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Jackpocket Review 2024 – Is Jackpocket Legit?

Even years after its release, many lottery players from the United States are only discovering the Jackpocket app now. I decided to give it a try, considering the low cost and the large offer of great local games, from Pick 3 to Pick 6 lotteries. As always, I analyzed every step to bring accurate information in the form of a Jackpocket review updated for 2024.

With the information I published below, I hope that I can eliminate all the possible questions linked to the service. It has been improving in the past few years. The current offer of games, payments and the mobile experience overall was a good surprise to me.

Quick Overview About Jackpocket

Founded in 2013, Jackpocket was created to be a reliable third-party service to purchase tickets for all the local lotteries online. Since then, it has been receiving large investments and improving its reputation in the states where it is available. Allowed to US players, usually left out of other lottery apps due to the local legislation, it has the broader offer of lottery games as a third-party.

I had a complete experience writing this Jackpocket review in 2023 and can assure players that it is as legit as its reputation sounds. There are pros and cons to using it, but I can tell you in advance that anyone who goes out to purchase tickets at a local retailer can benefit from it.

To this day, there are many millionaire success stories published in the blog, which is constantly updated. There are other great lottery websites and apps out there that do show such proof, and that is another point for Jackpocket.

Key Ratings


Overall Rating:
Number of Games:
Payment Options:
Site Experience:
Mobile Experience:
Player Winnings: Exact amount unknown
License: Yes
Operating Since: 2012
Years in Operation: 9
Platforms: Android, iOS
Languages: English
Social Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Jackpocket Restricted & Allowed States

If you live outside of the United States, know that you cannot play on Jackpocket. It is exclusively available in some states, namely:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington D.C.
  • West Virginia

If your state is not on that list, you can sign up for the Jackpocket releases newsletter to be informed when it becomes available elsewhere. If you are not from the United States and are looking for an opportunity to play games like US Powerball, read our guide on how to play the lottery from abroad.

Customers Reviews About Jackpocket

“I chose Jackpocket because it is duly registered as a courier. I can finally purchase tickets to local lotteries without having to go to a store.”

       – Joshua K. – Cleveland, OH

“Very convenient to play both local games and multi-state lotteries. Mega Millions is my favorite.”

       – Elizabeth J. – Dallas, TX

“I played 5 Powerball tickets and recovered everything to play a second time after I successfully invited two friends. As a result, I won two secondary prizes the second time I played and am in profit to this day.”

     – M. G. – Newark, NJ

“Not sure if using the Auto Pick is the best way to play, so I opt for choosing my own numbers in Jackpocket. It is a great app and easy to use.”

      – Gabriel Jones – Trenton, NJ

“My friend sent me his invite link, and then I got $2, which I invested in Powerball. He has already won some small prizes, but I have not won anything yet.”

   – L. Smith – Medford, OR

“Not much to say, just that I checked it was an honest service and had been using it for the past three months.”

       – Karen – Arlington, TX

“I played Jackpocket twice while living in Bend (OR) and had no problems with it. Since I moved to South Dakota, I have been waiting for an update to include my state.”
       – Mark R. – Not informed, SD

“My biggest win was $500 with Pick 3 and I withdrew without any issues, no in-person claiming.”

       – Amy Lopes – Pueblo, CO

“It took me three days to withdraw $200 and I’m satisfied. No need to get out and play or claim your winnings anymore.”

       – Anonymous – Trenton, NJ

“As a great service, keep in mind they charge a fee. I’m good with it, better than spending on gas to play out there.”
       – L. Smith – Fort Collins, CO

After you register and start to play the lottery online to win, do not forget to write to us with your own impressions. I will add all the honest reviews that can add up to this Jackpocket review.

Jackpocket Review - General Information

Jackpocket acts as an exclusive courier service for some of the US states. In other words, it is an online lottery agent that purchases real tickets on your behalf. As long as you are playing within its rules, you have real chances of winning prizes without having to pay any commission for them. It has been around since 2013 and has built a solid reputation in the country.

Who Owns Jackpocket?

Jackpocket is operated by a private company owned by its CEO Peter Sullivan. The company is named Jackpocket Inc. and carries courier licenses in addition to the awards it has received within the last years.

How Does Jackpocket Make Money?

Jackpocket is fully transparent as to how it makes money. Like other lottery agents, it adds up a service fee that represents their payment for purchasing tickets for you. They specify it in their terms, and there is no legit service that does not add a service fee:

jackpocket service fees


You will not have to pay anything else, as I verified after purchasing tickets and reading the feedback of real users – as I was not lucky enough to become a winner myself. The fact that they deduct a fee from your deposit instead of when you purchase tickets adds up transparency points and eliminates any surprises.

Our Rank for Jackpocket

Jackpocket currently offers one of the best services for the public it is meant to. However, due to the limitation to the United States and a few states only, it made it to our 3rd position in the ranking of lottery sites.

Jackpocket is a legit website with enough history to prove my impression from the security and licensing parameters I verified. In addition, its offer of games is as good as it can be due to local restrictions, and the app is extremely easy to use.

It could be better if Jackpocket were available for desktop users as well. Unless you emulate an Android or iOS device on your computer, you will not be able to use it. Considering all those aspects and parameters, this Jackpocket review resulted in our 3rd most recommended website.

How Does Jackpocket Work?

  1. Players who live within one of the accepted states download the Android or iOS app and install it on their phone.

Jackpocket app download

Source: Jackpocket app

  1. After confirming your telephone number, it is required to verify your identity by scanning your driver’s license or state ID card.
  2. When you add funds with one of the available payment methods, the only service fee is deducted.
  3. You use that money to purchase as many tickets as you can by picking your numbers or using the Quick Picks.

Jackpocket purchased tickets

Source: Jackpocket app

  1. The purchased tickets are added to your account, and you can check them whenever you want to.

Source: Jackpocket app

  1. If you win, small prizes are immediately added to your account. Bigger prizes have to be claimed in person.

How to Register on Jackpocket

  1. Download the Jackpocket app from the official website using the link we provide you with on this page. Start by choosing between New Jersey and New York or the option with the other states.

Jackpocket mobile app

Source: Jackpocket app

  1. Press “Download Now” to get your Android APK or download it from the App Store if you have an iOS. If you are an Android user, make sure to give permission for its installation. Reading this Jackpocket Review, you will know it is legit and that you have nothing to fear.
  2. Once you open the app, confirm your state.
  3. Open the side menu and press “Log in or Sign up”.

Jackpocket Log in or Sign up

Source: Jackpocket app

  1. Start with your contact info by typing a valid email and mobile phone number, which you will need to confirm via SMS.
  2. You are registered and ready to play!

Review of the Games

The availability of local and multi-state games depends on where you are located. For example, if you access the Jackpocket app from Texas, you will be able to play any of the games that you could find at a local retailer. You can see an example below:

Jackpocket multi-state games

Source: Jackpocket app

You will only find local and multi-state lotteries at the moment, but you can also find scratch tickets that will be delivered to your door in some states. Among the games that are common to several states, I can highlight Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life.

US Powerball

US PowerballThe US Powerball is one of the world’s most famous lottery games and has a certain presence in the Jackpocket app, regardless of where you are playing from. It is responsible for the current jackpot record of $1.586 billion, and its big prizes are always life-changing ones. You only need to pick 5 numbers and the additional Powerball, knowing that the PowerPlay option is also available in the app.

Mega Millions

Mega_MillionsBy playing Mega Millions online in any of the states available in Jackpocket, you can receive the winnings automatically in 6 out of the 9 prize tiers. You will also play with five numbers and a special one, the Mega Ball. With the additional feature named Megaplier, you can get as much as five times any secondary prize. All it takes is funding the account and choosing the numbers that will be in the next drawing.

Lucky for Life

Lucky for LifeLucky for Life is available in most of the states allowed by the Jackpocket app, and it works differently from the two multi-state games above. When you check the Lucky for Life results and figure out you are a winner, you can opt for a millionaire cash option, but also to receive $1,000 a day for the rest of your life.

Lottery Games Available per State

Jackpocket Lottery Pools

If you want to improve your odds of winnings by up to hundreds of times while reducing the total cost of playing the lottery, the lottery pools are an excellent option. They are the online lottery syndicates available in the Jackpocket app. You join those pools while keeping your anonymity.

It is also possible to set up private lottery pools with family and friends. In such a case, you will offer a certain degree of comfort to them, using a solid platform to manage the group play. Also, you can win a good amount of bonus by referring to them before they create new accounts.

Jackpocket Tickets Pricings & Fees

When looking for the best experience in purchasing lottery tickets, it is important to compare the price. I personally checked the price for the games available and used Mega Millions as a reference because that is the one I ended up purchasing tickets to. Jackpocket has a big advantage compared to any of the other lottery agents because it is the only one that maintains the original price. As specified before, it only charges a fee on the deposit, and it is nothing compared to what is spent playing on other lottery agents. When I deposited $10, it showed prior to completing the deposit that I had a $1.19 fee to pay. That sounded reasonable for that type of service, and that is all they deducted from me. With the remaining money, I purchased 4 Mega Millions tickets.
Price of a Mega Millions ticket Percentage of Original Price
Original Price $2.00 100%
Jackpocket $2.00 100%
theLotter $5.00 250%
LottoAgent $5.29 265%*) $3.72 186%
WinTrillions(*) $6.50 325%
LottoSmile $5.00 250%
(*) Betting sites, not lottery agents. Of course, that will only be possible if you are within one of the states allowed in Jackpocket. If otherwise, choose one of the lottery agents meant for foreign players.

Bonuses and Promotions - What Deals Can You Grab?

At the moment, the only way to reduce the total cost of your participation in the lottery is via the lottery pools (syndicates). Since you are paying the real cost of the tickets in your purchases, I believe it really does not make sense to have discounts such as those mentioned in the theLotter review.

The only promotion offered at the moment is the one that awards you $10 for every referred player that registers and funds the account.

Jackpocket bonuses and promotions



Source: Jackpocket app

Refer a Friend

For every person that you invite to Jackpocket and fund the account, you receive $10 that you can spend purchasing tickets without limitations. In order to make it more tempting to the new users, your referred friends or relatives get $2, which should cover the initial fee for funding the account.

Since you will be getting more than them, I suggest that you keep that a secret at least until you receive your share. Then, let them know so that they also earn $10 by inviting their friends.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The current deposit methods are quite affordable and easy to use, offering several options to players from the United States. Your current options include:

  • ApplePay – Available to make quick payments for players using the iOS Jackpocket app.
  • Bank Transfer – No introductions required, the bank transfers are simply carried out by choosing your bank out of a list of partners. 
  • Credit/Debit Cards – VISA, Mastercard, and Discover cards can be used to fund your account in most states if your bank allows it. 
  • eCheck – You can transfer your money manually using eCheck in case your bank is not listed. 
  • Play+ – Valid alternative to use as an intermediate for players whose bank won’t allow the use of cards. It is a prepaid card and e-wallet that becomes functional from the moment you sign up and register your payment method. 
  • Paypal – One of the world’s most popular payment systems useful for payments with registered bank accounts.

How to Withdraw Money From the Jackpocket App

All withdrawals of Jackpocket winnings are made via bank transfers through the “Payout” option found in the Jackpocket app menu. Since you have fully verified your ID, you will only have to wait the necessary time for bank transfers, which equals 3 to 5 business days.

In order to be able to claim your winnings directly from the app, your prize must be within the state threshold for fast claims:

  • Arkansas: $500
  • Colorado: $599
  • Minnesota: $599
  • New Hampshire: $599
  • New Jersey: $599.50
  • New York: $600
  • Ohio: $599
  • Oregon: $600
  • Texas: $599
  • Washington D.C: $600

Larger prizes will have to be claimed in person, just as if you had played at a local retailer or used the official state lottery website.

Jackpocket Winners - Is Jackpocket Legit?

Jackpocket Winners$1,000,000 – New Jersey
An anonymous player from New Jersey received a notification on her mobile indicating she had won a prize. At first, she thought that she had won $1,000. After all, it was a Friday night, and she did not pay much attention. The next day, she figured out that her Mega Millions prize was actually $1,000,000 for matching 5 numbers on January 14, 2022.


Jackpocket lottery winner$9,400,000 – New Jersey

Another anonymous player used the Jackpocket app and became a winner thanks to an AutoPlay ticket in the Pick 6 game. The date was October 21, 2021, and the total prize for that lucky random guess was $9.4 million, which is the largest mobile win in US lottery history. The windfall will be used to pay student loans and a mortgage, plus taking care of the family.


Colorado jackpocket winners$50,000 – Colorado

Colorado citizens can purchase scratch tickets using the Jackpocket app, and that is what Paul did. He purchased the $500,000 Win Win Win scratch from the app. His prize was $50,000, the biggest Jackpocket scratch win so far, in January 2022. His plans are simple: put that money in the bank for his children.


Is Jackpocket Legit or a Scam?

My first contact with Jackpocket was in 2020 when it already had 7 years of existence. It was not until 2023 that I actually signed up and purchased a ticket. I funded the account with $10 and got $10 more from referring a friend, enough for a few Mega Millions tickets. I would have done that in any case to write this Jackpocket review for 2023, but I did it knowing that it was a legit website.

What gave me that certainty?

Jackpocket is a registered company in the United States, meaning that it must be compliant with its laws, not some random company in a tax haven with no inspection. Also, apart from its long history of success and winners stories, it shows its licenses issued by US states on the website.

Like me, you will have your own confirmation that Jackpocket is legit when you see the tickets printed on your app. That is clearly an advantage to having to be careful with a physical ticket on which your prize always depends.

And is Jackpocket Safe?

All the information that is provided to the website upon sign-ups, purchases, and claims is protected by encryption. Also, Jackpocket states that it does not store your bank information for any purpose. Those characteristics are enforced by regulatory compliance, and it would lose its license if anything were to be changed.

Therefore, and considering my own experience, Jackpocket is a legit and safe app to play.

Where Does the Prize Money to Jackpocket Winners Come From?

Jackpocket offers a courier service and, therefore, all prizes come from the official lotteries. When you quickly receive small prizes up to $600 – depending on the state – that is the company giving you credit for the prizes it will claim.

In the case of bigger prizes, you claim them in person, and the company is not involved in claiming them. Therefore, they always come from the official lotteries.

Jackpocket Mobile App Experience Review

Since Jackpocket only works as an app and the website is merely a portal, the mobile user experience is of major importance. To be honest, I prefer the experience I had with the Jackpocket app over any of the other best lottery apps. It is very intuitive, and it is as easy as playing with play slips without having to go to a retailer.

From signing up to paying for the tickets, it was a very smooth experience. Had I won any of the secondary Mega Millions prizes, I know it would have been positive as well, from the user reviews we have received.

Customer Support

Jackpocket does not offer an instant support channel such as a telephone number or live chat. You can send them a message through the “Contact” option on the website or by picking the blue icon with a balloon via “Support” in the app. In both cases, you will be in touch with them via email.

Jackpocket Customer Support

Source: LotteryTexts Email

In my case, I asked a question I already had the answer to in order to check if the answer was enough. Above is only a portion of the email, which was considerably explanatory and satisfying. It took me a bit more than two hours to receive an answer, which is reasonable, but not what is expected from a high-quality courier service.

Therefore, you can be in touch with them via a message, but they could improve their support. Their social media is not recommended to get that type of attention, so only follow their Twitter or Facebook account if looking for updates.

The Worst Parts of Jackpocket

Since there is no service that exists without some cons, I decided to highlight the disadvantages I found during my test. The first one is that Jackpocket is an app exclusively, meaning that you cannot play it from a browser, regardless of using a mobile or a desktop.

Its limitation to US users makes sense considering the local legislation and that it is the best option that includes several states. For example, without the Jackpocket app, you would have to buy online lottery tickets in Oregon using a local service and probably not find all the local games. On the other hand, many states are still left out of the app.

In addition, I would like to emphasize the lack of a 24-hour live chat or phone number for more urgent matters. Even though Jackpocket proves its legitimacy and safety, easy access to support is important for the user experience.

Our Recommendation - To Play or Not with Jackpocket

After a whole weekend exploring the app, purchasing tickets, and making sure I was collecting all the pros and cons, I have a safe recommendation. In my opinion, as a real user and a lottery fan, the Jackpocket app has everything a player in the United States could be looking for:

  • Instant and fast access to purchase tickets.
  • Great payment methods to deposit and reliable bank transfers to withdraw.
  • Stable app with an extended history of a good reputation.
  • Licensed and regulated.
  • Rare but existing promotions.
  • Fair pricing and the best cost for US lotteries.

The fact that its support must improve in terms of variety and that it still could include at least dozens of other states are not bad cons. Instead, they can be seen as milestones yet to be reached by the Jackpocket app, recommendable to everyone living in a participating state.

The Alternatives of Jackpocket

At the moment, the only alternative to Jackpocket can be found on the specific subdomains of theLotter for some states, like Oregon and Texas. For example, you can buy lottery tickets online in Texas on the theLotter Texas page. However, not all the states have a similar page, and Jackpocket offers a single app for all the participating jurisdictions.

Jackpocket FAQs

Is Jackpocket Legit?

Yes, Jackpocket is a legit lottery courier service that is licensed and regulated in the United States.

Can I Play Jackpocket From Anywhere?

You can play the lottery games connected to your real US state, verified by the provision of your documentation. If you have an internet connection, you can play it from your mobile.

Can I Use a VPN to Play Jackpocket?

No, their system will identify your VPN. Even if it does not, you will not be able to get past the verification. The provision of fake documents is illegal, and you would not have the means to claim your prizes in any case.

How to Claim a Jackpot Prize?

Jackpot prizes must be claimed in person. You will have to take your original ticket from Jackpocket and proceed with a claim like any winner.

Is There a Jackpocket Promo Code?

The only available promotion does not require a code. You simply have to refer friends with your invitation link.

How to Contact the Support?

At the moment, you can send them a message via the Support option in the app menu.

How to Install Jackpocket on Android Devices?

You need to download the APK file from the official website because the Play Store does not currently allow the lottery app to be published there.

Is Jackpocket Legal in My State?

If your state is listed on this page, you can currently play it legally. The best way to check is to download the app and select your location on the list. If it is not yet available, you will be informed.

What Happens if I Forget to Claim My Winnings?

Winnings below the state threshold, between $500 and $600, are automatically added to your account. Bigger prizes must be claimed within the state deadline for lottery prizes, but you will always be informed by Jackpocket.

How Old Must I Be to Play on Jackpocket?

You must be at least 18 years old to play using the Jackpocket app, but the local legislation must be considered.

How We Reviewed Jackpocket

For this Jackpocket review, I followed our standards for lottery analyses here at LotteryTexts. I kept in mind what any user needs to consider it an excellent service and kept an eye on important parameters, such as:

  • Licensing and regulation. 
  • Data protection and privacy. 
  • User experience and responsiveness. 
  • Deposit & withdrawal methods. 
  • Customer support. 
  • Terms and conditions.

As always, I made sure not to leave anything behind, even if it was not necessary for my full experience playing lotteries via Jackpocket.



$72 Million!

Next draw: Saturday, Jun 22, 2024