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Lotto Agent Review 2024 – Pros and Cons Uncovered

After using online lottery concierge services for a long time, I wanted to try a lottery betting site, and Lotto Agent seemed like it was worth testing, at least for a drawing. It called my attention to being a hybrid website, on top of already having an established reputation. In other words, it has both options of purchasing the real tickets and letting you bet on the results instead of playing the official lottery.

Unlike I did with the theLotter review, which I had used for a couple of years, I will lead you through my first actual use of Lotto Agent. Together, we will understand if it truly offers a safe and trustworthy service and gets to know its advantages and disadvantages compared to others.

Quick Overview About Lotto Agent

Since I’m not into putting my money where I do not trust, I took my time to analyze if Lotto Agent is legit and worth trying. It has been around since 2012, and the overall feedback from users on the internet is quite impressive. From the first look, both the website and the Lotto Agent Android app are very intuitive and with a clean look.

That first impression is really important, but I had to verify its history. With almost 9 million winners around the world and more than $100 million paid in prizes, in addition to a valid license, Lotto Agent started to build a good impression on me.

In terms of games, it managed to become really popular despite its reduced offer of lotteries. Also, there are no raffles or scratchcards, and only around 30 lottery games to pick. Fortunately, if you are looking for a famous game like Euromillions, you will not be disappointed.

Among the key features that I suggest paying attention to in this Lotto Agent review, consider the variety of payment methods, their interesting bonuses, and the applicable commission.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: $134 Million+
License: Yes
Operating Since: 2012
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Hindi, and Portuguese
Social Platforms: YouTube, Twitter

Lotto Agent Restricted Countries

Lotto Agent is transparent in terms of its restrictions, which result from the prohibitions applied by the Central Government of Curaçao itself. The full information has been found on its Terms of Use, and we confirmed everything with direct contact with a support agent:

LottoAgent Restricted Countries

If you are one of the lucky ones to be safe from that list of restrictions, you might want to consider registering to have a first glimpse of the website:

Customers Reviews About Lotto Agent

“One of the highlights when using Lotto Agent to buy lottery tickets all across Europe is the possibility of playing from my Android using its app. Superb.”

       – Lexa K., Romania

“This company does more than only promises, as I just received my first and hopefully not the last prize. It was small, but now I believe it does really pay.”

       – Akash Kaushik, India

“The variety of payment is what caught my attention once a friend of mine recommended that I should play our local game Mega-Sena on this site with no minimum payment.”

     – Jorge H., Brazil

“Even though I have never won playing on Lotto Agent, being able to check the stories of winners has inspired me to play every week.”

       – Minhaj A., Bangladesh

“It is really simple to invest money and try to win millions of euros or dollars, even from Pakistan!”

       – Ahmed Khan, Pakistan

“Awesome! No words to describe Lotto Agent and its promotions. I even received a free ticket and almost won the third prize of my favorite game.”

     – Farha K., Bangladesh

“I was quite skeptical at first and decided to play for official tickets instead of betting. Once I saw the ticket scans and confirmed they were real, I come back to play $50 every month.”

       – Kelly B., No location provided

“I prefer to use the betting part of Lotto Agent because I do not want to travel to claim any jackpot. Still no luck.”

– Jones Tavarez, Dominican Republic

“Sometimes, when I’m tired of playing at our local retailers, I give Powerball and Mega Millions a try. Especially when their jackpot is really high. I only trust Lotto Agent to play them.”

     – Luana Maria Braga, Brazil

Those were the best reviews collected from users who were glad they had found Lotto Agent for their lottery gambling. Hopefully, those will provide you with a different perspective other than my own on this Lotto Agent review. Do not forget to provide me with your own experience as soon as you give it a chance!

Lotto Agent - General Information

As a hybrid lottery website, Lotto Agent works both as an agent and a betting site. In other words, it either purchases real tickets on our behalf or lets us bet on the result. The main difference is that betting does not include real tickets, and the money is all transferred to the winner without having to claim the prize. Since it has proven to me that its first decade of work since 2012 resulted in a legit system, any type of bet will do.

Who Owns Lotto Agent?

Lotto Agent belongs to Agento N.V., a company that is registered and licensed in Curaçao. It has a verifiable digital license under the number GLH-OCCHKTW0705252017 and is authorized to offer its gambling services online.

How Does Lotto Agent Make Money?

Lotto Agent operates in two different lines. It makes money from the fee it charges on the official ticket price and from the amount bet by its players that prefer betting rather than playing in lotteries officially. All the payments that go to bets come from insurance companies. That way, we can understand how it manages to keep up with the payments.

Our Rank for Lotto Agent

Based on my overall experience using Lotto Agent to play a couple of lotteries, namely Euromillions and Eurojackpot, in addition to the users’ reviews, we gave it our third place. As this Lotto Agent review reveals, the website manages to offer quality while still being affordable.

Considering the high value of its offers, it only did not make it to the top because of a few setbacks. For example, its price is minimally higher than our top choices, and its offer of games is quite reduced compared to the best-ranked lottery sites.

How Does Lotto Agent Work?

  1. Lotto Agent is pretty straightforward after you create an account on it. By clicking on “All lotteries”, you get to see around 30 lotteries that you can play by simply tapping on the “Play” button:How LottoAgent Work
  2. For example, I picked three lines of the Euromillions game, but you can go as high as 20 lines at once. Through the “Easy Pick” button, you can let the system decide the numbers for you, which is a fair lottery strategy.Pick Lottery Numbers
  3. Aside from deciding if I wanted a single entry or to repeat the selection for the upcoming drawings, I had to decide between betting on the results or asking Lotto Agent’s staff to purchase real tickets for me. I went for betting, as that was my purpose when testing the website for this Lotto Agent review. I did not wish to try boosting the already big jackpot, but bettors can boost the big prize for an additional cost per line.
  4. Instead of depositing in advance, I wanted to know how much my purchase would cost first. The options connected with my country were shown to me, and I only had to pick one and deposit at least $15, far less than my first purchase, to conclude my bet.Payment Options
  5. The offer of e-wallets, credit cards, and instant banking methods vary according to your jurisdiction. After your purchase, keep an eye on the lottery results on our website, or you can watch them live. Many players prefer to watch Powerball drawing live, for example, to feel the real emotion of the game.

You can bet or play with real lottery tickets registering now below.

How to Register on Lotto Agent

  1. Clicking on any of the buttons shown on this page will lead to the official Lotto Agent website. The “Register” button will open the form that is easily filled:Register
  2. All data inserted on the form is duly encrypted by the website’s SSL certificate. I did not need more than a minute to fill in my name, date of birth, and account details. I value when a lottery website helps me save my precious time.Registration Form
  3. All that is left to do is to confirm the email used to register, and all is set to start playing lottery games.
  4. You can discover how I made my first deposit on this Lotto Agent review. From $15, it is already possible to play several lottery lines online.

Review of the Lottery Games

With around 30 lottery games available, Lotto Agent does not have the largest array of games from all around the world. However, my opinion is that it serves the majority of players quite well. After all, the most relevant lotteries with attractive odds can be found on the website at any time.

Adding at least a dozen more world lotteries, besides raffles and scratchcards like its most important competitors, would definitely be a plus. On the bright side, it called my attention to its sorting filters that highlight the biggest jackpots, sales closing soon, rating, price, and even winning odds.


it superenalottoSuperEnalotto is highlighted with the best winnings odds on Lotto Agent. Not by coincidence, it is also the best-rated game, along with Powerball and Mega Millions. After its jackpot rolls over, it is often found among the top 5 or 7 best lotteries in terms of the total jackpot.

Quite affordable, I consider it a great pick for playing multiple lines. Since Lotto Agent offers discounts for bigger purchases, from 3% to 8%, it can make up for the slightly higher fee charged by the website.


euroMillionsEuromillions holds a 7.4 rating on the Lotto Agent website, and its total discount reaches as high as 10% for players who pick at least 20 lines. Opting for a multiple draw or subscription can add more 5%-10% off as a discount or provide a free entry, respectively.

Knowing that, and that I can subscribe or play multi-draw for discounts on top of the 10% discount found on Lotto Agent, the total fee is reduced considerably. As the most popular lottery game in Europe, it was my choice of play to test betting on Lotto Agent.


OZ LottoMy third choice for the best lottery games on Lotto Agent is OZ Lotto, a well-known lottery game from Australia. For a great part of the Lotto Agent players, traveling to Australia to claim jackpots and a few big secondary prizes would be quite a long and expensive journey.

As such, I recommend betting instead of purchasing real tickets, which gives discounts ranging from 5% with 3 lines to 20% with 50 lines. As a rather inexpensive game, playing that many lines is possible. The minimum jackpot already starts as a millionaire prize, and it has already reached A$ 112.000.000 once.

Lotto Agent Tickets Pricing Comparison

I mentioned that Lotto Agent makes money from the fees it adds to the tickets, making it important to compare it with other lottery agents and betting sites. For example, the US Powerball costs $3 per play in the United States. On the other hand, each line for the same game on Lotto Agent costs approximately $5.

Even with the discount, that is more than you would pay being in the United States. Since that is not the case of its players, I believe it is reasonable to have a fee to sustain the website and its excellent service. On the other hand, we should also compare with other services using a popular lottery game:

Price of a Euromillions ticketPercentage of Original Price
Original Price€2.50 / $2.91100%
Lotto Agent$6.05207%
Multilotto$3.50120%€4.00 / $4.60159%

My lottery game of choice would be in line with lottery agents like theLotter. However, it charges the exact same amount for betting as well, which counts with half the price on websites like Multilotto. On the other hand, look at its offer for Mega Millions:

Price of a Mega Millions ticketPercentage of Original Price
Original Price$2.00100%
Lotto Agent$5.29265%

The difference reduces when comparing the prices of Mega Millions tickets with the best lottery betting sites out there. However, it still keeps the exact same price for ticket purchases. Therefore, you can reduce that fee a lot by purchasing a package of lottery lines with discounts, but the price is not as advantageous if you are not betting.

Bonuses and Promotions - Best Lotto Agent Deals

  • Welcome offer – Receive one free entry after your first purchase on the website.
  • Bundle discounts – The more lines you purchase, the better the discount, up to 20%.
  • Subscription offer – Every 10th entry purchased via subscription is as free as the Lotto Agent welcome offer.
  • Multi-draw – Get up to 10% discounted from your total cart for playing in multiple drawings.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Although Lotto Agent is not filled with dozens of payment methods, it offers the majority of them to most countries. Therefore, just as it happened to me, you might find out that there are many more options available in your region than on websites that hold only 1 to 3 options per country. The deposits must always range from $15 to $300, and I summarized the rest of the details below:

Payment MethodMaximum WithdrawalWithdrawal TimeframeCommission
VISA / Mastercard / Maestro$3,0001-3 days5% / Minimum of $ 3.5
Skrill$3,0001-3 days2%
SticPay$4,0001-3 days2%
WebMoney$4,0001-2 days0.8%
Bank Transfer$100,000VariesVaries

Among the highlights not included in the table above, consider that bank transfers are only available for withdrawal from $1,000. All other methods accept withdrawals for only $15 and above. Also, although quite interesting for the low commission and faster withdrawals, WebMoney is the only method with commissions applied on deposits – 4%.

Everything about the website is reasonable, although there are options without withdrawal commissions among our lottery recommendations. I used Skrill to deposit and could agree with a 2% commission if I had any luck.

How to Withdraw Money from Lotto Agent?

Without scratchcards to have small but more probable wins to test withdrawals on Lotto Agent, I had to withdraw part of the money I deposited. That action is not recommended, as the website might consider it a bad practice, but everything went well, and I received my money on Skrill one day later after verifying my identity.


Legit Lotto Agent Winners

Max GMax G. – Max played Saturday Lotto, an Australian lottery, using the Lotto Agent website and got the prize connected to the second category, namely $8,736.07. That is his biggest win ever, but he still wants to keep playing to hit the jackpot. If he ever wins it, he will start his own network of pubs.

Nurlan D., KazakhstanNurlan D., Kazakhstan – Nurlan had never been to the United States and, even so, won over $5,000 playing SuperLotto Plus from California on January 30. He matched only 5 of the 6 numbers, but that is still an impressive prize. He did not have any specific reason to play it. It was simply the closest drawing using the Lotto Agent’s lottery filter.

Anonymous, BahrainAnonymous, Bahrain – Without revealing the name of the Bahrain player who won La Primitiva‘s secondary prize of $4,005.92, Lotto Agent showed the proof of his bet on December 12, 2020. Were it not for that one wrong number and the Reintegro ball, the total prize would have been over $20 million. That money was used to pay for an Istanbul trip he had planned.

Is Lotto Agent Legit or a Scam?

A website that offers both betting and official tickets was as much an innovation to me as it probably is to you at the moment. As such, I did not save efforts to validate its trustworthiness, especially because I already knew great websites where I play lottery games. As of the moment, it holds a license issued by the Government of Curaçao:License

Therefore, it is a legal online lottery website. Were it only for the license that would not have been enough, as that type of license offers no guarantees on its own. However, this Lotto Agent review was built on top of thousands of customer reviews, and finally, my own experience, proving that it is a legit website.

Over 3,100 TrustPilot users evaluated it, and Lotto Agent managed to keep a 4.6/5.0 score, which is deemed excellent, with 84% of all reviews rated at 5 stars. Even the wariest users can accept that as enough data to reduce their level of prudence. Certain that it is not a scam, feel free to give it a try yourself.

And is Lotto Agent Safe?

Another concern that is usually considered together with the legitimacy is the safety of a lottery website. My first glimpse at the website considered the existence of an SSL certificate, which is present on all pages. In other words, our data is kept safe and encrypted.

In addition, the strong efficiency of their support, backed up by the feedback from me, our readers, and users on TrustPilot, make anyone feel comfortable. Therefore, it is a safe website.

Where Does the Prize Money Come From When I Win with Lotto Agent?

It depends on how you decide to play your lottery games. As a lottery agent, when you decide to play with real lottery tickets, your prize always comes from the official lottery. Small prizes up to around $2,500 are paid in full to your account, while bigger ones and jackpots must be claimed in person.  On the other hand, if you decide to bet as I did, you will always receive your prize on your account, regardless of how big it may be. That money comes from insurance companies that cover the prize, as it does not come from the official lotteries.

Lotto Agent Mobile App Review

The Lotto Agent mobile app is only available for Android users, which might be a downside for iOS fans. It is always possible to play through the browser, but I downloaded its official APK from the website and have absolutely nothing to complain about. It is as plain as the website page, except that the entire screen focuses on what is important: lotteries.

LottoAgent Mobile App

Although I had already purchased my betting tickets when I downloaded the app, I simulated another purchase on it. All purchase options appear as you scroll down the lottery page, and the entire process from picking numbers to paying is straightforward. Therefore, Android users have the advantage of using the Lotto Agent app to play their favorite games.

Customer Support

Lotto Agent counts with complete support available on both browser and app versions. The complete range of contact channels includes: 

  • Live chat
  • Email via “Leave us a message”
  • Phone: +371 6609 0444

I tested their chat myself and could not be happier with the answering speed. The support agent went straight to the point and did not waste my time by asking for my name, email, or country of residence due to a “protocol”. I’m sure that makes a huge difference for anyone who just wants an answer to finish the lottery bet.

Live Chat

Syndicate Purchases at Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent syndicates are an easier way to have up to hundreds of lines for the price of one, as long as you are also willing to share the prize with everyone else with shares. There is a fair limit to the number of shares, and the price is quite affordable for what it offers.

Syndicate Purchases at LottoAgent

All the syndicates on Lotto Agent are of the same type, with no group of lines that guarantee a number or a special feature. That might be considered a limitation by some people, while it serves well anyone who just wishes for a bunch of lines with random numbers.

Bundles Option at Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent has discounts everywhere, but that does not refrain it from offering discounted bundles. In exchange for purchasing lines in three or more lotteries at once or more lotteries at a time, expect discounts around 10%. Keep in mind that all numbers will be random if you pick that option.

The Worst Parts of Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent has its downsides, but they are not huge, or else it would not be among the top lottery websites. I had a great time playing on it, from a perspective that involves a smooth user experience and fast payments, but it is far from being perfect. The most prominent con of using Lotto Agent is that bets, which should be cheaper, cost as high as official tickets.

Another not-so-great characteristic that we must consider is that there are not as many games available, especially for a lottery betting site. It has nearly half as many lotteries and no scratchcards or raffles for those that like to vary with those games. Therefore, do not forget to check what games are available before making your deposit.

For those that can accept those cons, I would recommend it as a legit website to have a try.

My Recommendation - To Play or Not on Lotto Agent

My honest suggestion would be for anyone willing to play on a safe website to consider Lotto Agent. Although my test involved using its betting system, the equivalent price for ticket purchase makes it a better option than betting. Its most important features that led to this recommendation were:

  • All the main lotteries are available for real purchases or betting.
  • It has the three main support channels every great website needs.
  • Supports several payment methods all across the globe.
  • A legit website with a license and SSL certificate.
  • Welcome bonus and additional discounts that can be topped up.

Consider those details and compare it all with the other lottery reviews we have to make sure you are choosing the agent or betting site that matches your profile.

The Alternatives of Lotto Agent

  1. TheLotter – is a lottery agent, meaning that all your purchases are real tickets with better pricing. It also has twice as many lottery games, besides raffles and scratchcards. 
  2. Multilotto – is a betting lottery site with apps for both Android and iOS with prices that are within the expected range for bets. It also comes with quite an impressive casino catalog.

Lotto Agent FAQs

Why Does Lotto Agent Charge Commissions on My Winnings?

The commissions are how Lotto Agent decided to profit from its online service. However, they are not fixed and are charged on the withdrawal according to the chosen method.

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

If you have chosen the betting option or won up to $2,500 playing with real tickets, you will be able to withdraw with the same payment method used to deposit. Real tickets paying more than $2,500 will require claiming in person.

Can I Trust Lotto Agent?

Yes, as my experience and that of other users, together with the fulfillment of minimum security requirements, proved their trustworthiness.

Is It Worth Downloading the App?

If you do not want to use the browser and possess an Android device, downloading the APK can provide a smoother experience.

What Are The Requirements to Register?

You must be at least 18 years old and not reside in any of the restricted countries.

Do I Need to Claim My Prize?

All the prizes that do not require claiming in person are automatically added to your account.

What Games Can I Play?

There are around 30 lottery games, including Powerball, Euromillions, Mega Millions, and SuperEnalotto.

Can I Get a Refund?

No. Complete purchases cannot be refunded, except if the game is canceled.

Is It Worth Paying for Subscriptions?

If you are always playing the same lottery game, it is worth paying for subscriptions to get a free entry for every 10 you purchase.

Is It Possible to Withdraw To My Location?

Lotto Agent has plenty of payment methods to all countries that it supports. Check the deposit section to check them.

How I Reviewed Lotto Agent

I aimed at making sure Lotto Agent was both safe and worth registering and playing at. Using the feedback of other users and checking the features of the website, I established a base opinion that was later confirmed with my own experience. Both the website and app were satisfactory, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the reviewed website.

Considering the payment methods, discounts, game availability, and both betting and real ticket lottery gambling, it is your turn to give it a try. If you are ready, get to it through the button below:



$72 Million!

Next draw: Saturday, Jun 22, 2024