below:

Payment MethodMaximum DepositMaximum WithdrawalWithdrawal Timeframe
VISA / Mastercard$5,000$1,0001-3 days
Skrill / Neteller$5,000$2,0001-3 days
PSE / EfectyN/AN/AN/A
Bank TransferN/A$50,000Varies

For some reason, no maximum deposit is informed for the majority of the methods. On the other hand, the only methods with a withdrawal available count with a maximum value, meaning that the majority of them do not allow withdrawals.

The timeframe is definitely reasonable, matching other types of online gambling with withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Money from theLotter?

My experience withdrawing from theLotter was as flexible as possible. There is an option “Withdraw” next to your balance when you click the “My Account” button. All that you have to do is to select your payment method from the list, define the amount, and once again tap “Withdraw”. You can accompany the process through your signed-up email.


Real theLotter Winners

A.D., PanamaA.D., Panama – Playing on theLotter from Panama, A.D. won a $30 million jackpot from Florida Lotto without having to visit Florida to purchase the tickets. She is now retired and could finally take care of her children without having to leave to work.

M.M., IraqM.M., Iraq – Imagine having your entire life changed because you spent 5 minutes purchasing Oregon Megabucks lottery tickets. M.M. flew all the way to Oregon from Iraq to claim an incredible $6.4 million jackpot prize in person. He was even allowed to claim his prize in anonymity to preserve his identity back in his home country. All it took was a few months playing on theLotter, and I particularly find it a very inspiring story.

H.S.L., South KoreaH.S.L., South Korea. Since theLotter also offers raffles in addition to lotteries, it should be highlighted that people like H.S.L. also collected big prizes playing them. He claimed his prize from the Euromillion’s biweekly El Millón raffle, exactly €1 million, shortly after learning about the latest Euromillions results. Among the plans of this winner from 2019, helping his local community is the most important one.

Is theLotter Legit or a Scam?

As I value my money probably at least as much as you do, I took my time to verify the trustworthiness of the website before playing and did it again for this theLotter review. First off, it carries two licenses issued by MGA:


As a result, it can legally offer lottery services, secondary lotteries (scratch cards and raffles), and even casino games. In addition, the popular auditing company eCOGRA is its ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) council.

You do not need to trust my experience alone, considering that over 3,100 user reviews on TrustPilot generated a 4,0/5,0 stars rating. Most of the negative comments are people who distrust the service for no particular reason, and they can be disregarded from my point of view.

Therefore, from the small winnings I had, the true and verifiable winners stories, and the user reviews sent to me and on the internet, theLotter is a legit service. Therefore, give it a try big signing up now.

And is theLotter Safe?

After around 20 years of existence, managing to keep its reputation as a legit service, theLotter already seemed pretty safe to me. Even so, I checked that it counts with an SSL certificate. In other words, your personal data upon registration and the payment details if you use bank transfer or credit cards are kept safe due to encryption.

Also, support is readily available at any time of the day, and user reviews on TrustPilot indicate no signs of people who have undergone safety issues. As a plus, eCOGRA is chosen as its dispute resolution entity, which makes any knowledgeable gambler more comfortable, myself included.

Where Does the Prize Money Come From When I Win with theLotter?

As a lottery agent, theLotter will be with the lucky winner who gets a jackpot or big prizes, claiming them at the lottery’s official headquarters. In other words, all the prizes come from the same place locals receive their money

When small prizes up to $2,500 are paid directly to our account, they simply take it from their funds and replace it with the money they claim themselves. That way, we players do not need to travel to claim small prizes.

theLotter Mobile App Review

The theLotter mobile app available for iOS and Android is, in my honest opinion, a much more practical way of playing online. With an adapted and responsive design, the layout looks much cleaner than using the browser. There are direct links to the best lotteries, to the lottery results, and to my account, as well as a chat button.

theLotter Mobile App

Picking the numbers on the lines felt simple, opening one at a time, without more information than I needed. Unless I’m far from my phone when I’m feeling lucky, which is almost never, I tend to open the app instead of the website.

There is absolutely no difference in the payment methods available, and the tickets can also be checked from your app account. Bear in mind that Android devices require the download of an APK, which is pretty safe when downloading from the official website.

Customer Support

Customer Support

I was quite satisfied with the offer of customer support options on theLotter. It took less than 5 seconds to get an answer from their live chat, but there are other options that you can try to contact, 24/7 and in up to 14 different languages. In summary, your support channels are:

  • WhatsApp / Viber: +356 7936 3536
  • Live chat
  • Email via website form
  • Phone: +44 20 3150 0476
  • Fax: +44 20 7691 7234

If you are not willing to chat, my answer via email came in less than an hour, and it should not take more than two hours to answer on a busy day.

Live Chat

Syndicate Option at theLotter

Instead of playing standard lines, you can choose to play in a syndicate. That option joins players from all around the world interested in covering hundreds of lines for a small price. There is a limited number of shares per syndicate, and the prize is divided among them, but the odds are fairly great.

Syndicate Option

The syndicates can fall into one of the following genres:

  • Guaranteed Number Match – At least one number will be drawn, as all numbers are covered by the lines.
  • Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed – Instead of playing with all the numbers in one of the spaces, there are lines covering all the additional numbers, if available.
  • Systematic Syndicate – A random set of 7 to 14 numbers is used to cover all their possible combinations in a single syndicate purchase.
  • Random Selection – The lines all have random numbers.

Bundles Option at theLotter

Lottery bundles found on theLotter are a combination of your personal entry with syndicate lines. The advantage of purchasing the bundle is that a discount is applied to the final price. In my opinion, for those that like syndicate gambling, that is a great package. You can check it and the other types of play even before you register.

The Worst Parts of theLotter

My whole experience playing on theLotter my first time, also in the past few years, and to create this theLotter review has only seen improvements. However, it is not free from having a downside. Fortunately, they are not very relevant for the majority of players.

I would like to highlight that the list of restricted countries is fairly long. On the other hand, it has mostly to do with the local regulations than with theLotter itself. The company is playing safe, not offering services where it is not welcomed.

Another point that deserves attention is the fact that you cannot play just a single line of your favorite game. Depending on the budget available to play, it might not be possible for every player to purchase at least three lines of every game. That is particularly limiting for players that like to enroll in several lottery games at once.

Other than that, my whole experience using theLotter’s website and the app was simply excellent.

My Recommendation - To Play or Not on theLotter

I recommend that people worldwide looking for a safe and legit website to play online lotteries choose theLotter. It was one of the reviews that did not take a lot of thinking to come to a conclusion. The highlights that led to that decision are:

  • You will find your favorite lottery game there.
  • The cons are not relevant enough to discourage regular players.
  • Enough payment methods to suit the majority of the players.
  • Passed both security and legit verifications.
  • Great discounts, which are always welcome.

Therefore, compared to the other reviewed lotteries and those available on the market, I can safely recommend you to play on theLotter.

The Alternatives of theLotter

  1. Multilotto – No need to claim jackpot prizes in person, due to the fact that it is a betting lottery site and not an agent like theLotter. In other words, you get to receive the prize without traveling.
  2. LottoAgent – More payment methods are available, which means that some countries will have better alternatives to deposit and withdraw. 

theLotter FAQs

Does theLotter Charge any Commission on My Winnings?

No, everything that you win is kept with you. The only way theLotter profits is from the fees charged upon the purchase of tickets.

How Do I Know If I Won?

You will be notified by theLotter via email or through the push notifications that can be activated on the app.

Is theLotter a Legit Online Lottery Site?

Yes, it is licensed, and the feedback of users and my own experience proves it is a trustworthy website.

Is It Safe to Install the theLotter app?

Yes, as long as you only download it from the link offered on the official website, accessible through the links I left on this page.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Register?

TheLotter requires you to be at least 18 years old to play on its website. However, if your local legislation demands you to be older, that is the rule you will need to follow.

How Can I Claim a Jackpot Prize?

The company contacts you regarding your prize, and you can follow the procedure that will involve traveling to the lottery’s country.

What Games Can I Play?

There are 60 different lotteries, plus raffles and scratch cards, including Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, Euromillions, and SuperEnalotto.

Can I Get a Refund?

Yes, theLotter has a refund policy for your very first purchase. If you are displeased with it for some reason, you can ask to have your money back.

What are the Subscriptions For?

Subscriptions allow you to always participate in the drawings without having to make new purchases, and you can even get a discount for that.

Why Can’t I Find a Payment Method on theLotter?

Not all payment methods are available in all countries due to the rules of the payment systems and companies themselves.

How I Reviewed theLotter

This review focused on the user experience and safety, deriving from my own use of the website and app. That way, I could make or remove a recommendation based on strong parameters that you also want to find when you decide to register, like:

  • Legitimacy and safety.
  • Availability of games.
  • Purchase experience.
  • Payment methods.
  • Withdrawal terms.
  • Support and contact channels.

Of course, I went a bit beyond the minimum and mentioned extras that I enjoy myself, like the recurrent discounts and bonuses. If you cannot wait to give it a chance as well, click the button below.



USD 100 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, May 22, 2024