Lotto247 Review 2021 – Pros and Cons Uncovered

Lotto247 is a recent lottery betting site that has competitive prices and guarantees the full payment of any jackpot from the lotteries it offers. Seeing that many players from all around the world were starting to consider it as a valid alternative, I had to write a Lotto247 review. As always, I first screened the whole website and then played it myself, partially for the sake of testing the user experience but also counting on having the luck of becoming a millionaire.

The material found on this Lotto247 review reflects my honest opinion of it from a perspective of first use, unlike my theLotter review, as I had used it before. After quick guidance on how it works and the general reputation of the website, I’ll let you know everything that a user needs to know about the lottery betting site.

Quick Overview About Lotto247

I spent several hours on the Lotto247 website to make sure it was trustworthy. My research began with the general feedback on the website, launched only in 2017, and it was followed by my own use of all the resources I could find on the website. Responsive to mobile devices but lacking an app, it has a pretty clean layout that adjusts to any screen size.

At first glance, it seemed like a decent website. I needed to register to have a clear idea of what it had to offer. While most lottery websites let us play the numbers first and only then register, Lotto247 requires you to sign up first. That is not seen as an issue to me, as I always register prior to choosing my lines.

One thing that I believe the website misses is the information on the winners. All I could find was some popping-up balloons indicating the name and total prize. With a few years of existence, they should have collected some data by now. That did not prevent me from testing the website and purchasing tickets (bets), but it needs an improvement. 

I recommend paying attention to the variety of games, pricing, and support, as those are the parts that I tested and that should have the biggest influence on your decision. I covered that and more in this review.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: $3.3 Million+
License: Yes
Years in Operation: 4
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Languages: English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and French
Social Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Lotto247 Restricted Countries

Lotto247 has some restrictions applied to registering from some countries due to their local legislation or international sanctions. It does not provide a full list of restricted countries, but it is possible to know whether you are allowed by searching for your country when registering.

Lotto247 Restricted Countries

Therefore, you should opt to register and scroll down to find your country on their list. It is in alphabetical order, which makes it a simple task. If you want to know whether you are allowed into Lotto247 or not, go check it out:

Customers Reviews About Lotto247

“I only wish there was an app to play Powerball with Lotto247. For now, I’m satisfied with the experience on the browser, but it would be a great addition.”

        – Badri S., India

“I did not understand how Lotto247 worked, but an agent guided me through every process for almost an hour. Excellent support!”

      – Ayesha F., Pakistan

“I decided to play my local lottery game Mega-Sena because I can win it on Lotto247 without having to claim. That way, nobody will know I won.”

       – L. B., Brazil

“Together with Lottosmile, Lotto247 is one of my favorite websites. They work differently, so I tend to intercalate them and prefer to play the bigger jackpots on Lotto247 because I do not have to travel to claim them.”

      – Senthil K., India

“It took three days to withdraw my winnings from Lotto247, and it was quite fast, possibly faster than when playing on local lotteries. I’m satisfied and continue to play, aiming at hitting the jackpot.”

      – Mensur K., Bangladesh

“When I first withdrew my winnings on Lotto247, I thought it was a scam because they kept asking for me to verify my details. It was my fault, as my Skrill account was incomplete in personal information. I fixed it and received my money right away.”

       – Nafis H., India.

“I sincerely cannot tell the exact reason why I prefer to play on Lotto247, but I like how the website works, and it has the lotteries I enjoy playing.”

       – Arthur Ilyasov, Russia

“What an amazing experience! Lotto247 has just the right collection of lotteries with a smooth deposit and withdrawal mechanism.”

       – Luna Y., Brazil

“Lotto247 was my first and favorite website to bet on lotteries, but I recently changed to Multilotto to bet on the Bitcoin jackpot.”

– Durgesh J., Location not informed

While I do hope that those legit user reviews help you understand the pros and cons of playing on Lotto247, you can still count on my own experience next. The ideal scenario is that you combine that feedback with trying the website on your own if you find it comfortable enough. Of course, come back to let me know how it went for you.

Lotto247 - General Information

Lotto247 works fully as a betting site. It means that all the games you play are actually bets and not added in the official drawing. Therefore, you will not have to share the prize with those who purchased real lottery tickets. That advantage and the fact that it is not necessary to travel and claim a jackpot are natural advantages of all lottery betting sites.

As Lotto247 is still a recent website, this review will work on everything that is a pro and a con of using it at the moment.

Who Owns Lotto247?

Lotto247 is owned by Lucky Enterprises B.V., which is licensed under License no. 8048/JAZ issued and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. There is not much to say about it. That license identifies it as a legit website, but it is not the most reputable licensor out there.

How Does Lotto247 Make Money?

Lotto247 only works as a betting site, which means it collects all the money that is played on its tickets. While none of it goes to the official lotteries or real tickets, the operator has costs related to the website and the insurance that provides for the prizes. The surplus is the money it makes.

Our Rank for Lotto247

Considering all the essential aspects connected to playing, pricing, and payments, we gave it our 5th place among the best online lottery sites. It definitely has excellent improvements considering a direct competitor, WinTrillions, but there is a long road ahead to match theLotter or even LottoAgent. Keeping in mind that it is a recent website, that can be considered a decent performance.

The main characteristics that downgraded the website are the fact that its support is only available on weekdays, the minimally higher ticket costs, and the fact that it has only a few lottery games available. If any of those sound way too relevant to you, consider checking out my other reviews.

How Does Lotto247 Work?

  1. Lotto247 allowed me to try their system and pick numbers only after I registered. Then, I could choose any of the 17 available lottery games to play, clicking on “Play now”:
    How Lotto247 Works
  2.  To try the website for this Lotto247 review, I chose South Africa’s Powerball Plus, with a considerably higher jackpot and a second-chance drawing. Through quick pick, which is within my lottery strategies, I selected a full line:
    Lottery Numbers
  3. I personally expected more options, as I could not find any bundles or subscriptions available when choosing the numbers. All I could do was to make simple bets, and that was about it. Also, I advise players to be careful with the “Purchase Now” button, as the website lacks a shopping cart, and you will complete that purchase with your funds:
    Purchase Now
  4. I pushed the button and concluded my purchase without knowing that it was concluding my payment. In any case, I had already deposited, and that amount was deducted from my account. If you have not yet deposited, you will need to push “Deposit” on the menu. It would be better to have that available from the ticket purchase, and that is a necessary improvement to user experience:
  5. After you conclude your purchases, you can accompany them on “My Results”. Remember that you can always check the latest lottery results on this website.

You can bet with your own lottery tickets by registering now below.

How to Register on Lotto247

  1. Open any of the buttons available on this page to reach the official Lotto247 website with the best offers available at the moment. You will see a “Register” button that will lead you to the sign-up form.Register on Lotto247
  2. There is a single and long form to fill in your data. I verified that the Lotto247 pages count with an SSL certificate, meaning that everything that we type there and send is encrypted.Form Fill
  3. Click on “Create Account” after you fill up everything. Confirm your email to have your account ready to play.
  4. Before depositing and actually playing any of the games available, you might be required a few more details, such as your local State. You are ready to go!

Review of the Games

Lotto247 focuses on the most popular lottery games, such as Mega Millions and Powerball. I was surprised to find only 17 games, considering there are websites with up to almost four times more. As a hybrid website, it also has other types of game gambling, such as slots, table games, live casino, bingo, and keno as well.

Therefore, as a betting website, it could expand its coverage of lottery games and perhaps even add raffles and scratchcards, which are common on websites in this niche. The lotteries it lacks are often local games offered in Europe and America, so they did not ignore any huge lottery game like Euromillions. Some of the available games that deserve a highlight are summarized below.

Powerball Plus

za powerball plusMy game of choice for this Lotto247 review was Powerball Plus. It is a specific Powerball game from South Africa, and I chose it because the jackpot was 1.8x bigger than U.S. Powerball’s. Also, it allowed me a second chance of hitting a big prize. Although luck did not strike me this time, I found it easy to play and felt safe that I would be able to withdraw. 

Of course, the regular Powerball from the United States is also available, but the Australian Powerball cannot be found on the website.


cash4lifeI always like to bring annuity lotteries to the reviews to explain how each website works for that type of game. In the case of Lotto247, prizes of games like Cash4Life are paid as if you had chosen the lump sum. In other words, there is no annuity option.

Cash4Life was added only recently to Lotto247, which means it continues to expand its offer of lotteries. That is a good sign, in my opinion. Soon, it might have at least as many games as WinTrillions.


SuperEnaMAXSuperEnaMAX is an Italian game based on a game that is a personal favorite of mine. It takes the SuperEnalotto results to declare the winners. In other words, there are real chances of becoming a millionaire on another Italian game if you like SuperEnalotto, and it is available on Lotto247.

Lotto247 Tickets Pricing Comparison

Lotto247 tends to be more affordable than betting sites, but it also holds the best pricing among the trustworthy betting sites in some lotteries. Also, it could implement discounts that are found on nearly all the other websites that I reviewed. In order to give you a clear idea of the prices charged, I compared its price for two different games:

Price of a Euromillions ticketPercentage of Original Price
Original Price€2.50 / $2.91100%
Lotto247€3.0 / $3.49120%
Multilotto$3.50120%€4.00 / $4.60159%

In the specific case of Euromillions, we can see that Lotto247 is in a tie with Multilotto, which I particularly found more interesting when I tried it for the broader offer of games. Now, that is not a pattern, and the difference minimally grows when we consider some games, like Mega Millions:

Price of a Mega Millions ticketPercentage of Original Price
Original Price$2.00100%

Obviously, if you by any chance find that Lotto247 has a particular feature that you find more appealing than what its direct competitor Multilotto has to offer, those $0.50 can be ignored. On the other hand, there are no discounts applied on the cart, which I could find on the other lottery websites.

Bonuses and Promotions - Best Lotto247 Deals

  • Welcome offer: The Lotto247 sign-up bonus gives a 50% boost to all deposits between €8 and €200, resulting in a total balance between €12 and €300, respectively.
  • Cashback – When available, it gives you up to 50% of cashback as a bonus. Find it on the “My Offers” page.
  • Discounts – If you find them under “My Offers”, you can apply to specific lotteries to reduce their cost. I did not have any.
  • Other offers – There are promotions with varying terms that might become available on your offers page after you log in. Keep checking on it if you register on Lotto247.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Lotto247 did a good job when it comes to payment methods, as it made sure to include the most relevant alternatives in most countries, including Brazil, India, and Canada. You should keep in mind that, regardless of your payment option or currency, your balance will always be updated to euro. That can result in exchange fees for some people.

Additionally, the deposit range is quite affordable, going from €8 to €2,900 for all payment options, including cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Likewise, the withdrawal limits apply equally to all payment options, from €10 to €55,000. Jackpot prizes, on the other hand, are paid in full. None of the available methods include commissions, and they are:

  • Visa and Mastercard cards 
  • Skrill and Neteller 
  • MuchBetter 
  • Astropay 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Jeton 
  • Webmoney 
  • Sofort-Pay 
  • EPS 
  • Webpay 
  • Multibanco 
  • Bank transfers

The fact that there are equal conditions to all payment methods is definitely a plus. The euro-only currency is one of the major setbacks of Lotto247 payments, but that can be accepted by most players. Like other lottery betting sites, the maximum withdrawal limit works for smaller prizes and casino wins and does not apply to jackpots

How to Withdraw Money from Lotto247?

Lotto247 does not seem to add any type of difficulty for withdrawing any money that they owe us. The withdrawal options are found under “My Account”, and you will have some e-wallets and bank transfers available, according to your region. The website indicates up to 72 hours to receive the money, but it took only 48 hours to withdraw the remaining balance after I played and confirmed my identity via documents.


Legit Lotto247 Winners

As I said before, Lotto247 does not have a separate page talking about its verifiable winners. It only shows balloons with the first name and prize of its winners, without links or any other information. The only way I could find legit Lotto247 winners since I did not get winning numbers was through the feedback of users included in this review.

Is Lotto247 Legit or a Scam?

Lotto247 has been keeping a sustainable reputation among lottery players who like to bet on games instead of purchasing tickets. Its pricing is nearly as good as other similar websites, and it seems to have been paying winners, with up to $3.3 million paid already. Currently, it holds a license with Antillephone N.V. in Curaçao:


In countries where it is legal to play online lotteries, players will most probably face no problems withdrawing their winnings, as Lotto247 shows signs of being a legit website. I was not lucky enough to prove that they pay winnings using my own account, but I withdrew part of my deposit without problems or delay.

The evaluation website TrustPilot can be used on top of the users’ feedback and my own experience. So far, there are only 27 reviews, which is far lower than other reviewed websites. Its grade of 4.1/5.0 is satisfactory and will most likely improve with the numbers.

And is Lotto247 Safe?

Feeling safe when using an online lottery site has a lot to do with the certainty of being paid. That concern is long gone through the user feedback I gathered here. Also, it also holds an SSL certificate linked to its domain that ensures all inserted data, including our personal and financial information, is protected through encryption.

Also, if you try to contact their support on weekdays, you will most likely receive attention in the first minute. I consider Lotto247 to be a safe website.

Where Does the Prize Money Come From When I Win with Lotto247?

When you win on Lotto247, you get paid by the company itself, as it holds no connection with the lotteries, and it does not participate in the real games. That money comes from the insurance that it holds and covers all the expenses with jackpots.

Smaller prizes come from the revenue selling tickets, as it would not claim the insurance for every low-tier prize it has to pay. Considering that it has only paid $3.3 million between 2017 and 2021, Lotto247 probably never had to pay a huge jackpot prize.

Lotto247 Mobile App Review

I can definitely say that Lotto247 has the looks and structure of a lottery betting app. That might be why it does not have an Android or iOS app, as the website itself already suits those looking for mobile-friendly websites. In my opinion, it is always more interesting for the users to have access to an app if they prefer so.

I did everything on my mobile device, and my mobile experience on Lotto247 was satisfactory. The entire layout is responsive, and all the website resources are available.

Customer Support

Lotto247 has a reasonable FAQ that most probably solves the question of beginners. Now, to truly contact them, it is necessary to either fill the email form on the contact page or to open the live chat. The thing about that chat is that it is only available on weekdays and from 07:00 GMT. Personally, having immediate support on weekends, even if for a limited amount of time, would be ideal.

Customer Support

They do answer fast during the working time, but that is definitely a part of the website that needs improvement. Hopefully, those who register will not need immediate support on weekends.

Syndicate Purchases at Lotto247

Syndicates and bundles are not part of Lotto247 offers. In fact, one of the disadvantages of the website is that it does not include anything that would result in discounts to users. Instead, Lotto247 focuses solely on individual purchases of lines and other gambling options, like casino and bingo.

The Worst Parts of Lotto247

Lotto247 did not make it past our fifth place in the ranking because it still has a lot of improvements to add to the website. Its most relevant competitors have at least a decade in the industry, and that is why I am still certain that it has room to evolve. For now, the most relevant cons are connected to its offer of games and selective support.

There are only 17 lottery games, although that is already an improvement compared to months ago. They do not offer syndicates or even bundle discounts. Offers are exclusive and may temporarily appear as you play on the website, except for one 50% welcome bonus when you sign up and deposit. 

Also, it could improve its support, even if making it available for a limited time, during weekends. It is only possible to email them, and the agents are not even available for 24 hours during weekdays. Players who see qualities in Lotto247 that overcome those cons might have a good time like those users whose feedback I collected. Just do not forget to forward to me your impressions.

My Recommendation - To Play or Not on Lotto247

Lotto247 is a valid choice for you to bet on the most popular lotteries in the world. Its pricing matches those of the best competitors in some of those games, and the cons of the website are not hard to overcome. Still, it is a pretty recent website, and it could show more details on its past winners to inspire new users. Some of its features include: 
  • Welcome bonus of 50%.
  • Support works fine during weekdays.
  • It is duly licensed and offers encryption on all its pages.
  • Lotto247 supports enough payment methods in all regions.
  • Although unpredictable, it does offer discount promotions.
You now have a complete and real user experience to base your decision on. Next, I will let you know of some alternatives that you might consider interesting.

The Alternatives of Lotto247

  1. TheLotter – works differently than Lotto247, letting you purchase real lottery tickets from all around the world from the comfort of your home. It also has over 60 different lottery games.
  2. Multilotto – also works as a betting lottery and proved to have slightly better pricing for some of the lottery games. It also has a wider variety of games.
  3. LottoAgent – lets you either bet on or purchase real tickets to lottery games across the continents. Ideal for those who want to have more alternatives without having to change the website they are using. 

Lotto247 FAQs

How to Withdraw Winnings from Lotto247?

Once you have at least €10 available in your account, you can withdraw using the same payment method you used to deposit or bank transfer if not available.

Does Lotto247 Apply any Commission on My Winnings?

No. Lotto247 relies on the ticket cost entirely and does not charge commissions or additional fees from your account and winnings.

Can I Trust Lotto247?

My Lotto247 review showed that it has been keeping up to its good reputation, despite being a new website. Also, it does hold a valid and existing license for its website.

Is There an App to Gamble?

Lotto247 is a mobile-responsive website that can be used on any mobile device browser. On the other hand, apps are not available.

What Are The Requirements to Register?

Players of at least 18 years old who can find their country listed on the registration page can create an account.

Do I Need to Claim My Prize?

All the websites that I reviewed let you know when you have won. That also applies to Lotto247, so simply follow their instructions to know how to get your prize. You will not need to travel.

How Many Games Does It Offer?

Lotto247 has 17 lottery games as of now, plus casino and keno games. It has been slowly adding new lotteries to its website.

Can I Get a Refund?

Not exactly. Cashback offers can be available under “My Offers,” but that depends on Lotto247, and there is no guarantee that you will find one.

How to Make Subscriptions?

Lotto247 does not offer lottery subscriptions at the moment. Syndicates and bundle offers are also off its lobby.

Is It Possible to Withdraw To My Location?

Yes. You can withdraw with the same payment method used for the deposit that generated the winnings.

How I Reviewed Lotto247

My Lotto247 review simulated any user that can be reading this and trying to decide whether to play or not. The exception is that I applied the knowledge I accumulated for years and my experience on great lottery sites to compare it and verify if it is worth your registration. As always, I have found positive and negative aspects that should be considered by both new and advanced players.

Take a minute to ponder the availability of payment methods, the games that you can play, and the resources and support found on the Lotto247 website. If that is enough, sign up and check out the offers available for you:


USD 291 Million!

Next draw: Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021