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LottoSmile Review 2024 – Pros and Cons Uncovered

LottoSmile is the Indian version of the world-renowned and the best lottery concierge service I have used so far, called theLotter. In other words, those who live in India will sign up for it, while others will be instructed to use the adequate website for playing. The official version for India is identified as, so make sure that we are talking about the same website here. 

From a first glimpse, LottoSmile does look like a perfect copy of its worldwide version, as you can verify on my theLotter review. That could make my task here much easier, and some readers will already feel comfortable to consider that both have the same level of trustworthiness. However, I will still try and use the website as a new user to give you a holistic view of its pros and cons.

Quick Overview About LottoSmile

LottoSmile is a lottery concierge service for Indian lottery players. In other words, it actually buys tickets from games all around the world on the user’s behalf. Its creation occurred in 2002, and it is almost a perfect copy of its sister site, theLotter. Since some of the resources of the latter are not available, I strongly recommend that you check the theLotter review if you are not from India. 

It has the same lottery offer that is found on its worldwide version, but Indians will not be able to play with scratchcards. That similarity leaves LottoSmile without a separate identity. For example, the winners’ page identifies players from outside of India who used another version of the website. So far, there has been no Indian jackpot winner.

While reading my LottoSmile review, do not forget to consider its offer of payment methods for Indians, the discounts, and the opportunity found in its games not available locally.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: $103 Million+ (Overall)
License: Yes
Years in Operation: 19
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Languages: English
Social Platforms: None

LottoSmile Restricted Countries

LottoSmile is made for Indian players. Players from anywhere else will have their account redirected to its worldwide version, supported by theLotter. Therefore, players from the following countries, limited in the worldwide version, are not accepted:

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Mongolia
  • North Korea
  • Slovenia
  • Somalia
  • Spain
  • Sudan
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United States and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands)
  • Yemen
  • Venezuela

Now, my focus here is solely on Indian players looking for a complete LottoSmile review. If you are already comfortable enough knowing of its connection with theLotter, sign up:

Customers Reviews About LottoSmile

“Even when we from India experienced some payment issues for a few days in October 2021, it surprised me how fast and efficient the support team from LottoSmile gave clarifications. I still use them to play my favorite lotteries.”

        – Adhi Nath

“I could not believe that it was legit, but a support agent named John introduced me as to how it works and their security mechanisms to safeguard my tickets. I’m very satisfied.”

      – Aakash E.

“I won a secondary prize in Mega Millions that, despite not being as much as I wished for, was deposited to my account as soon as the results came out.”

       – Komal Patel

“I discovered about theLotter first and then that it had an Indian version with the same games. I do not trust any other site. It is truly legit.”

      – Krishna S.

“Although I only saw Indian winners for smaller prizes, I had the chance of asking one of the jackpot winners from Europe myself and figured that this company is legit. I have been playing on LottoSmile since then.”

      – Momen K.

“Playing lotteries on LottoSmile is so much fun and it has a very easy process of registering and browsing the site as well. I am yet to try if they really give out prizes.”

       – Nafis H., India.

According to players that have the legitimacy to really evaluate LottoSmile India, its services are as good as those of theLotter. My own user experience is better described below, and those two points of view should be joined to make a decision. Remember that this is not the only website available for Indians, and I’ll let you decide which one suits you better.

If you are from India and give it a try, do not forget to forward me your impressions and experience.

LottoSmile - General Information

Lottery agents like LottoSmile buy and scan tickets on your behalf that are later claimed using nothing more than your account and verified email. It differs from the worldwide version for not having scratchcards, bundles, or syndicates. That could be useful for Indian players, but I get that the purpose is to sell individual tickets only.

Who Owns LottoSmile?

LottoSmile India is operated by Laora Limited, a company that is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It belongs to the same company that owns theLotter and, therefore, we can consider that its characteristics and legitimacy apply to LottoSmile.

How Does LottoSmile Make Money?

LottoSmile is a lottery agent, which means it purchases real tickets on our behalf. It adds a fee on top of the ticket price so that it does not have to apply commissions on prizes. That is how the website makes money.

Our Rank for LottoSmile

LottoSmile is almost a perfect copy of theLotter, but it has a reduced number of opportunities such as syndicates and games like scratchcards. Also, its payment methods are reduced and adjusted to India. Considering that it is not meant for everybody, it made sense to include it at the end of our ranking list. Still, it does not mean that my conclusion is that it is less interesting for Indians than the other countries, as it is quite the contrary.

Therefore, if you are not from India and still continue to accompany this review, I strongly suggest taking a look at the other top-rated lottery sites. Indian players, on the other hand, should disregard the overall ranking and conclude from the features I will describe from here on.

How Does LottoSmile Work?

  1. As I stated, the offer of lotteries on LottoSmile is quite impressive and allows players from India to explore European and American games like never before. All it takes is to choose one of the 60 games available to start participating:How LottoSmile Works
  2. Proving that LottoSmile is not only a copy of theLotter with less variety of other games, it is possible to play single lines or at least a minimum of two. Of course, that does not apply to games like Powerball, but I still managed to pick only one for Germany Lotto: Play Single Lines
  3. It is possible to add as many different games as you wish to the cart before proceeding to the checkout. Values are shown in INR, and you can also opt to get extra discounts on top of existing offers for your account if you pick multi-draw or subscriptions: Discounts
  4. If you have not deposited already, like I usually do, that is when you will confirm the rest of your personal information and choose a payment method. Aside from not receiving money in INR, LottoSmile India is short on payment methods:Payment Methods
  5. That issue is also present in theLotter for some of the regions it is present. You will need VISA or Mastercard credit cards to purchase tickets, and the bill will come in accordance with the expenditure in USD. That is a relevant point of improvement that LottoSmile India should have fixed with all that time available.

If all that sounds interesting enough for you, give it a try:

How to Register on LottoSmile

  1. Once you open the “Visit LottoSmile” button, you will be redirected to its official website. There, the “Log In/Sign Up” button will show the following link to the registration form: Register
  2. At first, all that you need to inform is the account login details. It will successfully create an account with an INR balance – even though payments are processed in USD: Registeration Successful
  3. As soon as you try to deposit or add games to your cart, you will need to fill in the rest of the personal details that every lottery website will demand from you. Since LottoSmile India has an SSL certificate, your data will be encrypted and protected: Personal Details Form
  4. From that moment on, you are ready to make your first deposit and to purchase real lottery tickets from all around the globe.

Review of the Games

There is a great range of lottery games on LottoSmile, more than most of the websites I reviewed here. The opportunities are quite diversified, with U.S. lotteries, huge European jackpots, and all the levels of prizes one can imagine. If that is your major concern, I can testify that this website is the best choice for Indian players.

It is important to highlight that the website has raffles on specific dates, but they are quite rare. On the other hand, do not expect to find any scratchcards or to save money by playing through syndicates or purchasing bundles. LottoSmile aims at individual purchases of tickets, and discounts can only be found as exclusive offers or via subscriptions. Below, some of the lotteries that deserve a highlight.

Germany Lotto

de lotto 6aus49Also known as 6aus49, Germany Lotto is a 6/49 lottery game with a minimum jackpot of €1 million already and the possibility of purchasing a single ticket from LottoSmile. Considering that regular players might not be willing to invest a lot in a single game, this lottery capped at €45 million can be a great pick. 

It would be even better if lottery sites would offer the Spiel 77 and Super 6 additional games for great prizes, but it is still not available.

Austria Euromillions

euroMillionsNot many Indians know that they can bet on the Euromillions lottery of separate countries instead of sticking to the traditional Euromillions results. This version counts with a minimum pick of 2 lines, ideal for anyone who is not willing to purchase at least 3 lines for the regular Spain Euromillions. In general, it functions as the original version, and jackpots start at €17 Million, which is a pretty big amount.

Japan Loto 7

Japan Loto 7Some Indian lottery players might prefer to have a try at Asian games like Japan Loto 7. In that case, LottoSmile lets you play at least 2 lines and have the chance of winning up to $9 million with up to 25% discounted from the prize by playing multiple drawings at once.

LottoSmile Tickets Pricing Comparison

The prices in LottoSmile cannot be considered as a whole because some games will put it among the most expensive lottery sites while it has reasonable offers for others. First of all, it is important to consider that its quality makes it legit to have a slightly higher fee. On the other hand, the demand of purchasing a minimum of 2 or 3 lines in some games makes its choice less favorable. I’ll illustrate the difference in prices using Euromillions and Mega Millions as an example. For Euromillions, it has one of the highest prices, losing only for LottoAgent. It is not ideal to compare it with the betting sites, which means it is possible to say that it has a reasonable price in its market:
Price of a Euromillions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price €2.50 / $2.91 100%
LottoSmile $6.51 223%
LottoAgent $6.64 228%
theLotter $6.51 223%
Multilotto $3.50 120% €4.00 / $4.60 159%
WinTrillions $6.00 412%
When it comes to Mega Millions, as well as with other games, the mark-up on the official lottery ticket price is higher but better than on more websites. Therefore, the game that you choose to play matters when choosing the website for its pricing:
Price of a Mega Millions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price $2.00 100%
LottoSmile $5.00 250%
LottoAgent $5.29 265%
theLotter $5.00 250%
Multilotto $3.50 175% $5.20 260%
WinTrillions $6.50 325%
After deciding if your intention is to bet on lottery results or to actually purchase lottery tickets, it will be easier to make a decision. Remember that LottoSmile will not be able to claim jackpots or huge prizes for you. In general, I can say that the pricing for some lottery games is quite reasonable.

Bonuses and Promotions - Best LottoSmile Deals

  • Raffle discounts – It is possible to receive around a 10% discount on specific raffles.
  • Multi-draw – Get up to 25% in discounts applied to your game if you decide to play in several drawings at once.
  • Subscriptions offer – Get every 7th ticket for free if you purchase a subscription for that game.
  • VIP Club – Special offers with up to 20% in discounts applied to the cart for VIP players.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

One of the major downsides of relying on LottoSmile to purchase your lottery tickets is its offer of payment methods. It is reduced to VISA and Mastercard credit cards. That is the only way to deposit, and all withdrawals are carried out via bank transfers from 50 USD.

You can literally deposit any value, but it is important to consider how much you will spend playing and possible taxes applied to the use of credit cards for payments in other currencies. Although the values are shown in INR, that is not the currency used by LottoSmile for transactions.

With your winnings on LottoSmile, you can withdraw from 50 USD or its equivalent in INR. Keep in mind that there are bank costs applied and, therefore, it would be better to check with your bank or their support how much you will actually keep.

Fortunately, it does its job as a lottery agent and does not charge any commissions on your prizes, even if you win big jackpots.

How to Withdraw Money from LottoSmile?

LottoSmile allows withdrawals using bank transfers only, although that method is not available for deposits. You need to have at least 50 USD in your account and a valid bank account in your name. Completing those requirements, you only have to access “My Account” and push the “Withdraw” button that will be activated.

While your payment is under review, the total amount you requested will be shown by “Pending Withdrawals”. You will need to confirm your identity and wait for the banking process of transferring funds to India.

Bigger prizes and jackpots will not be deposited into your account immediately, and the company will contact you via email to instruct your claiming process.


Legit LottoSmile Winners

The only Indian known to have won a reasonable lottery prize with LottoSmile was a lucky player called by the initials C.J. He won €32,161 playing Austria Lotto in November 2018, after a year playing lottery games using the website. He guessed 5 of the 6 numbers and took home the secondary prize using his quick pick lottery strategy.

LottoSmile Winner

He promised to keep playing to get an even bigger prize. So far, no Indian player has managed to win a jackpot with LottoSmile.

Is LottoSmile Legit or a Scam?

LottoSmile does not provide much information on its license to operate online. The MGA license issued to theLotter does not apply to it, but I was assured by the support team in theLotter that it was to be issued and that it did not interfere with its legitimacy. In short, I believe that relying on the legitimacy of the whole group is enough to consider LottoSmile India a safe option.

LottoSmile Legit or a ScamConsidering the reputation of the entire group and even LottoSmile alone, as we verified with the real feedback of users from India, it is a trustworthy place to purchase tickets. The same applies to the score on TrustPilot and similar websites, where it holds a place of excellence with not many reasonable complaints.

And is LottoSmile Safe?

LottoSmile protects the data inserted by users thanks to its SSL certificate. That is why I felt protected when registering with my personal information and adding information of a credit card to the account. The fact that the support works fine, and I tested it several times, is also a strong backup in terms of safety. Comparing that experience of my own with what other players are talking about on the internet, I can confirm that LottoSmile is a safe website.

Where Does the Prize Money Come From When I Win with LottoSmile?

Every single ticket and game available on LottoSmile, considering that it does not have any casino games or scratchcards, is purchased from the original lottery. In other words, the prizes paid by LottoSmile do not come from the company itself but from the real lottery authorities. That is a whole different story from using lottery betting sites that do not purchase real tickets. It is not LottoSmile that pays your money, and that adds a level of security to its business.

LottoSmile Mobile App Review

LottoSmile India is available on mobile devices with its browser version and two apps, one for Android users and the other compatible with iOS. Both versions look great on phones, and users will be as satisfied as I was with the overall experience navigating from a mobile device.

LottoSmile Mobile App

The APK will download the equivalent version of the Android app for your region, while the iOS app must be downloaded from the App Store. They are far from being obligatory, and you will be perfectly served with the browser version like I did

Signing up, paying, and withdrawing, as well as any other resources that you need from the LottoSmile website, are available on mobile. Therefore, LottoSmile is well-adapted when it comes to responsiveness.

Customer Support

As mentioned before, the support held by the whole group, including LottoSmile, makes any user feel comfortable when playing on the websites. I had already tested the live chat and even the email in other opportunities at theLotter, but I did it again for LottoSmile several times and always received immediate and caring attention.

  • Live chat
  • Email via “Contact Us” form
  • Phone: +356 79 36 35 36

The answers were always straightforward but still cordial, and that suffices in terms of efficient support, in my opinion. Like the website itself, do not expect to find support in Hindi, as LottoSmile is built to work in English alone.

Live chat

Syndicate Purchases at LottoSmile

Syndicates and bundles are not available At LottoSmile, and that applies to all 60 lottery games that I could find at the moment. While those are the best ways to improve the odds of winning without a much higher cost, opting for subscriptions and multi-draw can add some discounts to your cart.

The Worst Parts of LottoSmile

LottoSmile has a great opportunity for Indian players who want to play lottery games from all around the world and not be limited to local games. However, there are some considerable cons that should be considered before making your first deposit. The limitation to credit cards for deposits is one of them, and that can disappoint many customersEven though LottoSmile will keep your balance in INR, you deposit with another currency, and that can imply taxes and/or the payment of exchange rate. While the price is reasonable for its service, some games have quite a levered mark-up. Finally, you can still play most of the games with one or two lines, but some others will demand a minimum of 3 lines or even 6 at once. Therefore, I recommend checking out the characteristics of the games you want to play before signing up to LottoSmile.

My Recommendation - To Play or Not on LottoSmile

Indian players who find the conditions and features of LottoSmile reasonable for a lottery agent should definitely play on it at least once. The website has a reasonable offer of games and, although the payment methods and characteristics could be improved overall, they deserve some highlights
  • All the best lotteries in the world.
  • Excellent support service.
  • Legit website that belongs to a highly reputable group.
  • Discounts are applied by offers and subscriptions.
Keep those in mind and, as always, take a moment to compare with the other reviews I prepared to provide you with the best summary on those lottery websites.

The Alternatives of LottoSmile

  1. TheLotter – is the worldwide website version of LottoSmile, with some more gambling options like scratchcards. It has the same prices as LottoSmile and the same level of safety and trust. 
  2. Multilotto – works differently from LottoSmile, letting you bet on lottery results rather than buying tickets for you. The cost for that type of gambling is lower, so consider the features that you prefer.
  3. LottoAgent – combines both the agent service with betting, although the price reflects its agency part more than anything else. Its offer of games is nearly half what LottoSmile has, just like Multilotto.

LottoSmile FAQs

Does LottoSmile Charge Commissions on My Winnings?

No, LottoSmile will never take anything from your prizes. Instead, it collects its revenue from a small fee added on top of every ticket price.

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

All your winnings from prizes that are not higher than $2,500 are deposited to your LottoSmile account. From there, you can withdraw to your local bank account. Higher prizes like jackpots must be claimed in person by visiting the lottery headquarters of that specific game you won.

Can I Trust LottoSmile?

Yes, the whole group that is responsible for LottoSmile is considered to be trustworthy and has around two decades of existence in the market. The experience of Indian players also proves their commitment.

Is It Worth Downloading the App?

The LottoSmile app can be an ally when you need to make quick purchases of your favorite lottery tickets. On the other hand, adding the browser page to your favorites can also work.

What Are The Requirements to Register?

You must be at least 18 years old and reside in India. If you live anywhere else, you will be redirected to the worldwide website.

Do I Need to Claim My Prize?

You need to claim prizes bigger than $2,500 in person, while smaller prizes can be paid to your bank account in India.

What Games Can I Play?

There are 60 lottery games to choose from, including the most popular ones like Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, and more.

Can I Get a Refund?

Since an agent receives instructions to purchase the ticket on your behalf, LottoSmile cannot cancel a purchase and issue a refund. Therefore, make sure to verify your purchase before confirming.

Is It Worth Paying for Subscriptions?

For all the cases in which it makes sense to regularly play a single game, purchasing subscriptions can save money with the free ticket promotion.

Is It Possible to Withdraw To India?

Yes, LottoSmile makes the payments via bank transfer, specifically to Indian players.

How I Reviewed LottoSmile

Reviewing LottoSmile was a bit different because it had most of the resources found on theLotter, but with some differences, and only aimed at Indian players. Therefore, my goal went beyond confirming its trustworthiness, as I already had the whole group covered in that matter and checking if the conditions would match the needs of someone in India

While the payment conditions need improvement, LottoSmile proved to be a safe and efficient way of playing worldwide lotteries. It might receive adjustments as new players join and its popularity increases in India, and I’ll be there to update this review.

Make sure to double-check if LottoSmile truly is the website where you want to put your money and, if that is so, do not lose the opportunity to play today:



$102 Million!

Next draw: Monday, Jul 22, 2024